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Vixen ATERA H10x21mm Binoculars with Stabilizer

by Vixen
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ATERA H10x21mm Binoculars with Stabilizer by Vixen Optics

Introducing the Vixen ATERA H10x21mm Binoculars with Stabilizer - a remarkable optical companion for your outdoor adventures.

Weighing in at just 358 grams, the ATERA H10x21 stands out as one of the lightest binoculars equipped with an image stabilizer.

Its robust vibration cancelation technology ensures an exceptionally steady field of view, even when held freehand.

At higher magnifications, the ATERA unveils intricate details, allowing you to read signs and lettering with ease and discern the intricate patterns of bird feathers.

Furthermore, it's an excellent companion for stargazing, enhancing your astronomical observations of the night sky.

Reduced vibrations within the field of view elevate object clarity and enhance your overall viewing comfort.

Often, hand tremors can hinder your ability to focus on sharp details, especially when magnification is increased.

The ATERA H10x21 employs a 2-axis gimbal-mounted image stabilization mechanism that effectively suppresses vibrations.

With a substantial correction range of ± 3 degrees in all directions (up, down, left, and right), it delivers a stable field of view, even at a high 12x magnification.

Micro-vibrations are also eliminated, allowing you to observe even the most delicate details.

Powering the ATERA H10x21 is a pair of standard AAA batteries, ensuring convenience and reliability, even in remote locations.

With a generous operational time of up to 12 hours, you can immerse yourself in observation without concern for battery drain.

An automatic power-off feature safeguards against unnecessary battery usage by shutting down after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The ATERA doesn't compromise on optical quality. Complete multi-coating and anti-reflection coatings on all lens surfaces, along with additional phase coating on the prisms, significantly boost light transmission and image brightness.

These features collectively reduce stray light and minimize light loss, resulting in a remarkably clear, high-contrast image.

Designed for user-friendliness, the binoculars feature a gently contoured shape that fits comfortably in your hand, a one-finger operable focus ring, a sleek design, and a battery compartment thoughtfully separated from the operational area to prevent interference.

The integrated battery cover ensures you won't lose your power source.

For added convenience, the ATERA comes with a comfortable carrying strap and a protective transport bag, making it an ideal companion for your outdoor expeditions.



  • 10x Magnification: The stabilizer feature in the Vixen ATERA H10x21mm Binoculars ensures a steady and shake-free viewing experience, even at a magnification of 10x. This is particularly advantageous for observing subjects at a distance or in situations where minor hand movements might otherwise blur the image.
  • 21mm Objective Lenses: The 21mm objective lenses on these binoculars allow a significant amount of light to enter, contributing to brighter and more vibrant images. Larger objective lenses gather more light, enhancing image quality, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Advanced Vibration Cancellation: These binoculars are equipped with an advanced vibration canceller system, stemming from a 2-axis gimbal-controlled image stabilization mechanism. This technology effectively compensates for image shifts up to +/- 3 degrees in all directions, ensuring a rock-steady field of view even at high magnifications. Micro-vibrations are eradicated, allowing you to observe intricate details like the glint in a bird's eye and the texture of feathers, and enhancing stargazing by revealing fainter stars that are often imperceptible with regular binoculars.
  • Dual Anti-Vibration Modes: The ATERA H10x21mm Binoculars offer two anti-vibration modes to suit your specific needs. Choose V1 Mode to absorb small, rapid vibrations—perfect for tracking moving objects. Opt for V2 Mode to dampen larger, slower vibrations, enhancing your enjoyment of stationary subjects.
  • One-Handed Comfort: Despite being equipped with a comprehensive anti-vibration system, these binoculars remain impressively lightweight. You can comfortably hold them with one hand for extended periods without experiencing fatigue, making them perfect for prolonged observations.
  • Extended Battery Life: Powered by two readily available AAA batteries, these binoculars provide an extended operating duration of up to 12 hours. This ensures you can confidently take the ATERA H10x21mm Binoculars to outdoor observation sites or live events without worrying about battery consumption.
  • Enhanced Optical Coatings: To deliver a brighter and clearer field of view, each lens surface is coated with multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings. Phase coating on the prisms reduces halation and significantly enhances resolution. The high reflection coating minimizes stray light and light loss, resulting in an exceptionally bright and sharp image.
  • User-Friendly Design: These binoculars feature an ergonomic, rounded form that's easy to handle, suitable for individuals with small hands. The focus ring operates smoothly with a light touch, and the design accommodates both right and left-handed users. The battery compartment is strategically positioned away from the grip area for added comfort and security. Additionally, the battery cover is secured to the compartment to prevent accidental loss in dark environments.
  • Sleek Appearance: Despite their advanced mechanics, these binoculars maintain a sleek and stylish appearance. They come in a sophisticated charcoal-grey color.
  • Convenient Tote Bag Case: Included with the binoculars is a mini tote bag-style case with a shoulder strap for easy transport and protection, ensuring you can take your binoculars wherever your adventures lead.

                          What's Included:

                          ✓ Vixen ATERA H10x21mm Binoculars with Stabilizer

                          ✓ Carrying mini bag

                          ✓ Neck strap

                          ✓ Vixen Electronic Parts: Limited 1 Year Warranty

                          ✓ Vixen Mechanical Parts: Limited 2 Year Warranty


                          Magnification 10x
                          Effective objective diameter 21mm
                          Type of prisms Roof prisms BK7 and Bak4 (sub prisms)
                          Coatings Fully multi-coatings, Phase coatings, High reflectivity dielectric coatings
                          Angular field of view 4.8 degrees
                          Apparent field of view 45.5 degrees
                          Field of view at 1000m 84m
                          Exit pupil 2.1mm
                          Brightness 4.4
                          Eye relief 16mm
                          Near focus 3m
                          Interpupillary distance 55mm to 75mm
                          Waterproof No
                          Vibration-canceller 2-axis gimbal control image stabilization with auto power-off
                          Vibration correction angle About +/- 3 degrees
                          Batteries / Duration hours 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries / 12 hours at 20 degrees C ambient temperature
                          Dimensions 13.0 x 10.7 x 6.3 cm
                          Weight 358 g (12.62 oz.)


                          Customer Reviews

                          Based on 2 reviews
                          Very cool Bino's!

                          Nice optics. Decent battery life. Easy to carry around all day. Came with a hand carry pouch.

                          5 Stars

                          Lightweight 12oz binoculars with image stabilization, weight was important factor in my decision to buy these bino's. The field of view works well for me, once I had become used to it. The image stabilization also works very well. Nice for birding.