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National Geographic Deluxe Adventure Set

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National Geographic Deluxe Adventure Set - 50mm Telescope, 900x Microscope Set & 30mm Binoculars

Presenting the National Geographic Deluxe Adventure Set provides young explorers with a comprehensive toolkit for investigating both the earthly and celestial realms.

Featuring a classic refractor telescope with a 50mm aperture for lunar and planetary exploration.

Designed for emerging astronomers, it includes two eyepieces (30x and 48x), a user-friendly panhandle mount, a full-size tripod, and a red dot finder for effortless night sky navigation.

For aspiring biologists, the set offers a 900x microscope with three magnification powers (100x to 900x), under-the-stage illumination, and a color filter wheel for enhanced specimen visibility.

National Geographic Deluxe Adventure Set Lifestyle Photo

The microscope kit comes complete with tools for specimen collection, prepared and blank slides, and various accessories to kickstart investigative journeys.

Rounding out the adventure set is a 4x30 binocular, perfect for on-the-go explorations.

Boasting a 30mm aperture for ample light intake and 4x magnification, it provides a close-up view of captivating species and sights.

The binocular comes with a lanyard and a carrying case, ensuring young explorers can easily keep it at hand during nature walks, hikes, and diverse adventures.

This versatile set is an ideal companion for inquisitive minds eager to uncover the wonders of science and nature.



    • Comprehensive Exploration Kit: The National Geographic Deluxe Adventure Set is a versatile toolkit, encompassing a telescope, microscope, and binoculars, offering young explorers a comprehensive range of instruments to delve into both terrestrial and celestial wonders.
    • Telescope with 50mm Aperture: The telescope, featuring a substantial 50mm aperture, enables detailed exploration of the Moon's cratered surface and unveils intriguing planetary features such as Jupiter's Galilean moons and Saturn's majestic rings.
    • Versatile Telescope Eyepieces and Control: With two interchangeable eyepieces (30x and 48x), the telescope caters to different magnification preferences. The panhandle mount control ensures smooth tracking of celestial objects, while the carbon fiber optical tube wrap assembly combines lightweight portability with durable construction.
    • Full-Size Tripod and Red Dot Finder: The set includes a full-size tripod for stable observations and a red dot finder to simplify the process of locating celestial targets, enhancing the overall usability of the telescope.
    • Microscope with Adjustable Magnification: The microscope, offering magnification powers ranging from 100x to 900x, facilitates staged specimen study, providing young scientists with a dynamic tool to explore the microscopic world.
    • Enhanced Specimen Visibility: A color filter wheel integrated into the microscope makes it easier to discern details in colorless or transparent specimens, enhancing the observational experience and scientific exploration.
    • Comprehensive Microscope Accessories: The set includes a variety of tools for specimen collection and preparation, prepared and blank slides, and other accessories, ensuring a well-equipped starting point for investigations into the microcosmic realm.
    • Binoculars with 30mm Aperture and 4x Magnification: The binoculars, equipped with a 30mm aperture and 4x magnification, bring in ample light for enhanced visibility and offer a close-up view of subjects, making them ideal for grab-and-go adventures and wildlife observations.
    • Seamless Transition Between Exploration Modes: With a thoughtful design that seamlessly transitions between terrestrial and celestial exploration, the National Geographic Deluxe Adventure Set provides a user-friendly and immersive experience for young scientists and adventurers alike.


    What's Included:

    ✓ National Geographic 50mm Telescope

    ✓ Pan Handle Mount

    ✓ Tripod

    ✓ Red Dot Finder

    ✓ 30mm Plossl Eyepiece

    ✓ 48mm Plossl Eyepiece 

    ✓ National Geographic 900x Microscope

    ✓ Experiment Accessories

    ✓ National Geographic 4x30mm Binoculars

    ✓ Binocular Carry Case


        Lens  30mm
        Magnification  25x
        Optical Design  Achromatic Refractor
        Magnification 3 0x & 48x
        Lens  50mm
        Eyepieces  20mm & 12.5mm Plossl
        Focal Length  600mm f/12
        Mounting  AZ Pan Handle Mount
        Viewfinder  Red Dot
        Eyepiece  20x
        Lens  5x, 20x, 45x
        Magnification  100x, 400x, 900x



        National Geographic Deluxe Adventure Set - 80-30103 Product Manual:

        Download the National Geographic Deluxe Adventure Set - 80-30103 Product Manual

         Download the Planisphere/Star Map and Software

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