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Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent

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Explore Scientific Observatory Tent Two-Room Pop-Up  - ES-2ROBV

Step into a new realm of astronomical convenience with the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent—a transformative solution for amateur astronomers and astrophotographers.

This portable observatory tent offers protection against wind, dew, rain, and dust, addressing the common challenges faced by enthusiasts in maintaining the optimal condition of their telescopes.

While the dream of a traditional observatory building with a roll-off roof or dome may be hindered by cost and site constraints, the Explore Scientific Pop-Up Observatory Tent presents an affordable, portable, and easy-to-set-up alternative.

Unlike permanent structures, this tent can be assembled almost anywhere with a flat surface and a clear view of the sky, making it a versatile choice for various observing locations.

The tent's ingenious pop-up design ensures a hassle-free setup, sparing users from the complexities of deciphering intricate instructions.

Releasing the band initiates the tent's effortless expansion, requiring only the connection of the two observatory rooms with a velcro seam and securing it to the ground with pegs.

The Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent can be ready for use within minutes, maximizing your valuable observing time.

Boasting 50 square feet of total space with 60-inch by 60-inch square rooms, this observatory tent offers ample room for setting up computer gear in one room while accommodating a telescope in the other.

The five-foot high walls, coupled with six-foot high windbreak walls, ensure a comfortable and focused astronomical experience.

Despite its spacious design, the tent remains super compact when folded down to a 27-inch disk, only 4 inches thick, facilitating easy transport in small cars or even on aircraft for remote expeditions.

Constructed from durable materials, the black-out coated fabric of the tent is not only waterproof but also provides UV protection, ensuring longevity even in challenging weather conditions.

The large 42-inch high by 36-inch wide doors, equipped with heavy-duty zippers, facilitate easy entrance and equipment passage, while the doors can be rolled down to keep moisture at bay.

To further safeguard your gear, the tent comes with an oversized cover offering protection from the sun, dew, and unexpected rain showers.

This coated, water-resistant material enhances the tent's resilience. For added protection against the elements and insects, users can incorporate a ground cloth tarp from a local hardware store.

Complete with cords and pegs for secure anchoring, the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent also features additional hoops for using heavy-duty straps, providing users with versatile options for stability.

Whether heading to a favorite dark-sky site or participating in star party events, this portable observatory tent combines convenience with durability, making it an indispensable asset for avid astronomers and astrophotographers.



  • Portable Stargazing Haven: The Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent is a versatile and portable solution, providing a dedicated space for astronomy enthusiasts to enjoy their celestial observations.
  • All-Weather Protection: Crafted from blackout-coated fabric, this tent is waterproof, UV-protected, and designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, ensuring the longevity of your astronomical equipment.
  • Quick and Effortless Setup: Featuring a sturdy pop-up design, the tent can be easily set up in minutes with a simple release of the band, allowing users to focus on stargazing rather than complicated assembly procedures.
  • Spacious Configuration: With 50 square feet of total space, two rooms measuring 60 inches by 60 inches each, and five-foot high walls, the tent offers ample room for telescopes, computer gear, and even the setup of two complete telescope systems.
  • Compact and Travel-Friendly: Folding down to a 27-inch disk with a thickness of only 4 inches, the observatory tent is lightweight and easily transportable, making it suitable for small cars or even air travel for remote astronomical expeditions.
  • Generously Sized Doors: The large 42-inch high by 36-inch wide doors facilitate easy entry and passage through connected rooms, ensuring convenient access to equipment, and can be rolled down to keep moisture out.
  • Oversized Roof for Enhanced Protection: Supplied with a large cover, the tent shields gear from the sun during the day and provides protection from dew or unexpected rain showers with its coated, water-resistant material.
  • Durable Zippers: The heavy-duty zippers on the large doors ensure long-lasting use, contributing to the overall robustness of the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent.
  • Additional Hoops for Stability: The structure includes extra hoops, allowing users to attach heavy-duty straps for added stability, providing peace of mind during observations and ensuring the tent remains secure in varying conditions.
  • Complete Setup Package: The tent comes with cords and pegs for easy staking to the ground, offering a comprehensive solution for users to quickly and securely set up their observatory and begin their astronomical adventures.


Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent Highlights Video:


What's Included:

✓ Explore Scientific 60"x60" Tent

✓ 120"x180" Top Cover

✓ Extension Tent

✓ 12 Paracords with Cord Locks

✓ 12 Ground Stakes



Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent - ES-2ROBV Product Manual: 

Download the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent - ES-2ROBV Product Manual

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