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Lunt 50mm Dedicated Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope

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Lunt 50mm Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope – w/ Choice Of Blocking Filter & Focuser

Introducing the Lunt 50mm Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope, this is an ideal grab-and-go entry-level scope.

This dedicated H-Alpha solar telescope boasts a 50mm aperture, providing unhindered views with a pressure-tuned system and a dedicated Hydrogen-alpha module for outstanding functionality at a bandpass of <0.7 Å.

It's compact enough to fit almost anywhere, yet powerful enough to deliver hours of visual enjoyment and educational insights.

Equipped with a non-rotating helical focuser and a 4mm or 6mm Lunt blocking filter for both visual and photography purposes, the Lunt 50mm H-Alpha Telescope ensures a satisfying solar observing experience.

The scope's pressure tuner and the latest fine-tuning technology allow for basic research of the Sun's disk and surface details, offering a thrilling view of its explosive activity, surface details, hot spots, prominences, and more in the stunning hydrogen alpha wavelength.

As the Sun becomes more active, your appreciation for this instrument is bound to grow.

Image no.1 Captured Using Lunt 50mm Dedicated Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope

Designed for easy portability and user joy, the Lunt 50mm Solar Telescope is your personal solar observatory, appropriate for astronomy beginners, kids, and adults alike.

Additionally. this package is capable of being upgraded at any time, without the need to return to the factory.

Image no.2 Captured Using Lunt 50mm Dedicated Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope 


  • Dedicated H-Alpha Solar Telescope: The Lunt 50mm Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope is specifically designed for solar observation in the hydrogen alpha wavelength, providing enthusiasts with a dedicated instrument tailored for capturing the intricate details of the Sun.
  • 50mm Aperture: This solar telescope features a substantial 50mm aperture, allowing for the collection of ample light for detailed and crisp solar observations.
  • 350mm Focal Length: With a focal length of 350mm, this telescope strikes a balance between magnification and field of view, making it versatile for observing a variety of solar phenomena with clarity and detail.
  • F/7 Focal Ratio: The focal ratio of F/7 enhances the telescope's performance, providing a moderately fast system that balances image brightness and resolution. This makes it well-suited for solar observations with a pleasing blend of clarity and brightness.
  • True Grab-and-Go Design: Designed with portability in mind, the Lunt 50mm Solar Telescope features a true grab-and-go design, making it easy to transport and set up for spontaneous solar observing sessions.
  • Vixen Style Dovetail: Equipped with a Vixen style dovetail, the telescope offers compatibility with a variety of mounts, ensuring flexibility in mounting options for users.
  • Choice of Focuser: Users have the option to choose between a helical or Feather Touch focuser based on their preferences. This customization allows for a personalized observing experience, accommodating different user preferences and imaging requirements.
  • Choice of Blocking Filter: The Lunt 50mm Solar Telescope provides a choice between blocking filters, with options for the B400 (4mm) and B600 (6mm). This versatility allows users to tailor their solar observations by selecting the appropriate blocking filter for their specific needs and imaging goals.

What's Included:

✓ Lunt 50mm H-Alpha Solar Telescope

✓ Sturdy packing Box with Custom Foam insert

✓ CNC Clamshell & Vixen Style Dovetail

✓ Choice of Blocking Filter (B400 or B600)

✓ Choice of Focuser (Helical, or Feather Touch - depending on availability)

✓ Instructional Manual

✓ Lunt 5 Year Warranty



  • Telescope Type: Dedicated H-alpha
  • Universal Capabilities: H-alpha
  • Aperture: 50 mm
  • Objective Type: Custom Doublet Optimized at 656 nm
  • Objective Coating: Ion Assist Ultra-Narrowband AR (656 nm)
  • Focal Ratio: F/7
  • Focal Length: 350 mm
  • Focuser Options: Helical or Feather Touch
  • Mounting: CNC Clamshell and Vixen Style Dovetail
  • Storage: Box with Fitted Foam, Hard Case Optional
  • H-alpha Etalon Type: Internal Dedicated
  • Etalon Wavelength: 656.28 nm
  • Etalon Bandpass: <0.7 Å Single Stack, <0.5 Å Double Stack
  • Etalon Material: UV Grade Fused Silica
  • Etalon Tuning: Doppler True Barometric Pressure Tuning
  • Doppler Shifting: Instant
  • Blocking Filter Size: 4 mm, 6 mm Diagonal
  • Blocking Filter Bandpass: 6 Å
  • Sun Finder: TeleVue Sol Searcher compatible


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