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Red Carpet Telescopes Customer Reviews

See what our happy customers are saying! With over 100 verified, 5-star customer reviews, we continue to make customer satisfaction our #1 priority.
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Athlon Cronus G2

Binos are great
Red Carpet was great

Lunt Dovetail Bar

Great experience. Red Carpet had the item in stock and shipped it out quickly.

Explore Scientific iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight mount

I recently purchased the Explore Scientific iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight mount. I’m completely new to this hobby of astrophotography and just simple viewing.

I got in touch with Matt from Red Carpet to discuss my queries and get some guidance for purchasing the right mount and telescope. He has been very helpful and patient with all my doubts and queries. The order shipment and delivery was spot on without any hassles. I’m very happy and satisfied with their overall service.

And coming on to the iexos-100 mount, I think it is a great mount for beginners with solid build quality. But I wish it came with an alt-az adapter and a power supply adapter just to get started. I’m still trying to get the hang of using it and setting up the necessary softwares on my laptop for it to function effectively. Setting it up is not super complex but can be a bit overwhelming for someone who is completely new to this hobby. As everyone says, it is a steep learning curve.

I haven’t been able to use the mount yet for any observations or photography as the weather here in Vancouver has not been very supportive. But I’m looking forward to use it soon.

Thank you again Matt and Red Carpet Telescopes!

Starizona Nexus 0.75x Newtonian Focal Reducer / Coma Corrector Lens

First light raw images look good. Stars are round out to the edges!

127mm refractor scope

I ordered a telescope and the next day I wanted to change to another scope. I called and they were so helpful, and change order with no problems. Prompt delivery and scope was in perfect condition. Will order from them again!

alpen 10 X 32Mm binoculars

amazing piece of technology. super light weight, very easy to focus: I bought them for two primary uses: we live on a lake - lots of open areas and boats and then to go Colorado mountain hiking with our children. Have used on the lake but not yet at the mountains - great visually and easy to focus and use:

Larry OBrien

Deep sky bliss

First night photographs included Crab Nebula, Andromeda galaxy and Orion Nebula. Second night included Triangulum Galaxy, Blue Oyster nebula, Dumbbell nebula and numerous globs. Banding on Jupiter with four moons, and then Uranus. I’m not getting much sleep, but the eQuinox2 is fabulous! So much fun!

Athlon HD spotting scope

Scope is excellent for the price, the people at Red Carpet are very friendly and helpful, and last but not least it was delivered well before the predicted date.

Très contente de mon achat. J’ai également pu recevoir le trépied de « luxe » gratuitement car le modèle de base n’était plus disponible.

Heavy Duty

First off, I haven't used the scope for shooting purposes yet which is the only reason I can't give it a 5 star review. The scope is heavy, feels solid and rugged. I dont mind a bit of weight to a scope if it means reliability and quality. Some internal components should not be made of aluminium, and glass is heavy. Clarity is excellent. Looking through the scope at night, I can see my dark coloured dog walking on the snow. Looking at the dog through the scope, if I light the IR at 1 or 2, the dog is still very visible and it would be usable in those low-light conditions. The magnification, ocular adjustment and parallax adjustment seem to work very well. The turrets pull out to then be adjusted, and the clicks feel solid. I havent used many other scopes. I am familiar with Leupold VX-3 and Swarovski Z3. I have to say they seem comparable in quality. Time will tell but I feel confident this scope will surpass my expectations for my hunting and target shooting needs. Its going on a Tikka T3x chambered in300winmag.

Neos rimfire 4-12x40

Excellent service. Quick delivery. I have had the scope at the range. Works well.

1 x Barska 28x60mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope w/ Mahogany Tripod

great quality, packaged very well, would highly recommend

Helos BTR GEN2 2-12x42mm AHMR2 FFP IR MIL Riflescope

Great customer service from Red Carpet ad Wolverine Supplies here in Canada. The scope looks and feels of quality, I like the reticle and glass is clear. This is mounted but have not been able to get to the range but I have no doubt it will be spectacular for next deer season. Check out C_Does on YouTube for a thorough review.

Excellent Customer Service!

I called to find delivery status of my package since it was right before Christmas, a person actually answered the phone and followed through, I received my scope in 3 days. Highly recommend this company.

Great service

Great service from the company

Thank you

My son is a Navy Nuke. Absolutely loved it. The engraving looked amazing.

Excellent in all ways

I bought this ES focal extender for a gift; I already know how well Explore Scientific products perform. I’ve used their eyepieces, now the scope and accessories are going to a nephew so I added the focal extender. Red Carpet handled the sale and delivery deftly and I’ll bookmark their site.

Excellent Service

Matt responded back to my questions quickly and assisted me as promised. I always recommend Red Carpet to my friends.

Great customer service and a great lens

A bit of a missed communication at first, but they resolved it and made things awesome. I will be buying from them again for future needs. Lens works great, just be sure you have the right viewing conditions as it's powerful.

Professional Help

I was looking for another eyepiece for the telescope purchased for my grandson. But even though I am familiar with basic telescope equipment, I still had more questions. Through a series of quickly returned emails I was able to make an excellent choice which my grandson loves. Prompt service and quality materials at a fair price. I was very impressed with their personal service. Top notch!

Great customer service!

Very impressed with the quality of product, but even more impressed with the quick responses and great customer service!

Vaonis Vespera

I'm very happy with my Vaonis Vespera Smart Telescope, it's easy-to-use and the quality is great, thanks Red Carpet Telescopes!