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Leupold Pro Guide CF-436 Tripod Kit

by Leupold
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Leupold Optics Pro Guide CF-436 Tripod Kit - 180379

Introducing the Leupold Pro Guide CF-436 Tripod Kit, an essential companion for discerning hunters and shooters seeking top-tier performance in the field.

Meticulously engineered, this tripod strikes the perfect balance between ruggedness and lightweight portability.

Its compact frame ensures easy transport across seasons, while its impressive maximum height of 67 inches accommodates shooters of various statures.

In the realm of versatility, the Pro Guide Carbon Fiber tripod shines as a true multi-purpose tool.

Crafted with resilient carbon fiber legs and lightweight yet robust metal components, it stands resilient against formidable winds and inclement weather, providing unwavering stability even when fully extended.

The inclusion of 3-angle pivot locks allows for a minimum height of 6.7 inches, ensuring adaptability in diverse shooting scenarios. 

Leupold Pro Guide CF-436 Tripod Kit Outdoors Lifestyle Shot

Additionally, its seamless ball head action and universally compatible Arca-Swiss head mount streamline the use of a wide array of accessories and optics.

Meanwhile, the four twist and lock leg sections empower users to swiftly and precisely adjust the tripod's height on the go.

Whether venturing into the rugged backcountry or setting up at the shooting range, the Pro Guide Carbon Fiber Tripod exceeds expectations, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability in every scenario.

Elevate your shooting experience with this exceptional piece of equipment

Leupold Pro Guide CF-436 Tripod Kit Leupold Lifetime Guarantee


  • Weight Capacity: This tripod is designed to handle a maximum payload of 40 pounds, making it ideal for supporting heavy camera equipment, ensuring steady shots even with large telephoto lenses or advanced video setups. It provides the flexibility to use a wide range of professional gear without compromising stability.
  • Guaranteed for Life: Leupold stands by the enduring quality of this tripod, offering a lifetime warranty. This reflects their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and provides users with peace of mind, knowing their investment is safeguarded for a lifetime of adventures. It's a testament to the confidence Leupold has in the durability and performance of their product.
  • Machined for Precision: Leupold tripods are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in fluid and reliable operation. This ensures photographers and shooters can focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about any equipment hiccups. The precision machining provides a level of dependability that is crucial in critical shooting situations.
  • Weather Resistant: Crafted from weather-resistant carbon fiber and aluminum components, this tripod excels even in harsh weather conditions, making it a reliable companion for outdoor excursions in demanding environments. Its resilience against the elements guarantees that it can withstand the rigors of the wilderness, offering consistent performance no matter the weather.
  • Arca-Swiss Mounting Plate: The tripod features a widely recognized Arca-Swiss mounting plate design, offering compatibility with numerous accessories and ensuring a secure and swift attachment process, saving valuable time in the field. This universally accepted design streamlines the setup process, allowing photographers to transition smoothly between different equipment and accessories.
  • Aluminum Ball Head Action: The combination of lightweight construction and rugged design in the ball head guarantees precise adjustments, facilitating smooth panning and tilting movements to capture shots from various angles with ease. The ball head's construction strikes the perfect balance between agility and robustness, enabling photographers to achieve the desired framing swiftly and accurately.
  • Carbon Fiber Construction: The plastic-free design incorporates rugged, lightweight carbon fiber legs and aluminum components. This not only maximizes durability but also keeps the tripod incredibly lightweight, allowing for easy transport and setup in challenging terrains. The use of high-quality materials ensures that this tripod is both strong and portable, catering to the needs of outdoor photographers and adventurers.
  • 3-Angle Pivot Locks: The three locking positions on each leg offer exceptional adaptability, enabling photographers to achieve the perfect height and angle for their shots, whether it's a low-angle macro shot or a towering vista. This feature provides a level of versatility that allows photographers to unleash their creativity in a variety of shooting scenarios.
  • Twist and Lock Legs: The intuitive tactile grips on the leg sections make on-the-fly adjustments effortless, ensuring photographers can swiftly adapt to changing shooting conditions, maintaining focus on their creative vision. This user-friendly design element empowers photographers to make quick and seamless adjustments in the field, ensuring they capture the shot they envision.
  • Height Extension Post: An attachable extension post is included for those seeking extra height, providing the means to capture stunning vistas or overlooks that may require additional elevation. This additional feature extends the tripod's capabilities, allowing photographers to explore new perspectives and capture breathtaking views.
  • Counterweight Hook: An integrated counterweight hook enhances stability in adverse conditions and provides a practical solution for adding extra weight, ensuring the tripod remains steady during critical moments. This feature is particularly valuable in windy conditions or when using heavy equipment, providing an extra layer of stability for precise and steady shots.
  • Rubber Feet: The high-grip rubber feet serve as an anchor, providing exceptional stability on wet or slippery surfaces, making this tripod a reliable tool for photographers exploring diverse and challenging environments. These rubber feet ensure that the tripod maintains a secure grip on various surfaces, offering peace of mind to photographers shooting in unpredictable conditions.

                                                                        Product 101 Video - Carbon Fiber Hunting & Shooting Tripods Explained:


                                                                        What's Included:

                                                                         ✓ Leupold Pro Guide CF-436 Tripod

                                                                        ✓ Carrying Case

                                                                        ✓ Height Extension Post

                                                                        ✓ Counterweight Hook

                                                                        ✓ 3 -Angle Pivot Locks

                                                                         ✓ Lifetime warranty



                                                                            Item Number 180379
                                                                            Head Type Ball Head
                                                                            Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
                                                                            Material Carbon Fiber
                                                                            Plate Compatibility Arca-Swiss
                                                                            Length when Folded in (in) 18.5
                                                                            Height Max (in) 67
                                                                            Height Min (in) 6.7
                                                                            Max Height With Center Column (in) 67
                                                                            Weight (oz.) 64
                                                                            Load Capacity (lb.) 40
                                                                            Number of Leg Sections 4
                                                                            Leg Diameter Max (mm) 32
                                                                            Leg Diameter Min (mm) 22

                                                                            Leupold Pro Guide CF-436 Tripod Kit Product Manual:

                                                                            Customer Reviews

                                                                            Based on 2 reviews
                                                                            Don J.

                                                                            Solid Tripod

                                                                            This tripod certainly has a solid feel to it. The pro glide has a unique smoothness. Love the lifetime warranty.