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National Geographic CF700SM Carbon Fiver Refractor Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package and Bonus Accessories

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National Geographic CF700SM 70mm f/10 Carbon Fiber Refractor - Ultimate Bundle Package & Bonus Accessories - 80-40070-UB

Embark on an extraordinary cosmic journey with the National Geographic CF700SM 70mm Refractor Telescope Ultimate Bundle.

This telescope, wrapped in rugged carbon fiber-style aesthetics, offers a captivating view of the universe.

The 70mm aperture unveils lunar intricacies, planetary wonders, and distant celestial gems. With a manageable 700mm focal length, it's your portable window to the cosmos.

The versatile f/10 focal ratio balances wide-field vistas and high-powered magnification, perfect for various celestial encounters.

Budding astrophotographers will appreciate the included smartphone adapter for effortless image capture and sharing.

Now, with the Ultimate Bundle upgrade, enhance your stargazing experience further. The package includes not only the telescope but also two premium Plossl eyepieces for enhanced views.

But that's not all—your Ultimate Bundle now features the R-Lite Flashlight, illuminating your celestial adventures, and the Explore One Moon Filter, which enhances lunar observations.

The sleek alt-azimuth mount with slow-motion controls ensures precision as you navigate the night sky, taking your observing sessions to new heights. Explore the cosmos with confidence and style.



  • Impressive Light Capture: The telescope's 70mm aperture is a powerhouse for capturing light. This feature unveils intricate lunar details, highlights planetary phenomena like Jupiter's cloud belts and Saturn's majestic rings, and offers crystal-clear views of some of the brightest Messier objects in the night sky.
  • Versatile Focal Length: With a focal length of 700mm, this refractor strikes an optimal balance between magnification and field of view. This versatility enables it to handle a broad spectrum of celestial observations, from detailed lunar studies to expansive deep-sky explorations.
  • Variable Magnification Range: Utilizing the included 2x Barlow lens in tandem with interchangeable Plossl eyepieces, this telescope offers a flexible magnification range from around 26.9x to 144x. This adaptability caters to observing various celestial objects with varying levels of detail.
  • Enhanced Eyepiece Experience: Enhancing your viewing experience are two top-tier Plossl eyepieces. These optical components provide a range of magnification options, allowing you to tailor your observations to specific celestial objects or phenomena.
  • Magnification Amplification with 2x Barlow: The 2x Barlow lens, a versatile accessory, effectively doubles the telescope's magnification. This feature allows you to delve into the intricacies of celestial objects or savor panoramic views, according to your preference.
  • Precision Navigation Controls: Equipped with slow-motion controls, the alt-azimuth mount ensures seamless and precise movements as you explore the night sky. This feature proves invaluable, especially when tracking celestial objects, particularly at higher magnifications.
  • Rugged Carbon Fiber Design: The telescope is graced with a rugged edge courtesy of its carbon fiber styling wrap. This not only imparts a distinctive aesthetic appeal but also enhances the telescope's durability, rendering it a steadfast companion for your stargazing escapades.
  • Stable Tripod with Storage Tray: The fully adjustable tripod furnishes a sturdy and adaptable foundation for your telescope. It is equipped with a handy accessory tray, ideal for storing extra eyepieces and other vital observing tools.
  • Smartphone Imaging Capability: The included smartphone adapter empowers observers to securely affix their smart devices to the eyepiece. This facilitates effortless capture and sharing of celestial images, making it an exceptional choice for aspiring astrophotographers.
  • Efficient Target Acquisition: Simplifying the process of locating celestial objects, the red dot finder employs an intuitive design to swiftly and accurately align your telescope with the desired target.
  • Interactive Star Map Software: The bundled star map software serves as an invaluable tool for locating observing targets. This digital resource offers a convenient and interactive approach to planning your observing sessions and identifying intriguing celestial objects in real-time.

                                                                                Nat Geo CF700SM 70mm Carbon Fiber Refractor Highlights Video:


                                                                                What's Included:

                                                                                ✓ National Geographic CF700SM Carbon Fiber Refractor

                                                                                ✓ Alt/Az Mount

                                                                                ✓ Tripod with accessory tray

                                                                                ✓ 2pcs Plossl eyepiece

                                                                                ✓ 2x Barlow Lens

                                                                                ✓ Red dot viewfinder

                                                                                ✓ Smartphone adapter

                                                                                ✓ Star Map Software

                                                                                ✓ Stellarium Computer Software

                                                                                ✓ Astro R-Lite Red Flashlight

                                                                                ✓ Explore one moon filter

                                                                                ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



                                                                                      Item Number  80-40070-UB
                                                                                      Comes with Smartphone Adapter, 2 Plossl Eyepieces, Red dot viewfinder, Discover 2x Barlow Lens, Star Map Software, Stellarium Software, Explore One Moon Filter, Astro R-Lite Red Flashlight
                                                                                      Optical Design  Newtonian Reflector
                                                                                      Magnification (w/ 2x Barlow Lens) 26.9x to 144x
                                                                                      Eyepieces  Plossl 26 mm & 9.7 mm
                                                                                      Mounting  Alt/Az Mount
                                                                                      Lens Size  70 mm
                                                                                      Focal Length  700 mm
                                                                                      Eyepiece Size  31.7 mm / 1.25 in
                                                                                      Viewfinder Red dot
                                                                                      Finish Carbon Fiber

                                                                                      National Geographic  CF700SM 70mm Refractor Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package Product Manual:

                                                                                      Download Skychart Software 

                                                                                      Customer Reviews

                                                                                      Based on 1 review
                                                                                      Clear Lunar viewing!

                                                                                      For Lunar viewing I'd say this lower end telescope provides decent images. I've taken some very acceptable iphone photos of birds and squirrels around my property while using the phone adapter.