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Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope (Basic Package)

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Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope Basic Package w/ Choice of Filter & Focuser

Introducing the New Lunt 80 mm Universal Telescope—an enhanced modular marvel that redefines the experience. Taking Lunt Solar Systems' most sought-after telescopes to new heights of functionality.

Showcasing an impressive 80mm aperture and featuring an FPL53 Doublet Lens, this precision-aligned ED refractor is designed to leave a lasting impression, whether you're exploring the dynamic realms of the Sun's active regions or navigating the star-studded expanse of the Milky Way.

Image Captured Using the Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope Sun

In its Hydrogen Alpha configuration's single-stack mode, the 80 mm Universal Telescope provides outstanding viewing capabilities with a <.65 Å bandpass, thanks to Lunt's renowned Doppler True Tuning system (pressure-tuned). 

Image Captured Using the Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope Galaxy

Yet, its prowess extends beyond daytime solar observations—don't underestimate its performance after the Sun sets!

Image Captured Using the Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope California Nebula

As darkness falls, witness the celestial spectacle as stars and planets come into focus.

Image Captured Using the Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope Comet Leonard

Transitioning from hydrogen alpha mode is quite simple: effortlessly remove the hydrogen alpha module, complete with the attached pressure tuner, from your telescope's optical tube assembly (OTA), and seamlessly replace it with the focuser of your choice. 

Image Captured Using the Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope Horse Head

Now, your Lunt 80mm telescope is ready to unveil the wonders of the night sky.



  • 80mm Aperture: Featuring an 80mm aperture, this telescope provides a significant light-gathering capability. A larger aperture allows for better resolution and clarity, enabling observers to capture more detail in celestial objects.
  • 140x Maximum Magnification: With a maximum magnification of 140x, this telescope allows observers to zoom in for detailed views of celestial objects, providing versatility for various types of observations.
  • 560mm Focal Length: The telescope features a focal length of 560mm, contributing to its optical characteristics and determining the magnification capabilities.
  • f/7 Focal Ratio: The f/7 focal ratio indicates the speed of the telescope, with a lower f-number implying a faster optical system. This specification influences the telescope's ability to capture faint celestial objects and details with shorter exposure times.
  • FPL53 Doublet Lens: The telescope is equipped with a high-quality FPL53 Doublet Lens. This lens design, known for its exceptional color correction and image sharpness, ensures that the telescope delivers clear and crisp views of astronomical phenomena.
  • Versatile Day & Night Observations: The Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope is designed to excel in both daytime and nighttime observations. This versatility allows astronomers to explore a wide range of celestial objects, from the Sun's surface features during the day to deep-sky objects like stars and galaxies at night.
  • Precision-Aligned ED Refractor: The precision alignment of the Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) refractor is a testament to the telescope's commitment to optical accuracy.
  • Hydrogen Alpha Configuration with Doppler True Tuning: In its Hydrogen Alpha configuration, the telescope provides excellent solar observation capabilities with a <.65 Å bandpass. The Doppler True Tuning system, utilizing pressure tuning, ensures precise tuning for optimal views of the Sun's surface details, including prominences and sunspots.
  • Modular Design for Easy Conversion: The telescope boasts a modular design, facilitating easy conversion for different observational purposes. Transitioning from solar to nighttime observations is simplified by removing the hydrogen alpha module and replacing it with a compatible focuser, offering users a seamless transition between modes.
  • Sturdy Ring Set Assembly with Dovetail: The included ring set assembly, featuring a dovetail mount, provides a sturdy and secure attachment to mounts. This feature is crucial for stability during observations and ensures accurate tracking of celestial objects.
  • Red Dot Sun Finder Handle: For solar observations, the telescope includes a Red Dot Sun Finder handle. This specialized feature aids in aligning the telescope precisely with the Sun, simplifying the process of locating and observing solar phenomena.
  • Protective Hard Case with Custom Foam Insert: The telescope comes with a durable hard case featuring a custom foam insert. This protective case is designed to secure the telescope during transportation and storage, safeguarding it from potential damage.


360 degree view 80mm Universal Day or Night All in One Telescope Video:


What's Included:

✓ Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope 

✓ Aluminum Finished Hard Case with Fitted Foam

✓ CNC Mounting Rings & Vixen Style Dovetail

✓ Red Dot Sun Finder Handle

✓ Choice of Blocking Filter (B1200 - 12mm, B1800 - 18mm)

✓ Choice of Blocking Filter Tube (Diagonal or Straight-Through Tube)

✓ Choice of Focuser (Rack & Pinion, Crayford or Feather Touch - depending on              availability)

✓ Instructional Manual

✓ Lunt 5 Year Warranty



  • Telescope Type: Universal Day and Night
  • Universal Capabilities: H-alpha, CaK, White Light, Lunar, Planetary, Deep Space, Terrestrial.
  • Aperture: 80 mm
  • Theoretical max magnification: 140 x
  • Objective Type: Professional Grade ED Doublet
  • Objective Material: FLP53
  • Objective Coating: Ion Assist Broadband AR
  • Focal Ratio: F/7
  • Focal Length: 560 mm
  • Focuser Options: Dual Speed Lunt Crayford, Dual Speed Rack and Pinion, or Dual Speed Feather Touch
  • Mounting: CNC Mounting Rings and Vixen Style Dovetail
  • Storage: Aluminum Finished Hard Case with Fitted Foam
  • H-alpha Etalon Type: Modular
  • Etalon Wavelength: 656.28 nm
  • Etalon Bandpass: <0.65 Å Single Stack, <0.45 Å Double Stack
  • Etalon Material: UV Grade Fused Silica
  • Telescope Weight: 9.25lbs
  • Etalon Tuning: Doppler True Barometric Pressure Tuning
  • Doppler Shifting: Instant
  • Blocking Filter Size: 12 mm, 18 mm, Diagonal and Straight Through
  • Blocking Filter Bandpass: 6 Å
  • Sun Finder: Red Dot Sun Finder Handle
  • CaK* Filter Type: Rear Mount CaK Diagonal
  • Filter Wavelength: 393.4 nm
  • Filter Bandpass: 2.2 Å
  • White Light* Filter Type: Front Mount Film Filter, Rear Mount White Light Wedge
  • Filter Bandpass: Broadband White Light. AR/UV Blocking
  • Lunar, Planetary, Deep Space, Terrestrial: Converts to a conventional professional grade APO for all your nighttime requirements. 

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