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Leupold Alpine CF-425 Tripod Kit

by Leupold
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Leupold Optics Alpine CF-425 Tripod Kit - 180380

Introducing the Leupold Alpine CF-425 Tripod Kit, a pinnacle of lightweight performance for adventurers who prioritize every ounce on their back.

Weighing in at a mere 32 ounces, this tripod is engineered with a robust blend of carbon fiber and metal, ensuring it can withstand even the most unforgiving environments.

Despite its compact stature, this tripod is a powerhouse in terms of performance.

Crafted with four twist-and-lock carbon fiber leg sections, it enables swift height adjustments in the rugged terrain of the backcountry.

Leupold Alpine CF-425 Tripod Kit Outdoors Lifestyle Shot

The inclusion of a 3-angle pivot lock system grants you the versatility to set up as low as 5 inches from the ground, or extend it to a towering 58 inches for optimal stand-up viewing.

The seamless ball head action ensures swift and precise movements, while the Arca-Swiss head mount guarantees compatibility with a wide array of your existing accessories and optics. 

Tailored for the backcountry hunter and the on-the-go shooter, this compact and featherweight tripod is engineered to endure season after season, promising years of reliable service in the field.

Elevate your outdoor pursuits with the Leupold Alpine CF-425 Tripod Kit.

Leupold Alpine CF-425 Tripod Kit Leupold Lifetime Guarantee


  • Weight Capacity: The tripod boasts a generous payload capacity of up to 13 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of optical equipment and cameras. This ensures it can support even heavier setups for professional-grade photography and videography.
  • Guaranteed for Life: This tripod is backed by Leupold's lifetime performance guarantee. Regardless of whether you're the original owner or not, if your tripod ever fails to perform, Leupold will repair or replace it at no cost. This commitment reflects Leupold's confidence in the durability and longevity of their product.
  • Machined for Precision: Crafted with tight tolerances and top-grade materials, Leupold tripods are engineered to offer seamless operation, whether you're out in the field or at the shooting range. This precision engineering ensures smooth adjustments and stability, even in demanding conditions.
  • Weather Resistant: Constructed from durable carbon fiber and all-aluminum components, Leupold tripods are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including high winds, even when the legs are fully extended. This makes the tripod an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who may encounter unpredictable weather during their adventures.
  • Arca-Swiss Mounting Plate: The tripod features a widely used Arca-Swiss mounting plate design. This allows for maximum cross-platform versatility, making it compatible with a variety of observation and optics accessories. This popular mounting system ensures compatibility with a wide range of photography and observation equipment.
  • Aluminum Ball Head Action: The lightweight yet rugged ball head is engineered to facilitate smooth and precise movements in the field, ensuring you can quickly and accurately adjust your equipment. Its aluminum construction strikes a perfect balance between weight and durability.
  • Carbon Fiber Construction: The tripod's plastic-free design prioritizes durability. Its legs are crafted from robust yet lightweight carbon fiber, while the components are made of aluminum, guaranteeing optimal performance even in extreme weather conditions. This combination of materials provides a tripod that is both lightweight and exceptionally rugged.
  • 3-Angle Pivot Locks: The tripod incorporates locking mechanisms at the top of each leg, offering enhanced flexibility in the field. With three distinct locking positions, the legs can extend wider and lower to accommodate various heights and angles. This feature allows for a wide range of shooting or viewing perspectives.
  • Twist and Lock Legs: Tactile locking grips on each leg section make it easy to swiftly adjust the height on the fly, ensuring you can adapt to changing shooting or viewing conditions with ease. The twist and lock mechanism provides a secure and quick way to set up the tripod to your desired height.
  • Height Extension Post: The tripod comes with an attachable post that allows you to maximize its height, providing additional versatility for your equipment setup. This extension post is a valuable addition for situations where extra height is crucial for capturing the perfect shot.
  • Counterweight Hook: An integrated counterweight hook provides the option to add extra weight for increased stability, particularly useful when shooting or observing in challenging conditions. This feature enhances the tripod's stability, ensuring steady shots even in windy or unsteady environments.
  • Rubber Feet: The high-grip rubber feet offer excellent stability, even in wet conditions or on slippery surfaces, ensuring your tripod stays firmly in place during use. These rubber feet provide a secure grip on various surfaces, preventing any unwanted movement during operation.

                                                                      Product 101 Video - Carbon Fiber Hunting & Shooting Tripods Explained:


                                                                      What's Included:

                                                                      ✓ Leupold Alpine CF-425 Tripod

                                                                      ✓ Carrying Case

                                                                      ✓ Height Extension Post

                                                                      ✓ Counterweight Hook

                                                                      ✓ Hex Bolts

                                                                      ✓ Lifetime warranty



                                                                          Item Number 180380
                                                                          Head Type Ball Head
                                                                          Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
                                                                          Material Carbon Fiber
                                                                          Plate Compatibility Arca-Swiss
                                                                          Length when Folded in (in) 18.5
                                                                          Height Max (in) 58
                                                                          Height Min (in) 5
                                                                          Max Height With Center Column (in) 58
                                                                          Weight (oz) 32
                                                                          Load Capacity (lb) 13
                                                                          Number of Leg Sections 4
                                                                          Leg Diameter Max (mm) 22
                                                                          Leg Diameter Min (mm) 13

                                                                          Leupold Alpine CF-425 Tripod Kit Product Manual:

                                                                          Customer Reviews

                                                                          Based on 1 review
                                                                          Solid tripod

                                                                          Easy to use and with very good stability. It was a gift I bought for hubby, his review.