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Explore Scientific U-mount with Tripod for Large Binoculars

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Explore Scientific U-mount with Tripod for Large Binoculars - 01-14300

Introducing the Explore Scientific U-mount with Tripod, your perfect companion for large binocular observations.

Specifically crafted for the Explore Scientific BT series and compatible with binoculars featuring 70-120mm lenses and a 1/4 inch photo thread underneath.

Say goodbye to shaky views – this mount and tripod combo provides stability that feels seamlessly integrated.

Whether you're stargazing or exploring landscapes, the U-Mount guarantees solid support with smooth, precise movements.

Portability Meets Sturdiness, for large binoculars, a transportable yet robust mount is essential. Ordinary tripods won't cut it.

The Explore Scientific U-mount boasts fine-grained adjustability with customizable friction in both axes, even under a full payload.

You control stability or gentle tracking with ease. Large adjustment screws work effortlessly, even with gloves.

This sturdy design minimizes vibrations, ensuring crisp, detailed views at high magnification. When it's time to go, the U-mount and tripod separate for easy transport.

Easy Binocular Assembly, thanks to the quick-change adapter plate included, mounting and dismounting binoculars takes seconds, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

The binoculars attach securely using two 1/4 inch threaded bolts.

Variable positioning accommodates various binoculars, and the double screw connection ensures a rock-solid fit.

The adapter plate itself securely attaches to the U-mount with two large clamping screws, designed for easy operation – even with gloves.

Rock-Solid Tripod, no matter the terrain, our Explore Scientific tripod offers unwavering stability. Constructed from solid aluminum and stainless steel, it quells vibrations effectively.

The 50mm diameter stainless steel tripod legs paired with the aluminum tripod head plate strike the perfect balance between stability and transportability, weighing just 5.8kg.

When the tripod legs are folded, it measures a mere 80cm in length.

The included accessory tray braces the legs outward, further enhancing stability.

Extendable tripod legs let you tailor the binocular's working height, ranging from approximately 100 to 140cm.



  • High Payload Capacity: The Explore Scientific U-mount is built to carry binoculars weighing up to 12kg, making it ideal for large binoculars with substantial lenses. It can accommodate binoculars with a maximum width of 290mm, providing versatility for various models.
  • Robust Fork Mount: The U-mount features a sturdy fork mount design paired with a reliable tripod. This combination ensures stability and minimizes unwanted vibrations during observations, allowing for clear and steady views of celestial and terrestrial objects.
  • Smooth Tracking: Experience smooth and even movement when adjusting your large binoculars. The U-mount incorporates an infinitely variable friction adjustment system in both azimuth (AZ) and altitude (ALT) axes. This mechanism allows you to fine-tune the friction to your preference, ensuring precise and comfortable tracking of celestial targets.
  • Large Handwheels: The mount's large handwheels are designed for ease of use, even when wearing gloves. This feature ensures effortless adjustments, enhancing the overall user experience and convenience during observation sessions.
  • Wide Adjustment Range: The U-mount offers an extensive adjustment range, allowing a full 360-degree rotation in azimuth and an altitude adjustment from 0 to 90 degrees. This flexibility enables observations in various positions, whether you're scanning the entire night sky or focusing on specific objects.
  • Optimal Vibration Damping: The stainless steel tripod legs are specifically designed to dampen vibrations effectively. This feature enhances the stability of the binocular setup, preventing vibrations from impacting your observations, even at higher magnifications.
  • Comfortable Observation Position: The U-mount ensures a comfortable observation position regardless of your chosen orientation. It provides ergonomic adjustments to suit your viewing preferences, enabling enjoyable and extended observation sessions.
  • Adjustable Tripod Height: The tripod included with the U-mount offers adjustable height, ranging from approximately 100 to 140cm. This height flexibility allows you to customize the binocular's working height to match your comfort level and observation needs.
  • Integrated Accessory Tray: An integrated accessory tray made of durable aluminum is included with the U-mount. This tray serves as a practical storage space for your observing accessories, ensuring that they are within easy reach during your stargazing sessions.

                                                                        What's Included:

                                                                         ✓ Explore Scientific U-mount with Tripod for Large Binoculars

                                                                        ✓ Tripod

                                                                        ✓ Quick-change adapter plate

                                                                        ✓ Accessory tray

                                                                        ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



                                                                            Item Number  01-14300
                                                                            Total length  1000 mm
                                                                            Total width  1000 mm
                                                                            Total height  1390 mm
                                                                            Total net weight  11300 g
                                                                            Housing material  Magnesium
                                                                            Payload Capacity  26 lbs.

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