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Vaonis Stellina 80mm Smart Telescope

by Vaonis

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Vaonis Stellina 80mm Smart Telescope - ST1

More than a telescope. Witness Stellina.

Stellina is your new observation station, the perfect combination of a telescope and a camera.

Smart and fully automated, Stellina is a revolution in the world of Astronomy. With a completely redesigned experience of observation, substituting the eyepiece with a mobile application, everyone can access the wonders of the Universe with ease.

You can now explore and observe the night sky, take your own photos of celestial objects, learn about the Cosmos, and share your discoveries in one place.

Start your journey. Experience the Universe.

Explore the night sky wherever you are.

In the middle of wilderness or in the coziness of your home, use Stellina wherever you choose.

Light pollution is no longer an obstacle. You can now explore and observe the Universe in the heart of a city.

Take your own pictures of the Universe.

Have you ever dreamed of photographing the Cosmos? Stellina integrates the  technology allowing you to observe and shoot deep-sky objects effortlessly. You can now immortalize galaxies, nebulae, clusters and much more.

Discover the secrets of the Universe.

Did you know that even travelling at the speed of light, it would take 2 million years to reach the nearest large galaxy, Andromeda? Stellina’s companion app offers educational content making the experience of observation more interactive and exciting. You can now discover the many secrets and stories that make the Universe so fascinating.

Enjoy the exploration with your friends.

Stellina redesigns the experience of observation. Watching the stars through our mobile app allows you to fly accross the vastness of the Universe all together with your friends or family. Connect up to 10 mobile devices to your station with the multi-user mode, then share your discoveries in Ultra-HD on social networks. You can now share your passion with everyone.

Behold the Universe

It has never been easier to connect with the stars.


  • Pointing & Tracking: Stellina embarks Go-To technology and moves automatically to track your stellar object, compensating Earth’s rotation. Pointing and tracking is completely automated.
  • Autofocus: Stellina is the first stellar device with incorporated autofocus. No need for manual intervention anymore.
  • Dew Heater: Stellina incorporates dew heater technology, allowing optimal observation condition for the lens.
  • Light Pollution Filter: Stellina integrates light pollution filter, allowing perfect conditions for an observation wherever you are.
  • Sony CMOS Sensor: Capture crisp images with a Sony Sensor offering extremely high sensitivity. 
  • Singularity App: Control your Stellina from Vaonis' 'Singularity' app, and take full control of your journey. 
  • Auto-initialization: Once activated, launch Stellina’s initialization process. Thanks to its starfield analysis and autofocus, you can start your space exploration in less than five minutes.
  • Catalog of Objects: Choose your destination among thousand of stellar objects in our regularly updated catalog.
  • Image Live Stacking: It only takes a few seconds for Stellina to deliver the first image of your destination before stacking up dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of others in real-time and so gradually reveal the details and colors of the selected object. Whether within a few minutes or over several hours, you decide what level of detail you want to achieve in your final image. Patience is a virtue and the beauties of the Universe are to be won through merit and perseverance.
  • Catalog of +4500 objects
  • Search with coordinates
  • Smart recommendation of objects to observe
  • Multi-user mode
  • Manual Image Processing
  • Educational content
  • Choice of composition and framing  

In The Box:

  • Stellina observation station
  • Short Gitzo tripod
  • Bubble level plate
  • 10,000 mAh powerbank battery
  • Dust protection cover


  • WEIGHT: 24,7 lbs / 11,2 kg
  • SIZE: 19 x 15 x 4.7 in / 49 x 39 x 13 cm
  • BATTERY LIFE: 5 hours with a 10,000 mAh portable battery
  • APERTURE: 80 mm / 3.15 in
  • FOCAL LENGTH: 400 mm 15.75 in
  • MAGNIFICATION: 50x-100x
  • RESOLUTION: 6.4M pixels / 3096 x 2080 px
  • FIELD OF VIEW (FOV): 1° x 0.7°
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Tripod Gitzo (1,3kg/2.2lb), 10 000mAh portable battery
  • CONTROL: Smartphone/Tablet
  • Application: Deep-sky objects (galaxies, nebula, star clusters), the Moon
  • LENS: Doublet ED doublet with lanthanum glass
  • IMAGE SENSOR: 1/1.8″ CMOS Sony
  • FILE FORMAT: JPEG ; TIFF ; FITS (16-bit raw images)
  • MOUNT: Alt-azimuth
  • ALIGNMENT: Automatic initialization with star field recognition
  • FOCUS: Automated
  • POINTING: Automated
  • IMAGE PROCESSING: Adapted to each object / Real time image stacking
  • FILTER: Light pollution (CLS)
  • FIELD DEROTATOR: Mechanical and automated
  • DEW CONTROL: Integrated heater
  • WARRANTY: 2-Years

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