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Lunt 8mm Flat-Field Eyepiece

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Lunt 8mm Flat-Field Eyepiece - LS8E

Experience unparalleled clarity with the Lunt 8mm Flat-Field Eyepiece, meticulously crafted for solar telescopes.

Coated with 0.1% anti-reflective coatings—mirroring the precision of our etalons—this eyepiece delivers exceptional image quality.

The 1.25" barrel ensures compatibility with standard telescope setups.

Whether you're exploring the Sun's dynamic features or engaging in nighttime observations, this eyepiece's dual functionality makes it a versatile asset.

Immerse yourself in the world of astronomy with the Lunt 8mm Flat-Field Eyepiece, where cutting-edge technology meets the art of celestial exploration.



  • 8mm Lens: Immerse yourself in detailed solar observation with the specially designed 8mm lens. This focal length strikes a balance between magnification and a wide field of view, providing an optimal viewing experience.
  • Anti-Reflective Coatings: Coated with precision-engineered 0.1% anti-reflective coatings, the eyepiece ensures minimal light loss and glare. This technology, identical to that used on Lunt's etalons, guarantees superior image clarity and contrast during solar observations.
  • Versatile 1.25" Barrel: Designed with a 1.25" barrel, this eyepiece is compatible with standard telescope setups. The versatility of the barrel size ensures seamless integration, allowing astronomers to use the eyepiece with ease across various telescope configurations.
  • Flat-Field Design: The eyepiece's flat-field design minimizes optical aberrations, providing distortion-free views across the entire field. This feature enhances the accuracy and clarity of solar details, making it an ideal tool for solar enthusiasts.
  • Dual-Purpose Functionality: Adaptability is key; the Lunt 8mm Flat-Field Eyepiece seamlessly transitions between solar and nighttime observations. Its dual-purpose functionality makes it a versatile accessory for astronomers exploring both celestial realms.
  • Exceptional Image Quality: From intricate solar prominences to distant nighttime celestial objects, the Lunt 8mm Flat-Field Eyepiece delivers exceptional image quality. Experience the cosmos in high definition, where every detail comes to life with unparalleled precision.


What's Included:

✓ Lunt 8mm Flat-Field Eyepiece

 Rubber Cap 

✓ Limited 5 Year Warranty


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