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Vixen Artscope 4x12mm Monocular

by Vixen
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Artscope 4x12mm Monocular by Vixen Optics


Discover the Vixen Artscope 4x12mm Monocular - a masterfully crafted tool tailored for intricate examinations of art pieces and handiwork.

Engineered with precision, this monocular boasts an impressively concise 7.9" (20cm) close focus range, accompanied by a generous 11.5° wide-angle perspective.

The BK7 roof prism rectifies images both horizontally and vertically, ensuring accurate image orientation.

Meanwhile, the fully coated anti-reflection optics guarantee optimal light transmission, resulting in vivid, sharp, and high-contrast visuals.

Encased in a robust aluminum alloy housing, this monocular is enriched with a red anodized finish that provides exceptional resistance against both corrosion and scratches.

The inclusion of a textured rubber focus collar elevates its handling ease, and the fold-down rubber eyecup enhances comfort during protracted usage, accommodating both eyewear and bare eyes.

Crafted in Japan, the Artscope monocular arrives complete with a sturdy hard case and a convenient carrying strap to ensure its safekeeping.



  • 4x Magnification: The 4x magnification capability of the monocular brings subjects closer, making it perfect for observing artwork and crafts in detail. This feature enhances your ability to appreciate finer aspects that might not be visible with the naked eye alone.
  • 12mm Objective Lenses: The 12mm objective lenses gather ample light, resulting in brighter and clearer images. This is especially valuable in indoor environments like museums where lighting might be controlled but not overly bright.
  • Reveals Details of Artwork and Crafts: The combination of the 4x magnification and 12mm objective lenses enables the monocular to unveil intricate details in artwork and crafts that might otherwise go unnoticed. This enhances your overall viewing experience, allowing you to appreciate the artist's skill and the nuances of the piece.
  • Fully Coated Optics: The fully coated optics ensure minimal light loss due to reflections, resulting in improved image brightness, contrast, and color accuracy. This coating also contributes to image clarity, making your observations more rewarding.
  • Ribbed Rubber Focus Collar: The ribbed rubber focus collar provides a tactile and easy-to-grip surface for precise focusing. This allows you to quickly and smoothly adjust the focus to bring your subject into sharp clarity.
  • Fold-Down Rubber Eyecup: The fold-down rubber eyecup serves two main purposes. It shields your eye from external light, improving image visibility, and provides comfortable eye relief. This feature is particularly beneficial for eyeglass wearers.
  • BK7 Roof Prism: The BK7 roof prism design allows for a more compact and streamlined construction of the monocular. This contributes to the monocular's lightweight and portable design, making it easy to carry during your museum visits.
  • Exceptionally Short 7.9" Close Focus: The exceptionally short close focus distance of 7.9 inches allows you to observe objects in remarkable detail from a very close distance. This is advantageous when examining intricate elements or textures within the artwork.
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing: The anodized aluminum housing not only offers durability and protection to the internal optics but also adds an aesthetic touch. The housing's sleek design and color match provide a visually pleasing experience.
  • Made in Japan: The "Made in Japan" label signifies a commitment to precision engineering and quality craftsmanship. Japanese optical manufacturing is renowned for its attention to detail, ensuring that the monocular delivers exceptional performance and longevity.

                        What's Included:

                        ✓ Vixen Artscope 4x12mm Monocular

                        ✓ Carrying case

                        ✓ Neck strap

                        ✓ Vixen Electronic Parts: Limited 1 Year Warranty

                        ✓ Vixen Mechanical Parts: Limited 2 Year Warranty


                        • A Closer Look with 4x Magnification: The 4x magnification transforms your museum journey by bringing forth intricate details within artwork and crafts. Distant elements are magnified, offering a fresh perspective that uncovers hidden beauty.
                        • Vivid Imagery through 12mm Objective Lenses: Immerse yourself in vivid imagery, thanks to the 12mm objective lenses. Their proficiency in low-light settings guarantees clear views even in the dimmest of exhibition spaces.
                        • Artistry Brought to Light, Craftsmanship Honored: The synergy of 4x magnification and 12mm objective lenses unravels the essence of artwork and crafts. Capture the texture, brushwork, and subtleties intended by the artist, enhancing your connection to creativity.
                        • Optical Excellence via Fully Coated Optics: Fully coated optics elevate your viewing experience through improved light transmission and glare reduction. Witness images with heightened contrast and faithful color rendition, reflecting the artist's intent.
                        • Pinpoint Focus with Ribbed Rubber Focus Collar: Precision in focusing is at your fingertips with the ribbed rubber focus collar. Seamlessly adjust the focus to accentuate diverse elements of the artwork, ensuring every detail comes to life.
                        • Extended Comfort with Fold-Down Rubber Eyecup: Uninterrupted viewing comfort is assured by the fold-down rubber eyecup, guarding against stray light. It also offers a cushioned platform for your eye, redefining the art appreciation journey.
                        • Elegantly Compact with BK7 Roof Prism: The BK7 roof prism design embraces a compact form while maintaining optical prowess. This streamlined design facilitates effortless portability, allowing you to delve into artistry anywhere.
                        • Exceptional Proximity at 7.9" Close Focus: The remarkably short 7.9-inch close focus distance immerses you in detail, even at the closest range. This feature becomes invaluable for dissecting intricate textures and exploring art's subtleties.
                        • Durability Meets Elegance with Anodized Aluminum Housing: The anodized aluminum housing embodies both resilience and aesthetics. It safeguards the monocular while enhancing its visual appeal, a companion that thrives amid travels and frequent use.
                        • Japanese Precision Craftsmanship: Embrace the hallmark of excellence with the "Made in Japan" hallmark. Japanese craftsmanship is synonymous with meticulous attention to detail and precision engineering, ensuring your monocular delivers on performance and quality.
                        • Included Accessories: Enclosed within the package are a convenient carrying case designed for portability and a neck strap for added ease of transportation.


                                                    Magnification 4x
                                                    Optical design Roof
                                                    Angle of view 11.5°, actual
                                                    Field of View 604' @ 1000 yards / 200 m @ 1000 m
                                                    Close Focus Distance 7.9" / 20.1 cm
                                                    Objective Lens Diameter 12mm
                                                    Exit pupil 3.0 mm
                                                    Eye relief 0.6" / 1.5 cm
                                                    Size 2.3 x 1.3" / 5.8 x 3.3 cm
                                                    Weight 2.1 Oz / 59.5 g

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