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National Geographic 70mm Automatic Telescope

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National Geographic 70mm Automatic Telescope - 80-10171

Embark on celestial journeys with the National Geographic 70mm Automatic Telescope, a compact refractor with a versatile wide-field lens, making it ideal for portable exploration during hikes, camping trips, or vacations.

Despite its small size, this telescope features an intuitive go-to system, ensuring user-friendly operation whether on a desk or tripod.

Witness the intricacies of the night sky as the Computer-controlled Refractor Telescope unveils lunar craters, Jupiter's cloud belts, and Saturn's majestic rings.

Beyond these celestial wonders, the telescope's hand-box computer addresses the common challenge for beginners by simplifying the alignment process, facilitating seamless navigation through the expansive starry firmament.

Perfect for both novices and seasoned sky gazers, this telescope promises captivating astronomical experiences in diverse settings.


  • 70mm Lens Diameter: The National Geographic 70mm Automatic Telescope features a substantial 70mm lens diameter, allowing for remarkable light-gathering capability that enhances the clarity and detail of celestial observations, making it an ideal instrument for exploring the night sky.
  • 18-88x Magnification: With an impressive magnification range of 18-88x, this telescope offers astronomers a versatile tool for both wide-field and close-up observations, providing a comprehensive viewing experience that caters to various astronomical interests.
  • 350mm Focal Length: The telescope's 350mm focal length strikes a balance between portability and optical performance, making it well-suited for on-the-go astronomical adventures while delivering clear and detailed views of celestial objects.
  • 10mm, 20mm Eyepieces: Equipped with 10mm and 20mm eyepieces, the telescope provides flexibility in magnification, allowing users to customize their viewing experience and explore celestial phenomena with varying levels of detail.
  • 1 Moon Filter: The inclusion of a moon filter enhances lunar observations, reducing glare and providing astronomers with improved contrast, enabling a more immersive and detailed study of the Moon's surface.
  • GoTo Handbox: The GoTo handbox simplifies the alignment process, addressing the common challenge for beginners by automating the telescope's positioning, making it easy for users to navigate the night sky and locate celestial objects effortlessly.
  • Compass: Featuring a built-in compass, the telescope aids users in orienting themselves and aligning the telescope with precision, ensuring accurate and efficient navigation during astronomical observations.
  • Aluminum Tripod: The sturdy aluminum tripod not only provides stability for the telescope but also contributes to the overall durability of the setup, ensuring a reliable platform for uninterrupted and shake-free observations.
  • Astronomy Software: Complementing its hardware features, the telescope comes with astronomy software, enriching the observing experience by providing additional tools and information, making it an educational and engaging resource for both beginners and experienced astronomers alike.

What's Included:

✓ National Geographic 70mm Automatic Telescope

✓ GoTo Handbox

✓ Moon Filter

✓ Aluminum Tripod with Accessory Tray

✓ 20mm and 10mm Kellner Eyepiece

✓ Slow Motion Alt-Azimuth Mount


      Optical design  Achromatic refractor 
      Magnification  18x-88x 
      Front lens (clear aperture)  60 mm 
      Focal length, focal ratio  700 mm 
      Standard eyepieces  Kellner 20 mm and 10 mm 
      Accepts eyepiece barrel  31.7 mm (1.25”) 
      Mounting  Slow motion alt-azimuth 
      Total weight (without packaging) 2.45 kg / 5.39 lbs.



      National Geographic 70mm Automatic Telescope - 80-10171 Product Manual

      Download the National Geographic 70mm Automatic Telescope - 80-10171 Product Manual


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 3 reviews
          Simple setup

          I just received this Telescope a few days ago. It is really simple to setup. The Moon views are awesome, as I'm able to view it in good detail. It comes with 3 different Eyepieces, so I'm able to achieve different magnifications. Ultimately, I wanted a beginner-friendly Scope with GoTo functionality for automatically tracking objects. Thanks to the team at RCT for the great recommendation.

          My intro to astronomy

          This is a quite well made budget telescope, perfect for my intro to the world of astronomy. The images are very decent up to 75X magnification. Hello "Orion Nebula"

          I recommend this budget telescope

          For those that are new to the world of Astronomy I can recommend this model from National Geographic. Easy to setup and understand. Thank you Red Carpet Telescopes for the recommendation.