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LW Scientific DM on Pneumatic Arm Stereoscope

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LW Scientific Dual Mag on Pneumatic Flex Arm Stereoscope with 10x/20x to 10x/40x Magnification

Presenting he LW Scientific DM on Pneumatic Arm Stereoscope revolutionizes precision work with its innovative Pneu Flex Arm, offering seamless adjustments in every direction.

This cutting-edge system empowers users with unparalleled control over their workspace, ensuring the utmost security for their scope.

With generously-sized optics, it provides an expansive field of view, extended working distance, and exceptional depth of focus.

The included 0.5 supplementary lens is a game-changer, effectively doubling the field of view and offering a broader range of magnification options, particularly beneficial for intricate tasks that demand utmost precision.

For optimal illumination, our recommended 48-bulb LED ring light delivers bright, cool, and shadow-free daylight directly onto your workspace.

Renowned for its superior quality and precision, the DM stands as the benchmark dual-magnification scope in the dental, electronic, and industrial sectors, meeting the exacting demands of professionals across these industries.

Elevate your precision work with the DM on Pneumatic Arm Stereoscope and experience a new level of accuracy and comfort in your daily tasks.


Features & Highlights:

  • Aluminum Alloy Construction: The stereoscope is built using a robust and lightweight aluminum alloy, providing durability and stability.
  • Acid and Reagent Resistant Finish: The finish is specially designed to withstand exposure to acids and reagents, commonly found in laboratory settings, ensuring the stereoscope's longevity.
  • Binocular, Dual Mag 10/20, 10/30, 20/40: The stereoscope is equipped with a binocular eyepiece system offering multiple magnification options, including 10X/20X, 10X/30X, and 20X/40X.
  • Inclined 45°, Rotates 360°: The head is inclined at a comfortable 45-degree angle, reducing user strain during extended use, and it can rotate a full 360 degrees for versatile viewing angles.
  • 10X/20 WF Eyepieces: The eyepieces provide 10X magnification with a wide field of view, ensuring detailed and clear observations.
  • 30mm Eye Tube Diameter: The eyepiece tubes have a diameter of 30mm, providing a comfortable viewing experience.
  • Interpupillary Distance Adjustment 55-75mm: This feature allows users to adjust the distance between the eyepieces to suit their individual comfort.
  • Optional 5X, 15X, and 20X Eyepieces: Additional eyepieces with magnifications of 5X, 15X, and 20X are available for specific requirements.
  • 1X/2X, 1X/3X, or 2X/4X Paired Objectives: The stereoscope includes paired objectives with different magnifications, providing versatility for various applications.
  • 0.5X Supplementary Lens Included: The supplementary lens effectively doubles the field of view and extends the working distance for tasks that require extra precision.
  • Protective Lens Available: An additional protective lens is available to safeguard the objectives.
Adjustment Controls:
  • Rack & Pinion Focusing: The focusing mechanism uses a rack and pinion system to enable precise adjustments for sharp and clear images.
  • Tension Adjustment on Pneumatic Horizontal Arm: This control allows users to adjust the tension of the pneumatic horizontal arm, optimizing ease of use.
  • Adjustable-Width C-Clamp for Mounting to a Bench: The included C-clamp offers flexibility in securely mounting the stereoscope to a bench.
  • Optional Screw-Down Table Flange for Direct Bench Mount: This optional flange provides an alternative method for securely mounting the stereoscope directly to a bench.
  • Ambient Bench Light May Be Sufficient: Depending on the workspace, existing ambient bench light may be adequate for illumination.
  • Optional Ring Lights Offer Shadow-Free Illumination and Are Highly Recommended: Ring lights provide focused and shadow-free illumination, enhancing visibility, and are highly recommended for optimal performance.


          What's Included:

          ✓ LW Scientific DM on Pneumatic Arm Stereoscope

          ✓ Instructional Manual



          SKU Number: DMM-S12N-PA77, DMM-S13N-PA77, DMM-S24N-PA77
          DM Head:  2.6lbs. (2.54kg)
          Pneumatic Arm: 13.89lbs. (6.3kg)
          Maximum Radius:  14.96" (380mm)
          Minimum Radius:  10.83" (275mm)


          LW Scientific DM on Pneumatic Arm Stereoscope Spec Sheet:

          Download the LW Scientific Dual Mag on Pneumatic Arm Stereoscope Spec Sheet

          LW Scientific DM on Pneumatic Arm Stereoscope Product Manual:

          Download the LW Scientific Dual Mag on Pneumatic Arm Stereoscope Product Manual



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