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Red Carpet Telescopes Customer Reviews

See what our happy customers are saying! With over 100 verified, 5-star customer reviews, we continue to make customer satisfaction our #1 priority.
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Couldn’t be happier

I’m very impressed with the beautiful look and quality of my new telescope. The brass and mahogany finish is gorgeous. It has become a great talking point for all my new guests and a fun time exploring the sky and views for my family and friends.

Binoviewer purchase

It was nice to talk to a real person on the phone. I value the personal attention that was given to me. Highly recommend Red Carpet Telescopes and will be doing business again!

Vespera reView

I purchased my Vespera from Red Carpet Telescopes because when I applied their coupon found on their website for 3% off that made it the cheapest place I could find in Canada to purchase a Vespera from. I was even cheaper by a smaller margin than purchasing from the manufacturer!

Delivery was on time and on date but I was not able to be home and the telescope was going to be dropped off at my local dropoff spot the next afternoon. I received an email from Matt at RCT Support almost immediately explaining what had happened and to reach out if he may be of assistance somehow. Got to like that!

I got the Vespera home yesterday and set it all up. There's a bit of reading around required to figure out how everything is going to work but it was a lot easier than trying to find information on my Unistellar eQuinox that I've been using the last 2 years. I set up the scope at 830 pm and ran it flawlessly until 330 am then next morning. I still had 20% battery life after all that time. I did 3 plus hours on an M31 (The Andromeda Galaxy) mosaic without any filters and I must say I am very impressed! The mosaic mode is a game changer and one of the features that really sold me on this unit. The last two years I've been trying to make mosaics on my own from my eQuinox with less than idea results. The Vespera opens new doors to my imaging for wider field objects. I am impressed! Next I ran a 30 minute mosaic on M45 (The Pleiades) and again I am very happy with the results. The blue nebulosity around the stars appeared almost immediately. I also imaged M81-82 combination, the Iris Nebula, and took a look at the Stephan's Quintet galaxy grouping. I will return to them again one day to gather more time on them.

After I submit this review I am taking the Vespera outside with the solar filter on and get a couple shots of the Sun. I wanted to do that first thing yesterday but you can only do it after the scope has been initialized and operated at night at least once. So thats what I'm doing next!

Over all, having used a Unistellar eQuinox the last two years I think I can honestly say the Vespera has become my #1 goto scope. And they say the best scope you own is the one you use the most. Looks like the Vespera is the best scope I own now!

Excellent service
Ville de Québec

Explore Scientific iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight GoTo Tracker System with WiFi and Bluetooth

The service and communication with the staff is courteous and fast, either by phone or by e-mail, the package was delivered very quickly. I am more than satisfied with this company.
Thanks to Red Carpet Telescopes.

Leupold switch back sunglasses

The lens are great cuts through glare. I wish I ordered a black frame the grey looks weird.

Great customer service!

I got a defective unit and RCT helped me get a replacement. They went above and beyond to make me happy.great company!

Explore Scientific iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight GoTo Tracker System with WiFi and Bluetooth

The service and communication with the staff is courteous and fast, either by phone or by e-mail, the package was delivered very quickly. I am more than satisfied with this company.
Thanks to Red Carpet Telescopes.

M. Paradisi

Quality product

Happy with these binoculars, image produced is bright and clear, and is exactly as advertised. Delivery time was reasonable.

Good travel scope or for kids

Pretty good optical tube and eye piece. But focuser, diagonal and the mount are bargain basement.

I ended up upgrading the diagonal and put it on a celesteon Omni mount which has slow motion controls.

Believe the hype

The Athlon Midas G2 8x42 is a good as so many users and reviewers have said and then some. The brightness, contrast, clarity, wide FOV and edge sharpness is comparable to binos costing 2-3 times more. I wasn't expecting it to be that good but it is.

Compact, and relatively light.

Worth it. It is compact and fairly light. Looks like a well made scope. Good clarity. I am going to put it to the test this fall

Very good tripod for the price, I’m happy.

Solid, full-featured tripod, works great for a portable spotting scope. We have enjoyed viewing the craters of the Moon with it, too. Compact, lightweight yet also sturdy. The only weak part, and hence 4 stars instead of 5, is the plasticy head is not confidence-inspiring nor a precision piece, but those features are not what you get in a lightweight $120 tripod. Just don't be too rough with it and it will be fine.

Updated photos, still love this telescope!

Here are some more recent photos from the sturgeon moon last week! I’ve purchased a couple of new lenses I am waiting to be delivered, would be happy to share with everyone when they get here if it’s okay to!

Very impressed!

This scope can hang with the big boys, with a price tag that is attainable for hunting enthusiasts that don't want to break the bank. This beats the Razor hands down! I'm super impressed with first impressions and glossing off to the mountains!

Telescope cover

Great product and service.

Very Happy Husband !

The Weems&Path clock for our boat in a timely manner and was greatly appreciated and admired by my husband. Suffice to say he is one happy skipper. Thank you.

Great spotting scope

Perfect mix of size, weight, excellent optical performance, and price. We now see things we have never seen before; and the Moon! Fantastic detail. Very Recommended.

Lunt 50mm double stack filter

The filter performs as advertised. Red Carpet's customer service is outstanding. It is an absolute pleasure to call customer service and have a live competent person pick up the phone and not have to deal with an automated phone menu.

Beautiful peace of art

This is a beautiful piece of art and is fully functional. Hard to find both.

Prompt delivery and good pricing

Red Carpet Telescope have never let me down !

thanks for all of your help - attached is my first light photo with my ED 102 and G21 Starshoot camera - no processing - just a raw photo.
I really appreciate the service and generosity you have shown me and will be certainly be recommending potential clients to you.

Excellent service

I now own 7 Athlon scopes - purchased mostly from Red Carpet. I wouldn’t keep buying them if I thought they weren’t great scopes. I’ve always been serviced professionally by the folks at Red Carpet. The last scope I bought wasn’t on their website - had it in my hands in a few days. A previous scope I wanted was sold out - they found one for me. And the thing I find most important dealing with any business - they kept me informed right away as to availability, delivery etc. Vital!!!

Telescope Gift

I think it went over pretty well. They wish there was a log tripod, but I suppose they can buy one separately. Service was knowleddgeably and friendly, delivery was timely. Thanks.

A decent telescope for a reasonable price

The telescope I purchased at Red Carpet Telescopes was offered at a very good discount price. When the telescope arrived I was surprised that the secondary mirror offset was considered as it should be with so-called fast telescopes. Thus, the size of the secondary mirror is just right. You only should consider buying a decent Barlow lens and a few additional eyepieces as the telescope comes with one 25 mm eyepiece. The included eyepiece is of a very decent quality too.
I do recommend this telescope to beginners and any other amateur who's either getting back to hobby or looking for a nice portable telescopes for either outdoor or 'balcony' sessions.