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Great glass for the price

rifle scope

product is a fair price for the quality

Looking to buy additional scopes from RCT

Teknetics® Headphones

Awesome customer service thank you guys so much

Awesome product and even better customer service thanks

Barska Telescope

Was concerned that it was a refurbished telescope but it is beautiful. My daughter and her family will love it.


Product looks good. There are a few tarnished areas where seams have been put together that cannot be polished out. Other than that very satisfied.

Wow functionality, and wow aesthetically pleasing Barska 36X brass telescope

I purchased a refurb for my new beach home because there was nothing available new anywhere. But I am VERY pleased!!! The optics are amazing, I can see ships over the horizon that cannot be seen at all with the naked eye. I can also see the rings of Saturn, the bands of Jupiter with 4 of its moons. Yes, the attached photo of the moon was from sticking the phone camera in the eyepiece (not easy to get a photo that way).

Quite frankly this telescope exceeds what I was hoping to receive, I've seen dolphins so far away there was atmospheric distortion, and I can read a boats name and registry where it appears as a detailless speck without the telescope. The spotting scope is as beautiful at it is functional, and I don't know if I got lucky, but it was very easy to adjust, I got it adjusted perfect in 30 seconds, I thought it would take a long time. The most critical thing I can say is there is some slight wobble with a normal sea breaze.

I ding'ed RedCarpet one star (4 instead of 5) because the refurb was sold as factory original specifications...Of the 4 dust covers included, three were brass to match the telescope, however, the eyepiece dust cover to the main telescope came as neon yellow plastic cap lol..... I wasn't fooled. If they make good on that dust cover and replace it with the proper brass cover I'll move it up to 5 stars.

Wow, great functioning and looking telescope

I wanted a solid brass telescope for my beach home, and this telescope looks fanastic and functions fantastic too. I would have preferred new instead of a refurb but there were was no availability anywhere for this model new. The optics are stunning, I can see ships on the horizon that I cannot see at all with my eyes. A white speck on the ocean becomes a boat I can read the name and registry, and I've seen dolphins near the horizon through the atmospheric distortion. I was blown away seeing Jupiter's bands and 4 moons, and Saturns rings.

Critically, the only thing I can mention on the design is a normal ocean breeze can make some wobble, and I think due to the refurb, the lens cap to the eye piece is not brass like the other 3 lens caps, it came with a super lame neon yellow plastic cap that looks like a soda bottle cap. The gripes do not distract from this stunning work of functional art.

Athlon Midas G2

Great service….answered all questions and gave fantastic advice. Product shipped on time


Fast shipping, good quality product, Matt is very professional and prompt reply. Good experience!

Excellent scope.

I shot a 1/2 inch group using this scope on my Model 70 in 22-250. Best group ever. Clarity is great and the price is amazing. Great bang for the buck. Athlon products are top of the line for a very reasonable price.

Oregon Hunter

I bought a pair of ALPEN BINOCULARS about 15 years ago and just happened to bump into that brand here on RED CARPET TELESCOPES and I purchased more Alpen products like I said I would spotting scope and a rifle scope very recommended website glad I bumped into this website tired of hearing Vortex and leupold and Bushnell ALPEN has a lifetime warranty also the brands and quality optics you find here on RED CARPET TELESCOPES you won’t find at Walmart or bi-mart I have already purchased my hunting optics here will be back also !!!!! RECOMMENDED

Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope OTA

Quality service

I ordered my Lunt 80mm MT telescope and was in my hands undamaged , and was fast ! I am very satisfied with Red Carpet Telescopes.

4th Athlon scope

I still have to mount it but I’ve been playing with it and I’m very impressed with the clarity and the adjustments are excellent. Already ordered my 5th Athlon. Can’t beat their bang for the buck.

Excellent Value for the money

I ordered the Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 10-40x56mm BLR SFP MOA Riflescope from Red Carpet Telescopes. Their costumer service rep contacted me and informed me that it would be a few weeks for the optic to be shipped as it was out of stock. He gave me The option of switching my order to another optic, or waiting for the product to be in stock at their Canadian warehouse. I chose to wait and He kept me updated the whole time with the status of my order. Their costumer service representative was very professional and helpful.

The Optic itself is surprisingly well made and has preformed very well for me. The glass is extremely clear at lower magnification and still good at 40x magnification. The 1/8 MOA per click turrets are great, as they are large, easy to use with loud and positive clicks. The zero stop function on elevation is very easy to use and works well. The parallax turret has a great range of focus. The reticle is beautiful and very intuitive to use.

The scope unfortunately doesn’t come with a sunshade, but lens caps were included.

Overall I love the optic, and was very happy with the costumer service from Red Carpet Telescopes.


Great first binocular choice!

Bought two pairs for the grandkids, best gift ever. We now have a couple of Jr Birders in the family, happy days!

Can't go wrong with these low cost binoculars.

We have a motorhome and travel a lot. Having a set of binoculars as good as these is a real benefit when in the wild and want to watch wildlife and other sites at a distance. I'll admit that it was the low price that got my attantion at first. I think Bresser is a good quality brand.

Worth the money!

I'm in the construction business. This rangefinder is quite accurate. I no longer have to measure distances with a distance wheel.

Excellent value for the $$

Brilliant! Has kept my hubby quiet for hours down in his Man shed! He can zoom in on birds and wildlife quite easily. We used one of our old camera tripods to support it, it screwed in perfectly.

Crisp images!

This spotting scope is just what I was after. Lightweight, easy to use and very clear. Looks good too. Impressed.

Perfect for bird watching!

Good quality lens, showing great detail and powerful magnification up to 60x, although 20x is good enough for most viewing.

Excellent value!

Perfect for me as I'm a very entry level birder. The open bridge design makes these little binoculars really easy to hold onto.

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