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Vixen FL55SS 55mm Fluorit Refractor Telescope

by Vixen
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Vixen Optics FL55SS 55mm Fluorit APO f/5.5 Refractor Telescope 

Introducing the Vixen FL55SS 55mm Fluorit Refractor Telescope - an elite performer in the world of fluorite apochromats, tailored for both mobile astrophotography enthusiasts and avid observers.

Its compact dimensions and lightweight construction make it the perfect companion for adventures and air travel, ensuring you're always ready to explore the cosmos.

With remarkable precision, it paints celestial objects with brilliance, rendering sharp and vivid stars across the entire expanse of a full-frame image sensor (achieving an impressive 95% illumination with a 44 mm image circle).

Image No.1 Taken Using Vixen FL55SS 55mm Fluorit Refractor Telescope

Take your astrophotography to the next level by pairing the FL55SS with an optional flattener and focal reducer, transforming it into a swift F/4.3 astrograph.

This setup allows for incredibly short exposure times and provides an expansive view for capturing vast nebulae or comets.

Despite its modest aperture, the FL55SS boasts a high-resolution HR eyepiece, ensuring moon and planetary observations are a visual delight, delivering crystal-clear images.

Image No.2 Taken Using Vixen FL55SS 55mm Fluorit Refractor Telescope

In the realm of astrophotography, this telescope delivers unparalleled results, rendering stars with breathtaking sharpness, a guarantee to leave a lasting impression.



  • 55mm Objective Lens: The Vixen FL55SS boasts a substantial 55mm objective lens, allowing for exceptional light-gathering capacity. This feature enhances its capability to capture faint celestial objects, making it a powerhouse for observing elusive stars, galaxies, and nebulae with impressive clarity and brightness.
  • 108x Highest Useful Magnification: With a highest useful magnification of 108x, this refractor telescope provides astronomers with the ability to scrutinize celestial details in fine resolution. Whether observing intricate lunar features or planetary surfaces, users can expect sharp and detailed views, enriching their astronomical exploration.
  • 300mm Focal Length: The telescope's focal length of 300mm and fast f/5.5 aperture ratio contribute to its versatility in capturing celestial phenomena. This design ensures that users can enjoy a wide field of view, making it well-suited for various astronomical observations, from expansive star fields to detailed planetary surfaces.
  • Apochromatic Refractor: As an apochromatic refractor, the FL55SS employs advanced optical design featuring premium fluorite apochromat elements. This design minimizes chromatic aberration, guaranteeing high-quality, color-accurate images. Astronomers and astrophotographers benefit from crisp, true-to-color representations of celestial objects, ensuring a rewarding and immersive stargazing experience.
  • High-Performance, Top-of-the-Range Fluorite Apochromat: The use of a fluorite apochromat design minimizes chromatic aberration, ensuring that the telescope provides high-quality, color-accurate images. This is especially important for astrophotography, where accurate color reproduction is essential.
  • Compact, Lightweight, and Transportable: The compact and lightweight design makes this telescope easy to transport to different observation locations. This portability expands your horizons and allows you to explore various celestial objects from different places.
  • Very High-Quality Standards, Fluorite Optics: Fluorite optics are known for their exceptional clarity and sharpness. This telescope's high-quality standards mean you'll experience minimal optical distortions, providing clear and detailed views of celestial objects.
  • Suitable for Full-Frame Photography: Full-frame photography compatibility means you can use cameras with larger sensors, capturing more detail and light. This results in high-quality astrophotographs with impressive clarity, especially when paired with the telescope's excellent optics.
  • Razor-Sharp Star Images Across the Entire Field of View: The ability to produce razor-sharp star images across the entire field of view ensures that your astrophotographs will exhibit minimal blurring and distortion. This is essential for capturing intricate details in the night sky.
  • Perfect for Air Travel and Excursions: The telescope's suitability for air travel and excursions means you can take it with you on adventures and trips to remote observation sites. This versatility ensures you can enjoy stargazing and astrophotography in various locations.
  • Included Accessories: The package encompasses a versatile Dovetail adapter, a 60mm extension tube for customizable setup, a dew cap to prevent condensation, and dust covers for protective storage. Additionally, benefit from peace of mind with a limited 1-2 year warranty.

                                  What's Included:

                                  Vixen FL55SS 55mm Fluorit Refractor Telescope

                                  ✓ Extension Tube 60mm

                                  ✓ Dew cap

                                  ✓ Dust covers

                                  ✓ Dovetail adapter

                                  ✓ Vixen Electronic Parts: Limited 1 Year Warranty

                                  ✓ Vixen Mechanical Parts: Limited 2 Year Warranty


                                                                            Optical design Apochomatic Refractor
                                                                            Mirror/Lens diam. 55 mm
                                                                            Focal length and Aperture ratio 300 mm f/5.5
                                                                            Angular resolution 2.11 arc seconds
                                                                            Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 31.7 mm
                                                                            Visual limiting magnitude 10.5 (approx., mag)
                                                                            Dimensions and weight 80 mm x 282 mm, 1.5 kg

                                                                            Customer Reviews

                                                                            Based on 1 review
                                                                            An excellent Refractor

                                                                            This is my first telescope. As a newcomer to this cool hobbie I can say that this telescope has made it quite easy for me to learn. I've got to give huge credits to Harry and Jeff at our star gazing group. Thanks for the learning moments guys!