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Lunt 80mm Modular Telescope Advanced Package

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Lunt 80mm Modular Telescope Advanced Package - LS80MT

Meet the Lunt LS80MT Advanced Package, an impressive modular telescope with top-notch clarity.

This powerhouse, featuring an 80mm Aperture and FPL53 Doublet Lens, is a carefully aligned ED refractor designed for exploring the Sun's active areas or navigating the Milky Way.

In single-stack mode for Hydrogen Alpha, the LS80MT excels with a bandpass of less than 0.7angstroms, thanks to Lunt's Doppler True Tuning system. 

The LS80MT comes with an SFPT – Internal Double Stack Module, offering a detailed view of the Sun's surface by lowering the bandpass from over 0.7 Angstrom to under 0.5 Angstrom.

You can double stack internally with the SFPT-unit anytime, eliminating the need for factory returns.

Quickly transform it into a nighttime or terrestrial telescope, featuring an FPL 53 Doublet Lens for versatility. 

The LS80MT Advanced Package includes essential accessories, such as the 2" Diagonal and Adapter for versatile eyepiece options, a 1.25″ 45 Degree Diagonal for comfortable viewing angles, a Red Dot Handle and Mounting Ring Assembly for easy maneuvering, a 6-inch Dovetail for secure mounting, and a Backing Plate & Focuser for smooth transitions between observations.

A Lunt 19mm Eyepiece for clear and detailed views. Lunt White Light Solar Wedges and Polarize Filters for White Light Wedges, allowing astronomers to explore the Sun with enhanced contrast and detail.

For added flexibility in eyepiece compatibility, the package includes a 2" to 1.25" Adapter

Image no.1 Captured Using Lunt 80mm Modular Telescope Advanced Package

Easily switch from Hydrogen Alpha to the LS80MT by swapping the module with the backing plate and optional focuser.

Incorporating Lunt Solar Systems' Modular Telescope lineup, the LS80MT offers versatility with popular wavelengths (Hydrogen Alpha, White Light, Calcium K). 

Image no.2 Captured Using Lunt 80mm Modular Telescope Advanced Package

True Doppler Tuning adds a 3D aspect to the viewing experience, enhancing visual and imaging capabilities, especially for observing filaments and active solar regions. 



  • 80mm Aperture: This telescope boasts an impressive 80mm aperture, significantly improving light-gathering capabilities and enhancing resolution for capturing intricate celestial details.
  • 140x Maximum Magnification: With a maximum magnification of 140x, observers can zoom in for detailed views of various celestial phenomena, offering versatility in observation types.
  • 560mm Focal Length: Featuring a 560mm focal length, this telescope's optical characteristics and magnification capabilities are precisely defined, shaping its overall performance and versatility.
  • f/7 Focal Ratio: The f/7 focal ratio signifies the telescope's speed, with a lower f-number indicating a faster optical system, influencing its ability to capture faint celestial objects with shorter exposure times.
  • FPL53 Doublet Lens: Excelling in color correction and image sharpness, this telescope utilizes an FPL53 Doublet Lens for clear and crisp views of astronomical phenomena, ensuring exceptional optical performance.
  • Versatile Day & Night Observations: Designed for excellence in both daytime and nighttime observations, the Lunt 80mm Universal Telescope provides versatility across celestial landscapes, catering to a wide range of astronomical activities.
  • Precision-Aligned ED Refractor: The precision alignment of the Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) refractor underscores the telescope's commitment to optical accuracy, ensuring an exceptional image quality and clarity in observations.
  • H-Alpha Config w/ Doppler True Tuning: In Hydrogen Alpha configuration, the telescope excels in solar observations with a <.65 Å bandpass. The Doppler True Tuning system, utilizing pressure tuning, ensures precise tuning for optimal views of the Sun's surface details.
  • B1800 Blocking Filter: An essential component enhancing solar observations by effectively blocking harmful radiation, ensuring safe and detailed viewing of solar features such as prominences, filaments, and sunspots.
  • Lunt White Light Solar Wedges: Providing a specialized method for safely observing the Sun in white light, these wedges offer high-quality images of solar surface details, sunspots, and granulation.
  • Polarize Filters for White Light Wedges: Adding versatility to the observer package, these filters allow users to adjust the level of polarization for optimized viewing and enhanced contrast when observing the Sun in white light.
  • Modular Design for Easy Conversion: The telescope's modular design simplifies conversion for different observational purposes, providing flexibility in usage and ease of adaptation.
  • Sturdy Ring Set Assembly with Dovetail: The included ring set assembly, featuring a dovetail mount, ensures a sturdy and secure attachment to mounts, providing stability during observations.
  • 2" Diagonal and Adapter: The package includes a high-quality 2" diagonal and adapter, offering optimal versatility for different eyepieces and configurations, enhancing the overall observing experience.
  • 1.25″ 45 Degree Diagonal: Equipped with a 1.25" 45-degree diagonal, this feature allows for comfortable viewing angles, adding convenience to the observational setup.
  • Red Dot Handle and Mounting Ring Assembly: The inclusion of a red dot handle and mounting ring assembly facilitates easy handling and maneuvering of the telescope, ensuring swift adjustments during observations.
  • 6" Dovetail: The 6-inch dovetail ensures a secure and stable mounting setup for the telescope, contributing to overall stability during observations.
  • Backing Plate & Focuser: Integral components for transitioning the telescope from solar to nighttime or terrestrial observations, providing seamless adaptability.
  • Lunt 19mm Eyepiece: Included for its exceptional optical quality, the Lunt 19mm eyepiece provides clear and detailed views of celestial objects, enhancing the overall observational experience.
  • 2" to 1.25" Adapter: Adding further flexibility to the telescope's eyepiece compatibility, this adapter allows the use of both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces for a customized observing experience, expanding the range of available accessories for users.


What's Included:

✓ Lunt 80mm Modular Telescope 

✓ Aluminum Finished Hard Case with Fitted Foam

✓ Red Dot Handle & Mounting Ring Assembly

✓ 1.25" 45 Degree Diagonal

✓ 6" Vixen Style Dovetail

✓ Lunt 19mm Eyepiece

✓ B1800 Blocking Filter 

✓ 2" Diagonal and Adapter

✓ Backing Plate and Focuser

✓ Lunt White Light Solar Wedges

✓ Polarize Filters for Lunt White Light Wedges

✓ Instructional Manual

✓ Lunt 5 Year Warranty



  • Modular Telescope: LS80MT with B1800 Blocking Filter
  • Focuser: Rack & Pinion 
  • Optical Aperture: 80mm
  • Etalon: Internal <0.65 Angstrom
  • Includes:  B1800 Blocking Filter,  Backing Plate and Focuser, 2″ Diagonal and Adapter, 1.25″ 45 Degree Diagonal, 6″ Dovetail, Lunt 19mm Eyepiece, Lunt Zoom Eyepiece, Red Dot Handle and Mounting Ring Assembly, White Light Solar Wedge and Polarizing Filter, Rack & Pinion Focuser
  • Tuning: Internal Pressure Tune (Doppler True Tuning)
  • Focal Length: 560mm
  • Focal Ratio: F/7
  • Storage: Aluminum finished hard case with fitted foam
  • Weight: 9.25lbs

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