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Luna Optics 6.5-39x50mm Gen-3 Digital Technology Day / Night Vision Binocular

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Luna Optics 6.5-39x50mm Gen-3 Digital Technology Day / Night Vision Electro-Optics Binocular - LN-G3-B50-PRO

The Luna Optics 6.5-39x50mm Gen-3 Digital Technology Day/Night Vision Binocular elevates our popular and versatile digital binocular features to a new level of performance.

It incorporates a groundbreaking 2560x1440-pixel Quad-HD CMOS sensor, capturing highly detailed high-resolution 16.1 MP images and stabilizing HD videos at an impressive rate of up to 60 frames per second.

The binocular allows for data storage on a micro-SD memory card of up to 128GB or real-time streaming to iOS or Android devices via Wi-Fi.

Equipped with two Amoled-Q widescreen HD color displays within the eyepieces, users experience unparalleled viewing in vivid natural colors or various monochrome modes, such as black-and-white, 'Night Vision Green Phosphor,' or the advanced 'Night Vision White Phosphor' and Amber colors.

To enhance contrast during the day, the unit includes a daylight color-enhancing filter installed into the lens cover cap.

Additionally, a built-in laser rangefinder provides distance information up to 1500m or 1635yds, setting a new standard for commercial digital night vision.

The powerful infrared illuminator extends visibility up to 600m (654 yards) in total darkness.

The unique experience with the LN-G3-B50-PRO digital night device goes beyond its optical and electronic capabilities.

The ergonomically contoured body, featuring rubber inserts and knurled control rings, ensures a comfortable and secure grip.

The included deluxe case protects the device from dust and maintains cleanliness during transport and storage.

This binocular is designed to withstand a wide range of outdoor temperatures (14 to 122°F), operating for up to 4 hours on readily available CR123A batteries.

Alternatively, it can be powered by a 5V/2A power bank via a standard USB-C power input, making it a reliable companion for night or day adventures for years to come.



  • 6.5-39x Magnification: Adapt to diverse scenarios with the versatile 6.5-39x magnification range, ensuring precise observations both day and night. This feature provides exceptional clarity for a wide range of viewing scenarios, from expansive landscapes to detailed observations.
  • 50mm Objective Lens: The 50mm objective lens maximizes light gathering, guaranteeing optimal image brightness and clarity even in low-light conditions. This contributes to an enhanced visual experience, making it ideal for various outdoor activities, including wildlife observation and stargazing.
  • Quad-HD Image Sensor with Ultra-Low-Light Sensitivity: The groundbreaking Quad-HD sensor not only captures detailed images but also excels in ultra-low-light conditions. This technology sets a new standard in digital night vision, ensuring unparalleled image clarity and brightness during nighttime observations.
  • Dual HD AMOLED-Q Quad-Pixel Widescreen Image Displays: Immerse yourself in the viewing experience with dual HD AMOLED-Q widescreens. These displays deliver brilliant resolution and contrast, providing a vivid and detailed view of your surroundings, whether you're observing wildlife or conducting surveillance.
  • 16.1MP Still Image Camera for High-Resolution Capture: Capture every detail with the powerful 16.1MP still image camera. This feature not only preserves the essence of each observation but also provides high-resolution images for detailed documentation or sharing with others.
  • Ultra-Powerful IR Illuminator with Up to 600m (654yds) Distance: Navigate total darkness effortlessly with the ultra-powerful infrared illuminator. Extending the viewing distance up to 600 meters (654 yards), this feature ensures clear and detailed observations in the darkest environments, making it an essential tool for nighttime exploration.
  • Built-in 1500m (1635 yds) Laser Rangefinder and Electronic Image Stabilization: Enhance precision with the built-in 1500m laser rangefinder, providing accurate distance measurements. The electronic image stabilization minimizes blurring during observation, ensuring a steady and clear image for a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Daytime Color, B&W, NV Green Phosphor, NV White Phosphor, and AMBER Color Options: Tailor your observations with a variety of image options, including daytime color, black and white, night vision green phosphor, night vision white phosphor, and the innovative amber mode. 
  • Power Options for Convenience: Enjoy flexibility with power options, including the choice between CR123 batteries or a 5V/2A power bank. This ensures convenience and adaptability for extended usage during your outdoor adventures.
  • Wi-Fi Video Streaming Capability (Android/iOS): Foster real-time collaboration with Wi-Fi video streaming capability. Share live observations directly to Android or iOS devices, enhancing communication and collaboration during field activities, research, or surveillance missions.


What's Included:

✓ Luna Optics 6.5-39x50mm Gen-3 Binocular

✓ Deluxe Carry Case

✓ Padded Neck Strap

✓ Daylight Color Enhancing Filter

✓ 16GB Micro-SD card

✓ Micro-USB Cable

✓ Video Cable

✓ Limited 2 Year Warranty



Sensor Type:    CMOS, Quad-HD digital sensor
Sensor Resolution:   2560x1440 pixels
Sensor Light Sensitivity:   0.002 lux
Displays:   1280x720 AMOLED-Q Quad-Pixel HD widescreen 0.38 in (0.97 cm)
Sensor Color Modes:   Daytime color, B&W, NV green phosphor, NV white phosphor and amber
Still Image Resolution:    5360x3008, 16.1 MP
Video Resolution:  60 fps: FHD; 30 fps: FHD, QHD, 3MHD, HD
Image Stabilization:  Electronic (available at optical 6x only)
Wi-Fi Transmitter:   Yes
Mobile Compatibility:    iOS, Android
Magnification:   6.5x-39x
Objective Lens:   50mm, f/1.0
Minimum Focusing Distance:   2.6ft (80cm)
Laser Rangefinder Max Range:  1635yds (1500m)
Nighttime Visibility Range:   654yds (600m)
Integral IR Illuminator:    Yes, 850nm, 1W. Class-3R
Field of View:   10° at 6.5x optical magnification
Memory Card Slot:   Micro-SD, up to 128GB
Battery Type:    Four 3V CR123A
Operating Time (batteries):   4 hours, IR off
Operating Temperature:   14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
External Power Port:    Micro-USB-C, 5V/2A
Dimensions:   7.5 x 4.9 x 2.9 in (190 x 126 x 76 mm)
Weight:   2.2lb (980g)



Luna Optics 6.5-39x50mm Gen-3 Digital Technology Day / Night Vision Binocular - LN-G3-B50-PRO Product Manual:

Download the Luna Optics 6.5-39x50mm Gen-3 Digital Technology Day / Night Vision Binocular - LN-G3-B50-PRO Product Manual

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