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Vixen SD103S 103mm FPL-53 ED Refractor Telescope

by Vixen
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Vixen Optics SD103S 103mm FPL-53 ED APO f/8 Refractor Telescope

Introducing the Vixen SD103S 103mm FPL-53 ED Refractor Telescope - a cutting-edge apochromatic refractor featuring advanced Super-ED glass (SD).

Crafted with precision, the FPL53 glass ensures unparalleled image clarity and sharpness by remarkably minimizing residual chromatic distortions.

The distinctive trait of these SD refractors lies in their compact design and lightweight construction.

Vixen SD103S 103mm FPL-53 ED Refractor Telescope Objective Lens

The SD glass is ingeniously engineered to meticulously converge violet, red, blue, yellow, and green light beams onto a single plane.

This specialized lens material drastically diminishes chromatic aberrations across the entire color spectrum.

When paired with the innovative SD Reducer HD Kit or SD Flattener HD, these refractors facilitate the illumination of a 44mm image circle, accommodating full-format SLR cameras.

Image of the Moon Taken with Vixen SD103S 103mm FPL-53 ED Refractor Telescope

 Image of the Moon - taken with the SD103S Refractor


  • 115mm Objective Lens: The telescope boasts a substantial 115mm objective lens, ensuring exceptional light-gathering capabilities. This feature enhances brightness and detail in celestial observations, making it an excellent choice for capturing faint deep-sky objects and providing crisp, detailed views of various astronomical phenomena.
  • 226x Highest Useful Magnification: With a highest useful magnification of 226x, this telescope allows for detailed scrutiny of celestial objects, unveiling intricate features and structures. Whether observing planets, galaxies, or nebulae, users can enjoy an immersive experience with remarkable clarity and precision.
  • 795mm Focal Length: The telescope features a focal length of 795mm with an f/7.7 aperture ratio, striking a balance between magnification and field of view. This configuration is ideal for capturing a diverse range of celestial wonders, offering versatility for both visual observation and astrophotography pursuits.
  • Apochromatic Refractor: As an apochromatic refractor, the telescope utilizes advanced Super-ED glass (SD) and precision engineering to minimize chromatic aberrations effectively. This results in unparalleled image clarity and sharpness, ensuring that observed objects are rendered with true-to-color accuracy and high contrast.
  • Super FPL-53 ED Glass Lens: This advanced lens minimizes chromatic aberrations, ensuring that images are sharp, true to color, and exhibit high contrast. This is crucial for accurate astronomical observation and astrophotography.
  • Compact and Lightweight: The telescope's compact design and lightweight build make it easily transportable and quick to set up. This convenience is ideal for astronomers who are frequently on the move.
  • Ideal for Planetary Observation and Photography: Its optical features make it particularly adept at revealing fine details on planets such as Jupiter's cloud bands, Saturn's rings, and Mars' surface. Astrophotographers will appreciate the accuracy and clarity it brings to planetary photography.
  • 44mm Image Circle: When used with accessories like the SD Reducer HD Kit or SD Flattener HD, the telescope can provide a wide 44mm image circle. This is a boon for astrophotographers using full-format SLR cameras, as it eliminates vignetting, ensuring consistent image quality across the frame.
  • Pure-Color, High-Contrast Images: The combination of its optics and design results in images that faithfully represent the colors of celestial objects while providing distinct contrast between features. This greatly enhances the overall visual and photographic experience.
  • Included Accessories: The package includes an optical tube, tube rings equipped with a convenient carrying handle, a GP dovetail adapter for versatile mounting, a flip mirror for convenient celestial observation, and protective dust covers to safeguard your equipment.

                                What's Included:

                                ✓ Vixen SD103S 103mm FPL-53 ED Refractor Telescope

                                ✓ Optical tube

                                ✓ Tube rings with carrying handle

                                ✓ Flip mirror

                                ✓ Dust covers

                                ✓ GP dovetail adapter

                                ✓ Vixen Electronic Parts: Limited 1 Year Warranty

                                ✓ Vixen Mechanical Parts: Limited 2 Year Warranty


                                Optical design Apochomatic Refractor
                                Mirror/Lens diam. 103 mm
                                ED Glass Yes
                                Focal length and Aperture ratio 795 mm f/7.7
                                Angular resolution 1.13 arc seconds
                                Eyepiece adapter 50.8mm (2 inches) and 31.7mm (1.25 inches)
                                Visual limiting magnitude 11.8 (approx., mag)
                                Viewfinder 7x50 with illumination unit
                                Dimensions and weight 115 mm x 810 mm, 5.4 kg

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