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German Precision Optics GPOTAC 6x 4.5-27x50mm Illuminated Riflescope

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German Precision Optics GPO Spectra 6x 4.5-27x50mm Illuminated Riflescope - RS670

Introducing the German Precision Optics GPOTAC 6x 4.5-27x50mm Illuminated Riflescope, an epitome of tactical mastery.

For those seeking a high-powered, first focal plane scope that offers unmatched precision, your search ends here.

Designed to withstand the most demanding tactical missions, the GPOTAC 4.5-27x50i boasts zero-stop locking turrets encased in a robust 34mm main tube.

This guarantees exact adjustments and unwavering maintenance of zero settings, a critical advantage in high-pressure situations.

The turrets, calibrated for 0.1 milrad adjustments, are easily accessible without caps, providing an impressive 115 inches of elevation adjustment for unparalleled versatility.

At its heart lies the magnifying mil radiant reticle, a testament to advanced engineering.

LRi-Pro are mil-based and benefiting from our proprietary iCONTROL illumination technology.

Whether in low-light or bright daylight scenarios, the illuminated reticle ensures swift target acquisition and precise aiming.

Experience unmatched clarity and meticulous detail, thanks to the integration of DoubleHD objective lenses and GPObright lens coatings.

These cutting-edge optical elements enhance light transmission, uphold color fidelity, and elevate overall image quality, instilling the confidence to tackle any tactical scenario with precision.

By selecting the GPOTAC 4.5-27x50i Scope, you're aligning yourself with a partner forged for excellence.

Backed by GPO's exclusive Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™, you can trust this scope to endure the tests of time and deliver unwavering performance in the field.

Elevate your tactical expertise and invest in a scope that embodies precision, innovation, and unyielding reliability.



  • 4.5-27x Magnification: This adaptable zoom range caters to various shooting distances, making it an excellent choice for both short-range and long-range encounters.
  • 50mm Objective Lens: Maximizing light collection, this riflescope guarantees a clear and vibrant sight picture, even in demanding lighting conditions.
  • First Focal Plane Reticle with Magnification: Ensuring consistent point of aim across all zoom levels, this feature is crucial for precision in dynamic scenarios.
  • Durable 34mm Main Tubes: The robust construction provides exceptional strength, allowing the scope to withstand harsh environments while maintaining precise alignment.
  • Locking Target Turrets with Large Mil-Rad Adjustments: These turrets offer tactile and audible feedback for confident adjustments, and the zero-stop feature ensures swift return to original zero settings.
  • iControl Illumination System: Tailor the reticle's brightness to match varying light conditions, ensuring a clear and well-contrasted view of your target.
  • Custom Mil-Spec LRi-Pro or PLRi Reticle Options: Choose between these mil-based reticles to align with your shooting style, ensuring accurate and reliable aiming.
  • 6x Zoom Capability: Offering both versatility and precision, this zoom range enables swift target acquisition at lower magnifications and precise aiming at higher levels.
  • Detachable Magnification Throw Lever: Enhance your ability to swiftly adjust magnification settings, providing a personalized shooting experience.
  • GPObright Lens Coating Technology: Ensuring a brighter, clearer sight picture, this coating eliminates glare or distortion, even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Double HD Objective Lenses: Delivering exceptional optical clarity, vivid color reproduction, and detailed imagery, enabling confident target identification and precise shots.

                                            What's Included:

                                            ✓ GPOTAC 6x 4.5-27x50mm Illuminated Riflescope

                                            ✓ Cleaning cloth

                                            ✓ See through bikini scope cover

                                            ✓ CR-2032 Battery

                                            ✓ Removable throw lever

                                            ✓ Lifetime Warranty


                                            • Adaptable Zoom Range: From 4.5x for short distances to 27x for long-range precision, this scope excels in various scenarios.
                                            • Superior Low-Light Performance: The 50mm objective lens optimizes light capture, ensuring a clear sight picture even in challenging lighting.
                                            • Consistent Reticle Scaling: The first focal plane reticle maintains accuracy across all magnifications, providing reliable aiming points.
                                            • Sturdy Build: With 34mm main tubes, this scope is built to withstand rugged environments while maintaining accuracy.
                                            • Precise Adjustments: The Large Mil-Rad Zero-Stop Locking Target Turrets offer tactile feedback and a zero-stop feature for confident adjustments.
                                            • Adaptive Illumination: iControl technology allows customized reticle brightness to match changing light conditions.
                                            • Tailored Reticle Options: Choose between Mil-Spec LRi-Pro or PLRi reticles to align with personal shooting preferences.
                                            • Flexible Zoom Capability: 6x zoom technology ensures versatility, enabling quick target acquisition and precise aiming.
                                            • Swift Magnification Adjustments: The removable throw lever enhances the ability to adjust magnification settings swiftly, providing a personalized shooting experience.
                                            • Crystal-Clear Optics: GPObright Lens Coating Technology ensures optimal clarity, vivid color representation, and minimal distortion in varying lighting.
                                            • Unparalleled Clarity: Double HD Objective Lenses deliver a detailed and sharp view, enabling confident target identification and precise shots.
                                            • Comprehensive Accessories: The package includes a see-through bikini scope cover, microfiber cleaning cloth, removable throw lever, and battery, ensuring you're equipped for any scenario.



                                                  Reticle LRi Pro, PLRi
                                                  Weight 31.8oz
                                                  Length 14.1in
                                                  Eye Relief GOOD 4in
                                                  FOV @ 100y 23-4ft
                                                  Tube Size 34mm
                                                  Turret Click Adjustment 0.1 milrad
                                                  Max Elevation Adjustment 115in
                                                  Max Windage Adjustment 115in
                                                  Turret Style mrad-lock ZSBT
                                                  Parallax Setting 10y to inf.
                                                  Magnification 4.5-27x
                                                  Turret Rotation Style Clockwise Up

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