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Explore Scientific National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope

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Explore Scientific National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope - 80-20114

Introducing the Explore Scientific National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope from our renowned National Geographic series.

The Explorer NT114CF Newtonian Astronomical Telescope opens up a mesmerizing gateway to the enchanting world of deep sky observation.

Boasting a substantial 114mm aperture and a generous 500mm focal length, this telescope is a powerful tool for celestial exploration.

Included in the set are two top-quality Plossl eyepieces, delivering images with impeccable clarity and remarkable contrast.

The package also features a versatile tripod equipped with precise pan and tilt controls, ensuring steady and accurate positioning.

A red dot viewfinder enhances navigation, while a Smartphone Camera Adapter enables you to capture breathtaking moments.

Additionally, you'll receive the invaluable Stellarium computer software for an immersive astronomical experience, along with a detailed star map to aid in your celestial quests.

To embark on your cosmic journey, simply await a cloudless, moonless night under the vast expanse of clear, dark skies.

Don't forget to equip yourself with a red flashlight to safeguard your night vision. With these essentials in place, you're all set to delve into the mysteries of the universe.



  • 114mm Objective Lens: The telescope is equipped with a sizable 114mm objective lens. This aperture allows for the collection of an ample amount of light, enabling clear and detailed observations of celestial objects.
  • 19x to 103x Power Magnification: With a versatile magnification range spanning from 19x to 103x, this telescope offers a broad spectrum of observational possibilities. Whether you're exploring the moon's craters or observing distant galaxies, you have the flexibility to zoom in and out to capture various celestial wonders.
  • 500mm Focal Length: The telescope boasts a generous 500mm focal length. This specification determines the distance required for light to converge to a single point, influencing the magnification and field of view.
  • Plossl 26mm and a 9.7mm Eyepieces: Included in the package are two high-quality Plossl eyepieces. The 26mm eyepiece provides a wider field of view, ideal for capturing expansive celestial scenes. The 9.7mm eyepiece offers higher magnification, allowing for detailed observation of specific areas on celestial objects.
  • 2x Barlow Lens: This accessory effectively doubles the magnification of the telescope, providing users with even closer views of distant celestial bodies. It's a versatile tool for achieving higher levels of detail and precision in observations.

  • Newtonian Optical Design: The telescope features a Newtonian optical design, which is renowned for its effectiveness in gathering light and producing sharp, clear images. This design is particularly well-suited for deep-sky observation.
  • Carbon Fiber Finish: The telescope is elegantly finished with carbon fiber, not only enhancing its aesthetic appeal but also contributing to its durability and lightweight construction.
  • AZ Pan Handle Mount: The telescope comes with an azimuth (AZ) pan handle mount. This type of mount allows for easy horizontal rotation, providing smooth and precise adjustments while tracking celestial objects across the night sky.
  • Red Dot Viewfinder: The telescope is equipped with a red dot viewfinder, which aids in locating and centering celestial objects. This accessory projects a red dot onto the sky, making it easier to align the telescope with your desired target.
  • Stellarium Computer Software: The package includes the invaluable Stellarium computer software. This powerful astronomical tool offers a comprehensive digital planetarium experience, allowing you to explore the night sky in real-time and plan your observations with accuracy.

                                                                              What's Included:

                                                                              ✓ ES National Geographic NT114CFmm 114mm Newtonian Telescope

                                                                              ✓ Pan handle mount

                                                                              ✓ Tripod with accessory tray

                                                                              ✓ 2pcs Plossl eyepiece

                                                                              ✓ Red dot viewfinder

                                                                              ✓ 2x Barlow Lens

                                                                              ✓ Smartphone adapter

                                                                              ✓ Stellarium Computer Software

                                                                              ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



                                                                              • Enhanced Light Collection
                                                                              • Variable Observation Strength
                                                                              • Optimal Convergence Distance
                                                                              • Magnification Booster
                                                                              • Versatile Viewing Options
                                                                              • Light Gathering Efficiency
                                                                              • Aesthetic and Durable Coating
                                                                              • Smooth Tracking Control
                                                                              • Precision Targeting Aid
                                                                              • Comprehensive Planetarium Tool

                                                                                  112 National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope 80-20114 Highlight Video:

                                                                                  Libby In The Stars Unboxes the Nat Geo NT114PM Newtonian Telescope Video:

                                                                                  How to Assemble and Use the National Geographic NT114CF Newtonian Telescope Video:


                                                                                  Recommended Upgrade:

                                                                                  Upgrade your stargazing experience with the Explore Scientific National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package - a Red Carpet exclusive offer!

                                                                                  Upgrade and Save with Explore Scientific National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package and Bonus Accessories

                                                                                  In this Ultimate Bundle upgrade, you'll receive four invaluable bonus accessories:


                                                                                  ES Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere Star Map for Explore Scientific National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package and Bonus Accessories
                                                                                  • ES Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere Star Map: for easy celestial navigation
                                                                                  ES R-Lite Flashlight for Explore Scientific National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package and Bonus Accessories
                                                                                  • ES R-Lite Flashlight: to preserve your night vision

                                                                                  Explore One Moon Filter for Explore Scientific National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package and Bonus Accessories
                                                                                  • Explore One Moon Filter: for clearer lunar observations


                                                                                  Elevate your astronomy journey with these essential additions today!



                                                                                        Item Number  80-20114
                                                                                        Optical Design  Newtonian Reflector
                                                                                        Magnification (w/ 2x Barlow Lens) 19x - 103x (23x - 124x)
                                                                                        Eyepieces  Plossl 26 mm & 9.7 mm
                                                                                        Mounting  Az Pan Handle Mount
                                                                                        Lens Size  114 mm
                                                                                        Focal Length  500 mm
                                                                                        Eyepiece Size  31.7 mm / 1.25 in
                                                                                        Viewfinder Red dot
                                                                                        Finish Carbon Fiber

                                                                                        Explore Scientific National Geographic NT114CF 114mm Reflector Telescope Product Manual:

                                                                                        Customer Reviews

                                                                                        Based on 4 reviews
                                                                                        Judith B.

                                                                                        Haven’t used the telescope; will have to wait till the weather gets warm enough to be outside! But the service was superb. A human answers the phone. He returns calls and emails quickly. And it shipped and arrived with perfect timing for Christmas with just their normal shipping. Very pleased.

                                                                                        Perfect for my needs!

                                                                                        A nice big aperature at an affordable price. This carbon fiber telescopes does the job quite nicely.

                                                                                        It Is amszing


                                                                                        Great for the price!

                                                                                        This is a great scope, especially for the price. I'm able to get some enjoyable views of the moon & planets. My only complaint is that the tripod could be better. This can always be replaced though. A great telescope, and family friendly.