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Leupold Mark 5 CF-440 Tripod Kit

by Leupold
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Leupold Optics Mark 5 CF-440 Tripod Kit - 180378

Introducing the Leupold Mark 5 CF-440 Tripod Kit, an indispensable tool tailored for professional hunters and shooters who demand superior performance in the field.

Designed with a keen emphasis on ruggedness and lightness, this tripod boasts an exceptional load-to-weight ratio, ensuring unwavering stability even in the most challenging environments, empowering you to surpass and outlast your competition.

The Mark 5 tripod exemplifies enduring versatility. Its robust carbon fiber legs and lightweight metal components are built to endure formidable winds and inclement weather, providing a steadfast support system in the field.

The addition of 3-angle pivot locks allows for comfortable shooting or glassing from virtually any position.

Furthermore, the Arca-Swiss head mount facilitates swift attachment of a wide range of long-range accessories, and the seamlessly operating ball-head guarantees swift and precise movements.

With its four twist and lock leg sections and extended leg height, the Mark 5 caters specifically to taller hunters and shooters, offering a robust tripod perfectly suited to their needs.

Whether transitioning between stages in a PRS match or trekking to this year's elk camp, the Mark 5’s lightweight reliability is sure to be a valued companion.

Elevate your shooting experience with the precision and dependability of the Leupold Mark 5 CF-440 Tripod Kit

Leupold Mark 5 CF-440 Tripod Kit Leupold Lifetime Guarantee


  • Weight Capacity: With an impressive payload capacity of up to 44 pounds, this tripod proves versatile enough to accommodate an array of optical equipment and cameras, making it an ideal choice for both photography and videography, including professional-grade setups.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Backed by Leupold's unwavering commitment to quality, this tripod comes with a lifetime performance guarantee. Whether you are the original owner or not, Leupold stands ready to repair or replace the tripod at no cost in the event of any performance issues, underscoring their confidence in its enduring durability.
  • Arca-Swiss Mounting Plate: Featuring the highly acclaimed Arca-Swiss mounting plate design, this tripod achieves unparalleled cross-platform versatility, ensuring compatibility with a wide spectrum of observation and optics accessories. This popular mounting system guarantees seamless integration with various photography and observation equipment.
  • Weather-Resistant: Crafted from resilient carbon fiber and robust all-aluminum components, Leupold tripods are engineered to thrive in challenging weather conditions, even when fully extended. Its exceptional weather resistance makes it the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts who frequently encounter unpredictable elements during their adventures.
  • Aluminum Ball Head: The tripod's lightweight yet rugged ball head is meticulously engineered to facilitate fluid and precise adjustments in the field, allowing for rapid and accurate positioning of your equipment. Its aluminum construction strikes the ideal balance between weight and durability.
  • Carbon Fiber Build: Emphasizing durability without the use of plastic components, this tripod features carbon fiber legs and aluminum components, ensuring peak performance in extreme weather conditions. This combination of materials results in a tripod that is both featherweight and exceptionally rugged.
  • 3-Angle Pivot Locks: Equipped with locking mechanisms at the upper end of each leg, this tripod offers enhanced adaptability in the field. Boasting three distinct locking positions, the legs can expand wider and lower, accommodating an array of heights and angles to cater to diverse shooting or viewing perspectives.
  • Twist and Lock Legs: Featuring tactile locking grips on each leg section, this tripod simplifies on-the-fly height adjustments, enabling you to effortlessly adapt to evolving shooting or viewing conditions. The twist and lock mechanism ensures secure and expedient tripod setup to your desired height.
  • Counterweight Hook: An incorporated counterweight hook offers the option to add extra weight, enhancing stability, especially when shooting or observing in challenging conditions. This feature elevates the tripod's steadiness, ensuring impeccable shots even in windy or unstable environments.
  • Rubber Feet: The high-grip rubber feet provide outstanding stability, even in damp conditions or on slippery surfaces, ensuring your tripod remains firmly anchored during use. These rubber feet furnish a secure hold on a variety of surfaces, mitigating any unintended movement during operation.

                                                                        What's Included:

                                                                         ✓ Leupold Mark 5 CF-440 Tripod

                                                                        ✓ Carrying Case

                                                                        ✓ Height Extension Post

                                                                        ✓ Counterweight Hook

                                                                        ✓ 3-Angle Pivot Locks

                                                                         ✓ Lifetime warranty


                                                                        Product 101 Video - Carbon Fiber Hunting & Shooting Tripods Explained:



                                                                            Item Number 180378
                                                                            Head Type Ball Head
                                                                            Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
                                                                            Material Carbon Fiber
                                                                            Plate Compatibility Arca-Swiss
                                                                            Length when Folded in (in) 21
                                                                            Height Max (in) 60
                                                                            Height Min (in) 3.5
                                                                            Max Height With Center Column (in) 60
                                                                            Weight (oz.) 86.4
                                                                            Load Capacity (lb.) 44
                                                                            Number of Leg Sections 4
                                                                            Leg Diameter Max (mm) 36
                                                                            Leg Diameter Min (mm) 25

                                                                            Leupold Mark 5 CF-440 Tripod Kit Product Manual:

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