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Vixen VC200L 200mm Cassegrain Reflector Telescope

by Vixen
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Vixen Optics VC200L 200mm f/9 Cassegrain Reflector Telescope


Introducing the Vixen VC200L 200mm Cassegrain Reflector Telescope, a tool designed to cater to the diverse needs of astrophotographers.

These photographers often require two distinct focal lengths: shorter ones for capturing panoramic views and expansive deep-sky subjects, and longer ones for distant celestial objects.

Our telescope addresses these demands flawlessly with its advanced aspherical mirror optics.

At the core of this instrument lies the VISAC primary mirror (Vixen Sixth-Order Aspheric Cassegrain), meticulously crafted to meet the specific demands of astrophotography.

It boasts the capability to deliver a completely flat and accurately colored image across the entire frame.

This remarkable clarity is upheld by the presence of a three-element field corrector positioned ahead of the convex secondary mirror, effectively eradicating concerns like spherical aberration, coma, and field curvature.

While the telescope is purpose-built for astrophotography, its versatility extends to visual observations as well.



  • 200mm Objective Lens: The 200mm objective lens is the heart of the telescope's light-gathering capability. A larger objective lens allows more light to be collected, enabling better visibility of faint celestial objects and enhancing the overall image brightness. This is particularly advantageous for observing deep-sky objects like galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters, which often have low inherent brightness.
  • 1800mm Focal Length: The substantial 1800mm focal length provides the telescope with a high magnification potential. This is crucial for detailed observations of distant astronomical targets. It allows you to zoom in on planetary surfaces, lunar craters, and other fine details, making it an excellent choice for both planetary and lunar observations.
  • Photographically Optimized with Field Flattener Lens: The field flattener lens is a specialized optic that helps correct optical distortions across the entire field of view. This feature is particularly valuable for astrophotography, as it ensures that stars and other objects appear sharp and true-to-form at the edges of the image. This results in images with minimal distortion and improved clarity, making it easier to capture stunning, high-quality astro-images.
  • Short Design, Lightweight Housing, and Open Tube: The telescope's compact and lightweight design makes it portable and easy to transport to different observation sites. The open tube design aids in efficient cooling of the optics, reducing the time required for the telescope to reach thermal equilibrium with the surrounding environment. This is crucial for obtaining clear images, as temperature differentials can cause optical distortions.
  • Revolutionary Coating Technology: The revolutionary coating technology applied to the telescope's optics enhances light transmission and reduces reflections, thereby improving overall image contrast and brightness. This is particularly advantageous when observing objects in challenging lighting conditions or capturing images in various wavelengths of light, such as with narrowband filters.
  • High Light-Gathering Power: The combination of the large 200mm objective lens and the optimized coating technology results in high light-gathering power. This means the telescope can capture more light from distant objects, making faint objects appear brighter and clearer in the eyepiece or camera sensor. This feature is essential for observing distant galaxies, dim nebulae, and other elusive celestial phenomena.

                                      What's Included:

                                      ✓ Vixen VC200L 200mm Cassegrain Reflector Telescope

                                      ✓ Carry handle

                                      ✓ Flip mirror

                                      ✓ 7x50 finder scope

                                      ✓ Dovetail adapter

                                      ✓ Vixen Electronic Parts: Limited 1 Year Warranty

                                      ✓ Vixen Mechanical Parts: Limited 2 Year Warranty


                                      • Large Objective Lens: The 200mm lens gathers ample light for enhanced visibility of faint celestial objects, making it perfect for exploring distant galaxies and nebulae.
                                      • High Magnification: With an impressive 1800mm focal length, the telescope delivers exceptionally detailed views of distant astronomical targets, allowing you to observe planetary features and lunar craters in exquisite detail.
                                      • Astrophotography Ready: Equipped with a field flattener lens for distortion-free, high-quality astro-images, the telescope ensures your astrophotography captures are sharp and true-to-life across the entire frame.
                                      • Compact and Lightweight: Its short design and lightweight housing not only make it easy to transport to various observation sites but also facilitate quicker thermal equilibrium, reducing wait times for optimal imaging conditions.
                                      • Effective Cooling: The open tube design not only aids in efficient cooling of optics but also reduces the potential for temperature-related distortions, ensuring your views remain clear and crisp.
                                      • Advanced Coating Technology: Thanks to revolutionary coatings, reflections are minimized, resulting in improved image contrast and brightness, particularly useful when observing objects under varying lighting conditions.
                                      • Superior Light-Gathering: The combined optics and coatings endow the telescope with excellent light-gathering power, revealing elusive celestial objects with enhanced clarity and making your stargazing experiences truly remarkable.
                                      • Included Accessories: The package includes a carry handle, a foldable mirror,  finder scope and a versatile dovetail adapter for compatibility ensuring a comprehensive and convenient stargazing experience.


                                                                                  Optical design Cassegrain Reflector
                                                                                  Maximum recommended magnification 400
                                                                                  Mirror/Lens diam. 200 mm
                                                                                  Focal length and Aperture ratio 1800 mm f/9.0
                                                                                  Angular resolution 0.58 arc seconds
                                                                                  Focusing system 2" Rack-and-Pinion Focuser
                                                                                  Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 31.7 mm
                                                                                  Visual limiting magnitude 13.3 (approx., mag)
                                                                                  Viewfinder 7x50 viewfinder, illuminated
                                                                                  Dimensions and weight 232 mm x 600 mm Weight: 6.9 kg

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