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Red Carpet Telescopes Customer Reviews

See what our happy customers are saying! With over 100 verified, 5-star customer reviews, we continue to make customer satisfaction our #1 priority.
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Excellent customer service

I really enjoyed dealing with Matt in customer service. My Athlon Ares is a fantastic scope.

Unistellar equinox 2

I first saw this telescope at the CES and knew I had to have it. I read all of the great reviews regarding Red Carpet Telescopes and figured this was the place. I was not wrong. Matt from Red Carpet Telescopes treated me very well. He was very responsive to my concerns and even expedited the delivery of the telescope as I was in the process of leaving the country. Not only was the sale trouble free but Matt response and help with questions was outstanding! I have already recommended Red Carpet Telescopes to my friends in Las Vegas who want to be citizen scientists. This is the only place to buy a telescope

Unisteller Scope

Fulfilled in a timely manner, good communication and a very good price.

Best entry level halpha scope

First of all red carpet provided great service from the start. We had a little back&forth with lunt to confirm I knew what I was getting with my unusual choice of options.
The lunt40 is currently the best entry level halpha telescope. Compared to the PST it offers a better finder, upgradeable focuser, and lunt's etalons are generally better.
In my particular sample the views are good and just what you would expect from 40mm. The helical focuser is, umm, usable. Definitely consider an upgrade at some point. The included dovetail is a tad too short to balance properly. You can use that as an excuse the get the double stack module.
Overall good optics, so so mechanics. The shortcomings can be solved and even stock it's better than the competition.

Excellent binoculars. Small accessory problems.

Thanks for the invitation for feedback. The binoculars are superb. I've been using them to watch birds, including a large group of about 1,800 tundra swans migrating through southern Ontario. The binoculars provide me with a clear, bright, finely detailed image of whatever I am viewing. I do have two concerns about the accessories. First, one of the plastic clips on the carrying case that holds the carrying strap has already broken. Meanwhile, the end loop on the soft plastic cover for the eye-pieces already broke. While these are minor problems, they are disappointing, having occurred within just a few weeks and after no apparent stress in how they were used. That said I would not hesitate to recommend these binoculars to friends. All the better if you could address the two glitches. all the best. John Roe

Swing bracket as described nice

Perfect for swing bracket

Still waiting for my red light flashlight.

Very stable

Works well, ball head has a little horizontal looseness.

Exceeded my expectations

Good brightness. Great for whale watching from the terrace.

I haven't had a chance to use it. Have it set up. Just ordered a case for it. Looking. Forward to learning how to use it. How can I add to it? I didn't receive the moon filter

A nice experience

Hello! I had a nice experience buying from you a Lunt 40 mm solar telescope. I am eager to use its etalon for double stacking a Lunt 40mm BF500 that I already have. Best regards.

Very clear scope

Good clarity on a cloudy day. Needed to see holes in the target at 1000 yds - very pleased. Poor design on the scope case though. You practically have to take it completely off to use the scope.

Athlon Cronus G2 uhd 10x42

These are a great value by their reviews on line. I bought these for hunting and to replace my old binos. I am no glass expert and have yet to spend any time with top end glass. What I can tell from these is that they are brighter then the athlon ares 15-45x65 spotting scope and it feels like they have more detail. The edge to edge clarity is substantially better then the ares spotter and blows away my old binos which it should as they are not the same level of glass. Athlon warranty is supposed to be very good and I've been told by many people that they are very good to deal with. These will work excellent for what I do with them and if I run them over they will be covered

Great service

Fast shipping, great service

Fun to use and quite accurate!

Tip to future owners. Always have a spare 9v battery with you.


So easy to use. This is a fine quality product. Happy customer.

The AT Pro is a big time gem!

My husband and I love to use this detector. We were scanning on a beach recently and found a gold band with a name and date engraved on the inside. Luck behold, we were able to track down the owner.

Searching for the elusive treasure!

Bought this Garrett for my wife. She has quite a few treasure hunting hours under her belt. Sadly she has not yet found the treasure that motivated the purchase. Maybe she needs to sign up for a Treasure hunting workshop.

Nice piece of tchnology!

This detector has lived up to it's name, found a gold ring in the sand a couple of days ago. Now where is the 24K

A newbie's delight!

Comfy to hold and easy to figure out. I can recommend for newbies looking for budget friendly detector.

Very good value, considering the features!

With the push of a button you can eliminate all of the junk in the ground. Huge time saver.

Thanks for fixing problem Margi Johnson!

10 Inch hybrid truss tube dobsonian

Lovely telescope. Delivery was good although I did pay extra to have a signature required at our end.
Customer service at RCT is great. Many thanks to Matt.
We had the telescope out last night as it was finally clear out. We already had a much better finder scope which fit on this perfectly. One thing which we will add to this setup is and angled view finder so we can see through the lense at a much more comfortable position. An equatorial positioning system would also be great (we will be seeing what we can come up with)
The view is crystal clear even in our city backyard. We did order and receive the shroud for this telescope before we used it.
Thank you for a great and reasonably priced telescope 🔭 ❤️

The optics are top shelf!

Loving my new bino's. I was a little hesitant about these upmarket binoculars, glad I took the plunge.