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Kowa TSN-99A 30-70x99mm Prominar Angled Zoom Spotting Scope Kit

by Kowa
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TSN-99A 30-70x99mm Prominar Angled Zoom Spotting Scope Kit by Kowa Optics


The Kowa TSN-99A 30-70x99mm Prominar Angled Zoom Spotting Scope Kit offers exceptional brightness, wide field of view, and crystal-clear visuals for those who seek prolonged observation.

It boasts a large 99mm pure fluorite crystal objective lens paired with a Kowa XD concave lens, ensuring superior low-light performance and intricate detailing.

This combination, along with enhanced optical coatings, effectively eliminates chromatic aberration even at high magnification.

The scope features a dual focus mechanism for precise image control, with quick and fine focus options providing seamless operation and accurate focusing.

Constructed with a 100% magnesium alloy structure, it stands as one of the most compact and lightweight large objective spotting scopes in its category, enhanced by its waterproof and nitrogen-sealed shell and Kowa KR coating for rugged durability.

The TSN-99 PROMINAR is designed for digiscoping, fully compatible with the KOWA SYSTEM accessory range, enabling versatile applications with interchangeable eyepieces, accessories, and digiscoping adapters for DSLR cameras and smartphones.


Fluorite Crystal Lenses

  • The use of fluorite crystal as the lens material represents an optimal choice due to its possession of "ultra-low dispersion" properties that ordinary optical glass lacks.
  • This exceptional characteristic brings forth a prominent advantage: a near-complete elimination of chromatic aberration, commonly known as color blur, offering users an unparalleled viewing experience.

Waterproof and Fogproof

  • The housing exhibits a robust waterproof design aligned with JIS Protection Class 7 standards, while the internal environment remains fog-free due to dry nitrogen gas infusion, ensuring continuous image clarity.

Dual Focus Mechanism

  • Evolved from Kowa's advanced focus mechanism, the dual focus system presents a seamless operation even at high magnifications, facilitating pinpoint accuracy in image presentation.
  • The quick focus effortlessly transitions from infinity to 5m in just two rotations, employing a generously sized and easily manageable knob.
  • Fluid fine focus ensures meticulous precision, proving particularly beneficial during high-magnification observations and when employed with digiscoping setups.

    Thixomolded Magnesium Alloy Body and Barrel

    • Crafted through the sophisticated process of thixotropic molding, the magnesium alloy body and barrel encapsulate the strength and tactile sensation reminiscent of traditional metal bodies, all while significantly reducing weight.
    • This rugged structure thrives in the harshest conditions, providing an unwavering sense of confidence and security.

    Kowa's Eyepiece Locking Mechanism

    • Kowa's standard eyepiece bayonet mount incorporates a locking mechanism designed to prevent inadvertent eyepiece loss or unexpected detachment.

    Dual Tripod Mounting Screws

    • Enhancing versatility, the dual tripod mounting screw grants the scope secure attachment to both 1/4 and 3/8 inch mount tripods, ensuring stability and adaptability across various tripod types.

            What's Included:

            ✓ Kowa TSN-99A Prominar Angled Spotting Scope

            ✓ Kowa TE-11WZ II 30-70x Wide Zoom Eyepiece

            ✓ Objective lens cap

            ✓ Cleaning cloth


            • Introducing the Kowa TSN-99A 30-70x99mm Prominar Angled Zoom Spotting Scope Kit, where innovation meets exceptional clarity. Embodied within is a magnificent 99mm pure fluorite crystal objective lens, a hallmark of unrivaled optical precision.
            • The incorporation of dual focus technology ensures swift and pinpoint accuracy in focusing, enhancing your viewing experience.
            • This spotting scope, accompanied by a wide-angle zoom eyepiece offering 30-70x magnification, presents a gateway to immersive exploration.
            • Its versatile design makes it an ideal companion for digiscoping, whether with a camera or smartphone, opening up a world of visual possibilities.
            • Tailored for nature enthusiasts and avid birdwatchers, this scope stands as an epitome of seamless integration between cutting-edge optics and the wonders of the natural world.


                        Objective Lens Material: Fluorite Crystal
                        Objective Lens Effective Diameter: 99mm
                        Minimum Focusing Distance: 6m
                        Filter thread: 105mm
                        Length: 378mm
                        Weight: 1810g

                        Customer Reviews

                        Based on 1 review
                        David M.
                        I'm enjoying this incredible spotting scope.

                        Kudos to Kowa on this scope. First time I looked through the viewfinder it was like a ticket to Wowsville. What an experience. I don't think I'll ever get tired of using this spotting scope. Happy Scoping!