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Lunt 152mm Doppler True Solar Telescope

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Lunt 152mm Doppler True Solar Telescope w/ Choice Of Blocking Filter & Focuser - LS152THa 

The Lunt LS152THa Solar Telescope stands as the largest solar telescope currently available, offering an unparalleled balance of resolution and performance.

Featuring a 100% unobstructed system, it excels at both low and high magnifications.

The incorporation of advanced high-contrast coatings and the innovative Doppler True Pressure Tuning system ensures crisp, sharp, and high-magnification visual images.

This telescope is not only ideal for visual observations but also serves as a powerful tool for high-end digital processes, providing users with a versatile and top-tier solar observation experience.

Every Lunt Solar Telescope necessitates a blocking filter for safe operation. Select the right one for your needs:

  • B1200 (12mm Blocking Filter) – for visual use
  • B1800 (18mm Blocking Filter) – for larger field of view and imaging applications
  • B3400 (34mm Blocking Filter) – for larger field of view and imaging applications with larger sensors
  • No Blocking Filter Warning – only choose this package if you already have a Lunt Solar Systems blocking filter at your disposal.  All Lunt Solar Systems h-alpha telescopes require a Lunt Blocking Filter.

True Doppler Tuning:

True Doppler Tuning, a groundbreaking feature of the Lunt Solar Systems LS152THa Solar Telescope, elevates solar observation to new heights.

This technology enables a dynamic shift into and away from the user, adding a 3D-like dimension to the viewing experience.

While its impact on prominences is minimal, it significantly affects filaments and active regions on the solar surface.

When observing a filament at the solar center, users can Doppler shift from the base to the tip, tracking the filament's structure in both directions.

This capability enhances visual and imaging experiences, serving as a valuable research tool. The pressure tuning system provides unparalleled precision in adjusting desired features. 

Image no.1 Taken Using Lunt 152mm Doppler True Solar Telescope

The LS152THa also features an optional, interchangeable CaK module, allowing researchers to explore multiple wavelengths on the same platform.

For nighttime viewing, a specialized backing plate and focuser kit can convert the telescope.

Ideal for intermediate to advanced users, the Lunt 152mm Doppler True Solar Telescope is a versatile and powerful instrument for solar enthusiasts and researchers alike.

Image no.2 Taken Using Lunt 152mm Doppler True Solar Telescope



  • 152mm Optical Aperture: Experience remarkable light-gathering capacity for detailed and clear solar imaging. Capture solar phenomena with unprecedented clarity.
  • 900 mm Focal Length: A generous focal length ensuring high-magnification views for both visual observation and astrophotography applications. Ideal for detailed solar imaging and close-up observations.
  • Focal Ratio f/6: Striking a balance between magnification and field of view, the telescope's f/6 focal ratio provides versatility. Enjoy a versatile telescope suitable for various observational purposes.
  • Advanced Narrow Band Hydrogen-alpha System: A dedicated system designed for precise solar observation, capturing intricate details with precision. Achieve detailed views of solar features with the advanced narrow band system.
  • Refractor-based System: Featuring a 152mm front objective, this refractor-based design ensures optical excellence. Benefit from a high-quality refractor system for top-tier solar imaging.
  • Unobstructed Internal HD Etalon with Pressure Tuner: Achieve a <0.65 Angstrom bandpass, enhancing surface detail without sacrificing edge detail, thanks to the advanced etalon and Pressure Tuner technology. Precision tuning allows for detailed solar observations without compromise.
  • Comprehensive System Inclusions: The system comes complete with mounting rings, dovetail, a Lunt Zoom Eyepiece, and dust caps, all elegantly packaged in an aluminum-reinforced case. Enjoy a complete and convenient package for your solar observation needs.


Lunt Solar 360 Degree View Video:

What's Included:

✓ Lunt 152mm Doppler True Solar Telescope

 Aluminum Hard Case

 Lunt Zoom Eyepiece

✓ Mounting Rings and Dovetail 

✓ Dust Caps 

✓ Choice of Blocking Filter (B1200, B1800, B3400)

✓ Choice of Blocking Filter Tube (Diagonal or Straight-Thru Tube)

✓ Instructional Manual

✓ Lunt 5 Year Warranty



    • Type: Single Interference HD Etalon
    • Optical Aperture: 152 mm
    • Etalon: Internal <0.65 Angstrom @ 656 nm
    • Tuning: Internal Pressure Tune (Doppler True Tuning)
    • Focal Length: 900 mm
    • Focal Ratio: f/6
    • Focuser: Rack & Pinion Focuser
    • Blocking Filter: B1200 Diagonal, B1800 Diagonal, or B3400 Straight-Thru (choose from packages listed below)
    • Color: Pearl White with Black and Red accents
    • Storage: Aluminum finished hard case with fitted foam
    • Weight: 30 lbs.

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