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Leupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42mm Binoculars

by Leupold
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Leupold Optics BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42mm Binoculars - 182883

Introducing the Leupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42mm Binoculars, offer a fusion of cutting-edge technology and optical excellence, designed for hunters and shooters who prioritize speed and accuracy.

The integration of the DNA® engine and ballistics software allows seamless target spotting and ranging without the need for gear switching, ensuring valuable seconds are not lost.

Its high-contrast red OLED display ensures clear readouts in varying light conditions, and the edge-to-edge clarity provides a comfortable glassing experience.

When preparing for a match or hunt, the BX-4 Range HD TBR/W is the ultimate choice for efficiency.

At the core of this binocular is the Elite Optical System, delivering exceptional light transmission from dawn to dusk, resulting in a vivid image precisely when it matters most.

It excels in reducing glare in harsh lighting conditions and provides the unmatched resolution and clarity required for rugged backcountry terrain.

Compared to others in its class, especially in low light situations, the BX-4 Range HD sets itself apart. 

Leupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42mm Binoculars Outdoors Lifestyle Shot

With 10x magnification, it offers a wide field of view for thorough glassing in compact spaces, while maintaining the power needed for positive target identification at a distance.

When your target is located, a single press of the power button provides the precise range for your shots.

Backed by the Lifetime Optics Guarantee and a Two-Year Electronics Guarantee, the BX-4 Range HD ensures years of reliable performance. 

Leupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42mm Binoculars Leupold Optical Lifetime GuaranteeLeupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42mm Binoculars Leupold Electronics Limited Guarantee



  • 10x Magnification: The Leupold BX-4 Range HD Binoculars offer a powerful 10x magnification, allowing for a detailed view of distant targets. This level of magnification is crucial for positive target identification and accurate ranging, especially in hunting and shooting scenarios.
  • 42mm Objective Lens: The binoculars feature a 42mm objective lens, which allows ample light to enter the optics. This results in bright and clear images, even in low light conditions. The combination of the 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens provides an optimal balance between power and light gathering capabilities.
  • True Accuracy Matters: Leupold's True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology is a game-changer in precision shooting. It offers 25 selectable ballistics groups, tailored to various cartridge preferences. This ensures precise target range calculation, eliminating the potential 10-15-inch margin of error in angled shots compared to traditional methods. Additionally, TBR/W provides essential wind hold information, enhancing the likelihood of first-shot hits.
  • Elite Optical System: The binoculars are equipped with Leupold's Elite Optical System, guaranteeing exceptional light transmission from dawn to dusk. This ensures a vivid and clear image precisely when it's most critical. The system also excels in reducing glare in harsh lighting conditions, providing the resolution and clarity that discerning hunters and shooters demand.
  • Extreme Climate Exposure: Built to withstand the harshest conditions, these binoculars are rigorously tested to perform reliably in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures they can handle extreme climates without compromising performance.
  • Waterproof + Fogproof: The binoculars are engineered to be both waterproof and fogproof. They can withstand torrential downpours and water crossings without the risk of leaking or fogging up. Leupold's proprietary gas blend and seals undergo rigorous testing, ensuring a seal integrity even at a depth of 33 feet and through numerous pressure changes.
  • Optics Guaranteed for Life: Leupold stands behind their products with a lifetime guarantee. If at any time the optics fail to perform, they will repair or replace them free of charge, whether you're the original owner or not.
  • Tripod Ready: The binoculars feature a built-in 1/4-20 rotatable tripod adapter port, allowing for easy mounting to a tripod for steady and extended viewing sessions.
  • Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design ensures that the binoculars are slim, lightweight, and comfortable to hold, catering to various hand sizes. This ergonomic consideration contributes to a fatigue-free viewing experience.
  • Over-sized Eyepiece: The binoculars come with over-sized eyepieces that provide all-day comfort during extended glassing sessions. They offer increased contact area and a flexible ergonomic design for a comfortable fit.
  • Smooth Focusing: The binoculars feature an extremely smooth focusing system, allowing for fine adjustments to achieve optimal clarity and focus.
  • Field Replaceable Eyecups: The twist-up eyecups are removable, providing the convenience of field replacement in case of damage, ensuring continued functionality in the field.
  • Line of Sight (LOS): LOS calculations provide the direct distance to a target in a straight line, regardless of any incline or decline. This fundamental information is crucial for making accurate shots, especially in varied or hilly landscapes.
  • Bow Mode: The binoculars feature a Bow Mode, which calculates a ballistic equivalent to the target based on the distance and angle of the shot. This mode is particularly useful for making accurate uphill and downhill shots in archery.

                                                                          Product 101 Video - BX-4 Range HD TBR/W Series Binoculars Explained:

                                                                          Leupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W Series Binocular Features Video:


                                                                          What's Included:

                                                                           ✓ Leupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42mm Binoculars

                                                                          ✓ Shoulder Strap

                                                                          ✓ Carry Case

                                                                          ✓ Lens Cover

                                                                          ✓ Lens Cloth

                                                                           ✓ Lifetime warranty



                                                                              Item Number 182883
                                                                              Badge New
                                                                              Tripod Compatible (1/4-20) Yes
                                                                              Rifle Angle Compensation TBR/W
                                                                              Archery Angle Compensation Bow Mode
                                                                              Battery Type CR2
                                                                              True Ballistic Range - Wind (TBR-W) Yes
                                                                              Horizontal Distance (Trig) No
                                                                              Archer's Advantage No
                                                                              Display Type OLED
                                                                              Flightpath No
                                                                              Guard-ion Lens Coating Yes
                                                                              Last Target Mode No
                                                                              Trophy Scale No
                                                                              Length (in) 5.9
                                                                              Weight (oz) 39
                                                                              Magnification 10
                                                                              Objective Lens Diameter (mm) 42
                                                                              Linear FOV (ft@1000 yd) 334
                                                                              Angular FOV (Degrees) 6.2
                                                                              Eye Relief (mm) 17
                                                                              Min Diopter (dpt) -3.5
                                                                              Max Diopter (dpt) 3.5
                                                                              Close Focus Distance (ft) 13
                                                                              Interpupillary Distance Max (mm) 76
                                                                              Interpupillary Distance Min (mm) 56
                                                                              Light Transmission Left Channel (%) 81
                                                                              Light Transmission Right Channel (%) 80
                                                                              Accuracy to 125 (yd.) 1
                                                                              Accuracy to 1000 (yd.) 1
                                                                              Accuracy above 1000 (yd.) % 0.2
                                                                              Battery Life (Actuations) 3000
                                                                              Max Range - Deer (yd.) 1100
                                                                              Max Range - Trees (yd.) 1600
                                                                              Max Range - Reflective (yd.) 2600
                                                                              Min Range (yd.) 12
                                                                              Laser Classification Class 1M

                                                                              Leupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42mm Binoculars Product Manual:

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