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Vixen Telescope Polar Alignment Scope PF-L II

by Vixen
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Vixen Polar Alignment Scope PF-L II - ES35532

A wider field of view is more comfortable. Star images around the edge of the field of view have been improved and visibility has been increased.

Simply bring Polaris and two other stars into the polar scope's field of view in the northern hemisphere* so that each can be matched with the designated position on the scale on the polar scope's reticle.

This allows to align the equatorial mount as accurately as 3 arc minutes or less easily.

The new design of the polar scope eyepiece improves visibility of stars and make you see the reticle scale easier.

*Three stars for polar alignment in the southern hemisphere are located in Octans.

The polar alignment scope is a small telescope that is installed parallel to the R.A. axis of an equatorial mount so that it can match the R.A. axis to be parallel in the direction of diurnal motion of stars.

The polar alignment scope utilizes 3 stars of Polaris, Delta UMi and 51 Cep near the north celestial pole.

You simply match the scale position on the reticle with the designated 3 stars seen in the polar alignment scope in order to locate the north celestial pole.

Also, the patterns of the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia are engraved on the polar alignment reticle for use as a guidepost for the north celestial pole.

The polar alignment scope can align the polar axis of the equatorial mount as accurately as 3 arc minutes or less.

Necessary information for polar alignment is integrated into the reticle that is designed for locating the north (or south) celestial pole.

No hour angle setting is necessary in the dark. It makes your polar alignment more comfortable as you can do it while stay looking through the eyepiece of the polar alignment scope.

The switch on the brightness adjustment dial of the polar alignment scope will illuminate the reticle in red when activated.

This can avoid vanishing less-bright stars in the scope's field of view as compared with Bright Field Illuminator.

The brightness can be adjusted in 8 levels by turning the brightness adjustment dial. The red light becomes gradually dimmer after a certain interval of time and turns off automatically.


What's Included:

✓ Vixen Telescope Polar Alignment Scope PF-L II

✓ Vixen Electronic Parts: Limited 1 Year Warranty

✓ Vixen Mechanical Parts: Limited 2 Year Warranty


Magnfication・Aperture・Field of view 5X, 20mm, 10 degrees
Reticle scale 3-star alignment method, with precession correction (until 2040), North: Polaris, Delta Umi, 51 Cep, South: Sigma, Tau and Chi Octantis
Dark field illuminator Variable red illumination with auto turn-off, brightness adjustable in 8 steps
Power source CR2032 battery x1
Setting accuracy 3 arc minutes or less
Size 47 x 55 x 115 mm
Weight 155 g (w/o battery)
Mount applicable AP, SX, AXJ and AXD series of equatorial mounts

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