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Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor Telescope

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Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor Telescope - LS100mm

The latest Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor is now on the market, catering to those desiring the outstanding optics of the Lunt 100MT Modular Telescope without the inclusion of the hydrogen-alpha module.

This Triplet ED APO Refractor features a superb FPL53 Objective Lens within the Lunt 100MT, delivering remarkable and otherworldly views.

Image Captured Using the Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor Telescope CAK Sun

Equipped with a Dual Speed 10:1 Rack and Pinion Focuser, along with a complete ring assembly featuring a Red Dot Sun Finder for solar applications, the Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor ensures flexibility in observation setups. 

Image Captured Using the Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor Telescope White Light Sun

Whether coupled with your Lunt CaK Module or White Light Wedge for daytime solar viewing or used with your favorite star diagonal for nighttime and terrestrial observations, the 100mm MT Refractor, weighing in at 10.25lbs, proves to be a well-balanced and lightweight daily companion.

Image Captured Using the Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor Telescope Galaxy

The Red Dot Sun Finder conveniently doubles as a handle, ensuring easy transportation. 

Image Captured Using the Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor Telescope Purple Nebula

Should the allure of Hydrogen-Alpha observation beckon, the Lunt 100mm MT Refractor offers complete upgrade flexibility, easily transforming into a True Hydrogen Alpha Telescope.

Image Captured Using the Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor Telescope Spiral Galaxy

Simply accompany it with a Lunt Blocking Filter and the appropriate Hydrogen Alpha Module to ride the Hydrogen Alpha Wave once more. 

Image Captured Using the Lunt 100mm MT Triplet Refractor Telescope Starry Night Sky



  • 100mm Aperture: The telescope boasts a significant 100mm aperture, allowing for substantial light gathering, ideal for detailed and high-resolution observations of celestial objects.
  • 714mm Focal Length: With a focal length of 714mm, the telescope strikes a balance between providing a wide field of view and enabling higher magnification, catering to a variety of astronomical observations.
  • Focal Ratio F/7.1: Operating at a focal ratio of F/7.1, the telescope achieves a moderate focal speed, suitable for both wide-field and detailed, high-magnification observations.
  • Versatility for Solar Viewing: Designed for versatile solar observations, the telescope provides adaptability for daytime solar viewing, making it compatible with solar accessories like the Lunt CaK Module or White Light Wedge.
  • Upgrade to an H-Alpha Capable Telescope: This telescope can be equipped with the essential Hydrogen Alpha components (H-Alpha Module & choice of Blocking Filter), making it a versatile Day / Night Telescope. Lean more about the LST100MT Universal Telescope here.
  • Daytime and Nighttime Observation Options: The telescope is adaptable for both daytime solar use, facilitating observations of the sun, and nighttime terrestrial observations. It is versatile enough to be used with a favorite star diagonal for nighttime exploration.
  • Triplet ED APO Refractor: Utilizing a Triplet ED APO (Extra-low Dispersion Apochromatic) refractor design, the telescope minimizes chromatic aberration, ensuring high-contrast and color-accurate views.
  • Dual Speed Rack & Pinion Focuser: Equipped with a Dual Speed Rack & Pinion Focuser, the telescope offers precise control for both rapid adjustments and fine-tuned focusing during observations.
  • FPL53 Fully Multi-Coated Lens: The telescope features an FPL53 Objective Lens with full multi-coating, enhancing light transmission and minimizing reflections. This ensures optimal image brightness, contrast, and color fidelity.
  • Aluminum Construction: Constructed with durable and lightweight aluminum materials, the telescope ensures both portability and structural integrity, making it easy to handle and transport for astronomical endeavors.


    What's Included:

    ✓ Lunt 100mm MT Doublet Refractor Telescope

    ✓ Aluminum Case with Custom Foam insert

    ✓ Complete Tube Ring Assembly

    ✓ Red Dot Sun Finder Handle

    ✓ Dual 10:1 Rack & Pinion Focuser

    ✓ Instructional Manual

    ✓ Lunt 5 Year Warranty



    • Aperture: 100mm
    • Focal Length: 714mm 
    • Focal Ratio: F/7.1
    • Refractor: Triplet ED APO 
    • Focuser: Dual Speed Rack & Pinion
    • Lens: FPL53 Fully Multi-coated
    • Weight: 10.25lbs
    • Storage: Aluminum Case with Custom Foam

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