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Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope

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Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope - LS80mm

Presenting the Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope OTA – Now available for those seeking the exceptional optics of the Lunt 80mm MT Modular Telescope without the integrated hydrogen-alpha module. 

The Lunt 80mm MT offers outstanding optics quality in a highly portable form, the Lunt 80mm MT Refractor ensures an exciting adventure day and night, with the added flexibility of future upgrades.

The Lunt 80mm MT is a robust Doublet ED APO Refractor featuring an FPL53 Objective Lens in one of our most popular telescope sizes. 

Equipped with a Dual Speed 10:1 Rack and Pinion Focuser, the telescope includes a complete ring assembly featuring a specialized Red Dot Sun Finder, doubling as a handle for effortless carrying and facilitating solar applications. 

Image Taken Using the Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope CAK Sun

Compatible with the Lunt CaK Module or White Light Wedge for daytime solar observations, the 80mm MT Refractor allows seamless integration by installing accessories into the sturdy Dual Speed Focuser. 

Image Taken Using the Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope White Light Sun

Accompanied by the Red Dot Finder Handle for precise targeting of our nearest star.

Image Taken Using the Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope Galaxy

Transitioning to nighttime and terrestrial use is just as straightforward – simply attach your favorite star diagonal and explore the celestial wonders. 

Image Taken Using the Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope Purple Nebula

Weighing just over 8lbs, the 80mm MT Refractor integrates lightweight design with ease of movement, providing a comfortable grip for prolonged observations.

Image Taken Using the Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope Spiral Galaxy

When the allure of the Hydrogen-Alpha wavelength beckons, the telescope is 100% upgradeable to its standard form, transforming into a Hydrogen Alpha Telescope with the addition of a Lunt Blocking Filter and the appropriate Hydrogen Alpha Module. 

Image Taken Using the Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope Starry Night Sky

Complete with a hard aluminum case and custom foam, the Lunt 80mm MT Refractor is prepared for your Hydrogen Alpha module and any desired accessories, ensuring convenience and protection for your astronomical pursuits.


  • 80mm Aperture: The telescope features a substantial 80mm aperture, providing excellent light-gathering capabilities for clear and detailed celestial observations.
  • Versatility for Solar Viewing: Designed for versatile solar observations, the telescope allows for easy integration with solar accessories, making it suitable for studying the sun's features.
  • Upgrade to an H-Alpha Capable Telescope: The telescope is also available with the required Hydrogen Alpha components (H-Alpha Module & choice of Blocking Filter), transforming it into an all-in-one Day / Night Telescope. Learn more about the LS80MT Universal Telescope here.
  • 560mm Focal Length: With a focal length of 560mm, the telescope strikes a balance between providing a wide field of view and enabling higher magnification, catering to various astronomical observations.
  • Focal Ratio F/7: Operating at a moderate focal ratio of F/7, the telescope offers adaptability for both wide-field observations and more detailed, high-magnification views.
  • Doublet ED APO Refractor: Utilizing a Doublet ED APO (Extra-low Dispersion Apochromatic) refractor design, the telescope minimizes chromatic aberration, resulting in high-contrast images with accurate color reproduction.
  • Dual Speed Rack & Pinion Focuser: Equipped with a Dual Speed Rack & Pinion Focuser, the telescope provides precise control over the focusing process. The dual-speed mechanism allows for both rapid adjustments and fine-tuned focusing, accommodating the diverse requirements of astronomers during observations.
  • FPL53 Fully Multi-Coated Lens: The objective lens features FPL53 glass and is fully multi-coated, enhancing light transmission and minimizing reflections. This ensures optimal image brightness, contrast, and color fidelity for clear and detailed observations.
  • Aluminum Construction: Constructed with lightweight yet durable aluminum materials, the telescope combines portability with structural integrity, providing a reliable and convenient tool for astronomers on the move.


    What's Included:

    ✓ Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope

    ✓ Aluminum Case with Custom Foam insert

    ✓ Complete Tube Ring Assembly

    ✓ Red Dot Sun Finder Handle

    ✓ Dual 10:1 Rack & Pinion Focuser

    ✓ Instructional Manual

    ✓ Lunt 5 Year Warranty


    • Aperture: 80mm
    • Focal Length: 560mm 
    • Focal Ratio: F/7
    • Refractor: Doublet ED APO 
    • Focuser: Dual Speed Rack & Pinion
    • Lens: FPL53 Fully Multi-coated
    • Weight: 8.25lbs
    • Mounting: Clamshell
    • Storage: Aluminum Case with Custom Foam

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Regina S.

      Lunt 80mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope OTA

      Amazing capabilities with this scope.

      I decided to splurge a little and buy this made in the USA telescope. I've taken it out to a local gathering of Skygazers. There was one other Lunt 80 MT there, the owner was very kind to this night sky Newbie. Thanks Jerry for sharing your wizdom :-)

      Very serious Telescope!

      This is the Telescope if you wish to view the activity of the Sun.