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German Precision Optics GPO Spectra 4x 4-16x50mm Illuminated Riflescope

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German Precision Optics GPO Spectra 4x 4-16x50mm Illuminated Riflescope - RS441

Introducing the German Precision Optics GPO Spectra 4x 4-16x50mm Illuminated Riflescope, a versatile and high-performance solution for all your shooting needs.

This riflescope is your go-to choice, whether you're engaging targets at close quarters or stretching the distance.

With a magnification range starting at 4x, it offers precision and accuracy for close-range shots.

When you need to reach out to longer distances, simply adjust it to the maximum 16x power for exceptional clarity and detail.

The 50mm objective lens enhances brightness, ensuring clear visibility even in low-light conditions.

Loaded with premium features, the GPO Spectra 4-16x50i Riflescope takes your shooting experience to the next level.

It features DoubleHD objective lens technology for outstanding optical resolution. The iCONTROL illumination system lets you customize the reticle's brightness, enhancing target acquisition and accuracy.

The PASSIONtrac turrets provide precise windage and elevation adjustments for accurate shot placement.

Choose between G4-Drop or G4i ballistic micro-dot reticle for a clear aiming point and quick target acquisition.

This riflescope boasts turrets with .36" at 100 yards (or .1 mrad) for 85" of adjustment range, perfect for precise zeroing and compensation.

Custom turrets are also available to tailor the scope to your specific shooting needs.

Like all GPO products, the Spectra 4-16x50i Riflescope is backed by the industry-leading Spectacular Lifetime Warranty, ensuring your investment is secure.

Elevate your shooting gear with the GPO Spectra 4-16x50i Riflescope and enjoy unmatched versatility and optical performance.

Whether you're hunting, target shooting, or competing in shooting sports, this riflescope is designed to exceed your expectations.



  • 4-16x Magnification: This refers to the adjustable zoom range of the riflescope, ranging from 4 times (4x) magnification for closer targets to 16 times (16x) magnification for more distant targets. It allows the shooter to zoom in and out for precise aiming and target identification.
  • 50mm Objective Lens: The objective lens is the front lens of the riflescope. The 50mm objective lens diameter allows more light to enter the scope, enhancing brightness and clarity, especially in low-light conditions.
  • 30mm Main Tube: This indicates the diameter of the main body or tube of the riflescope. A larger tube diameter often allows for greater light transmission and can provide more adjustment range for windage and elevation.
  • iControl Illumination with Low Battery Indicator: This feature allows the shooter to control the brightness of the illuminated reticle according to the ambient lighting conditions. It also includes a low battery indicator to alert the user when the illumination's power source is running low.
  • GPObright Lens Coating Technology: GPObright is a proprietary lens coating technology that enhances light transmission and image clarity by reducing glare and reflections. It results in brighter and sharper images through the scope.
  • DoubleHD Objective Lens Technology: DoubleHD objective lens technology is designed to provide outstanding optical resolution and image quality. It enhances the clarity and sharpness of the images viewed through the scope.
  • PASSIONtrac Reset Turrets: PASSIONtrac turrets are designed for precise adjustments of windage and elevation. The "reset" feature means you can easily return the turrets to zero settings after making adjustments, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • 0.36-inch at 100 Yards or 0.1 MRAD Turret Adjustment: This specifies the level of adjustment the turrets provide. It means that for every click or increment of adjustment on the turret, the point of impact at 100 yards (or 0.1 milliradians) changes by 0.36 inches. This allows for precise adjustments when zeroing the scope and compensating for various shooting conditions.
  • G4i Drop and G4i Illuminated Ballistic Reticle with Microdot Technology: These are reticle options that provide aiming points and holdover references for various distances and ballistic profiles. The illuminated reticle aids in target acquisition and aiming in low-light conditions, and the microdot technology ensures a clear and precise aiming point.
  • Metal Turret Caps: These are protective caps that cover the windage and elevation turrets on the scope. They are typically made of durable metal to protect the turrets from damage and debris.
  • See-Through Bikini Scope Covers: These are protective covers for the scope's lenses. "See-through" means they are transparent, allowing you to keep the covers on while still being able to use the scope. They protect the lenses from dust, moisture, and scratches when the scope is not in use.

                                                            What's Included:

                                                            ✓ GPO Spectra 4x 4-16x50mm Illuminated Riflescope

                                                            ✓ Cleaning cloth

                                                            ✓ See through bikini scope covers

                                                            ✓ Battery

                                                            ✓ Lifetime Warranty


                                                            • Adaptive Magnification Range: Effortlessly switch between close-quarters targeting and long-range precision, ensuring you're ready for any shooting scenario.
                                                            • Enhanced Light Gathering: With its larger objective lens, this riflescope excels in low-light conditions, providing exceptional brightness and clarity.
                                                            • Sturdy Construction: The robust 30mm main tube ensures lasting performance while allowing for fine-tuned adjustments to maintain accuracy.
                                                            • Customizable Illumination: Tailor the reticle brightness to your surroundings, and rest easy with the low battery alert to keep you in control.
                                                            • Optical Clarity: Experience superior optical clarity with reduced glare and reflections, delivering sharper, clearer images.
                                                            • Crystal-Clear Vision: Enjoy exceptional image resolution and clarity thanks to the DoubleHD objective lens technology.
                                                            • Turret Precision: Achieve pinpoint accuracy and maintain consistency with easy-to-reset turrets for windage and elevation adjustments.
                                                            • Pinpoint Accuracy: Fine-tune your shots with precision using the turret adjustments that provide 0.36-inch adjustments at 100 yards or 0.1 MRAD increments.
                                                            • Ballistic Aiming: Quickly acquire targets and make accurate shots with illuminated reticle options tailored to your shooting style.
                                                            • Tough Protection: Keep your turrets safe from damage and debris while adding durability to your riflescope.
                                                            • Unobstructed View: Protect your lenses from dust and scratches without obstructing your view, ensuring you're always ready for action.
                                                            • Comprehensive Accessories: In addition to the scope, the package includes a see-through bikini scope covers, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a battery for your convenience.



                                                                                  Magnification 4-16x
                                                                                  Reticle G4i, G4i Drop
                                                                                  Weight 24oz
                                                                                  Length 14.7in
                                                                                  Eye Relief GOOD 3.75in
                                                                                  FOV @ 100y 32.8
                                                                                  Tube Size 30mm
                                                                                  Elevation Range 76ft
                                                                                  Windage Range 76ft
                                                                                  Turret Style CappedPT
                                                                                  Parallax Setting 10y to inf.
                                                                                  Turret Click Adjustment 1mrad or .36in
                                                                                  Travel Value Per Click .1 mrad
                                                                                  Turret Rotation Style Clockwise Up

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