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Leupold GX-3c Golf Rangefinder

by Leupold
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Leupold Optics GX-3c Golf Rangefinder - 181269

The Leupold GX-3C Golf Rangefinder stands as the ultimate choice for competitive golfers looking to take their tournament play to the next level.

Offering precise line-of-sight ranging distances, this rangefinder guarantees error-free measurements on the course, regardless of the playing conditions in your upcoming tournament.

In addition to its exceptional ranging capabilities, the GX-3C is equipped with an array of advanced features tailored to meet the demands of tournament play.

The inclusion of PinHunter 4 and Prism Lock Technologies ensures swift and precise target acquisition, while the True Golf Range (TGR) function provides accurate distances, factoring in inclines, declines, and other critical variables.

This ensures that you have the most precise data at your fingertips for every shot.

Furthermore, the GX-3C boasts a rugged and weatherproof design, allowing you to confidently use it in varying weather conditions without compromising its performance.

Its one-touch scan mode enables seamless and efficient gathering of distance readings, providing you with real-time information to plan your shots strategically.

The bold black display ensures excellent visibility under diverse lighting conditions, further enhancing your experience with the device. 

Leupold GX-3c Golf Rangefinder Leupold Electronics Limited Guarantee


  • 6x Magnification: The Leupold GX-3C Golf Rangefinder provides a powerful 6x magnification, delivering a clear and detailed view of your target. This feature is instrumental for precise ranging, especially at extended distances, ensuring accurate shots on the golf course.
  • Line of Sight (LOS): LOS calculations are fundamental for understanding the direct distance to a target, disregarding any incline or decline in the terrain. This information is crucial for making precise shots, especially in varied or hilly landscapes. It provides a straightforward measurement, aiding in accurate target acquisition.
  • PinHunter 4: The PinHunter 4 technology ensures swift and precise target acquisition. This advanced feature enables the rangefinder to quickly lock onto the flagstick, providing you with accurate distance readings, even amidst potential obstructions like tree branches or bushes. It enhances your confidence in making accurate shots.
  • Flag Lock: The Flag Lock feature is designed to specifically lock onto the flagstick, disregarding any surrounding hazards. This guarantees that you receive precise measurements to the pin, further solidifying your confidence in your shots. It ensures that potential obstructions do not affect the accuracy of your ranging.
  • True Golf Range (TGR) Technology: Leupold’s True Golf Range (TGR) technology takes precision to the next level. It offers 25 selectable ballistics groups that account for your preferred cartridge, helping you dial in the exact range of your target. TGR calculates the true distance to the pin based on inclines or declines, altitude, temperature, and other atmospheric conditions. This ensures accurate ranging regardless of the terrain.
  • Prism Lock Technology: Prism Lock Technology provides an audible alert when the rangefinder locks onto any flagstick with built-in prisms. This additional layer of targeting precision ensures that you have a clear and reliable signal when ranging to the pin, further boosting your confidence on the course.
  • One-Touch Scan Mode: The one-touch scan mode allows for efficient gathering of distance readings. With a simple touch, you can continuously scan the landscape and receive real-time distance readings. This feature enhances your ability to plan your shots and navigate the course with precision, ensuring that you have all the information you need for every shot.
  • Waterproof Design: The Leupold GX-3C features a robust and waterproof design, ensuring that it can withstand exposure to wet conditions. This provides you with the confidence to use it in rainy weather without compromising its performance. The waterproofing ensures that the rangefinder remains reliable even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Bold Black Display: The GX-3C features a bold black display that ensures excellent visibility regardless of lighting conditions. This means you can easily read the ranges at any time of day, enhancing your overall experience with the device. The clear and legible display is crucial for quick and accurate ranging on the golf course.

                                                                              What's Included:

                                                                               ✓ Leupold GX-3c Golf Rangefinder

                                                                              ✓ Carrying Case

                                                                              ✓ Lanyard

                                                                              ✓ Battery

                                                                               ✓ Limited 2 year warranty


                                                                                        Item Number 181269
                                                                                        Battery Type CR2
                                                                                        Display Type OLED
                                                                                        Flightpath No
                                                                                        Last Target Mode No
                                                                                        Magnification 6
                                                                                        Prism Lock Yes
                                                                                        Trophy Scale No
                                                                                        Tripod Compatible (1/4-20) No
                                                                                        True Ballistic Range - Wind (TBR-W) No
                                                                                        True Ballistic Range (TBR) No
                                                                                        Horizontal Distance (TRIG-H) No
                                                                                        Archer's Advantage No
                                                                                        Bow Mode No
                                                                                        True Golf Range (TGR) No
                                                                                        Length (in) 3.8
                                                                                        Width (in) 1.4
                                                                                        Height (in) 3
                                                                                        Weight (oz) 7.8
                                                                                        Objective Diameter (mm) 22
                                                                                        Linear FOV (ft@1000 yd) 320
                                                                                        Angular FOV (Degrees) 6
                                                                                        Eye Relief (mm) 14
                                                                                        Min Diopter (dpt) -3
                                                                                        Max Diopter (dpt) 3
                                                                                        Light Transmission (%) 19
                                                                                        Battery Life (Actuations) >3000
                                                                                        Accuracy to 125 (yd) 0.5
                                                                                        Accuracy to 1000 (yd) 2
                                                                                        Accuracy above 1000 (yd) % 0.5
                                                                                        Max Range - Deer (yd.) 0
                                                                                        Max Range - Trees (yd.) 700
                                                                                        Max Range - Reflective (yd.) 800
                                                                                        Max Range - Golf Flag (yd.) 450
                                                                                        Min Range (yd.) 6
                                                                                        Laser Classification Class 1M

                                                                                        Leupold GX-3c Golf Rangefinder Product Manual:

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