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German Precision Optics GPO Passion ED 8×56mm Binoculars

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German Precision Optics GPO Passion ED 8×56mm Binoculars - B400

Introducing the German Precision Optics GPO Passion ED 8×56mm Binoculars, a pinnacle solution for those seeking extraordinary performance in challenging low-light environments.

Engineered to excel in nearly pitch-black settings, these binoculars are finely calibrated to achieve maximum light transmission, allowing you to observe your surroundings with unparalleled clarity even in minimal light.

At the core of the GPO Passion ED 8×56mm Binoculars lies a powerful combination of a 56mm objective lens and 8x magnification.

This dynamic pairing creates an impressive 7mm exit pupil diameter, ensuring a generous stream of light reaches your eye, enhancing visibility in conditions that were once considered prohibitive.

With advanced GPObright lens coatings and a customized Abbe-Koenig prism system, this binocular delivers images of astonishing detail and resolution.

It empowers you to discern fine details at remarkable distances, harnessing the subtle glow of moonlight to reveal hidden intricacies.

GPO’s dedication to excellence is mirrored in the Passion ED 8×56mm Binoculars, which come with an unmatched lifetime warranty and dedicated service.

Embrace the assurance of unparalleled performance in near-dark observation scenarios and elevate your outdoor experiences with these binoculars, where cutting-edge optics redefine the boundaries of visibility.



  • 8x Magnification: This feature means that these binoculars make distant objects appear 8 times closer than they actually are, which is useful for observing objects at a distance with enhanced detail.
  • 56mm Objective Lens: The objective lens is the larger lens at the front of the binoculars. In this case, a 56mm objective lens allows for a larger amount of light to enter the binoculars, resulting in brighter and clearer images, especially in low-light conditions.
  • ED Glass Technology: ED stands for Extra-low Dispersion. This technology helps reduce chromatic aberration, which is a common optical issue that can cause color fringing and reduced image sharpness. Binoculars with ED glass provide sharper, more color-accurate images.
  • Magnesium Micro-Bridge and Body: This indicates that the binoculars are constructed with a magnesium micro-bridge and body, which makes them lightweight yet durable. Magnesium is known for its strength-to-weight ratio, making it an excellent choice for high-quality binoculars.
  • GPObright Lens Coating Technology: GPObright is a specialized lens coating technology that enhances light transmission through the binoculars. This results in brighter and clearer images, even in low-light conditions, and helps reduce glare and reflections.
  • Waterproof and Fogproof: These binoculars are designed to be waterproof, meaning they can be submerged in water to a certain depth without damage. They are also fogproof, which means they are sealed to prevent internal fogging when there are temperature and humidity variations.
  • Tough Aluminum Eyecup Tubes: The eyecup tubes are made of aluminum, which is both lightweight and robust. They contribute to the overall durability of the binoculars while providing a comfortable and adjustable eyepiece.
  • Lightweight and Compact: This indicates that the binoculars are designed to be easy to carry and handle. Their lightweight construction makes them suitable for extended use without causing fatigue.
  • Custom-Molded Hard Case: The binoculars come with a custom-molded hard case for storage and protection. This case is designed to fit the binoculars snugly and protect them from dust, moisture, and impact during transportation or storage.

                                        What's Included:

                                        ✓ GPO Passion ED 8×56mm Binoculars

                                        ✓ Neoprene strap

                                        ✓ Microfiber cleaning cloth

                                        ✓ Ocular and objective lens covers

                                        ✓ Hard Case with strap

                                        ✓ Lifetime Warranty


                                        • Enhanced Observation: Allows detailed long-distance observation, bringing distant objects 8 times closer for superior clarity.
                                        • Ample Light Gathering: Maximizes brightness with a 56mm Objective Lens, ideal for low-light conditions.
                                        • Chromatic Aberration Reduction: Employs ED Glass Technology to enhance sharpness and color accuracy by reducing optical aberrations.
                                        • Magnesium Lightweight Durability: Combines Magnesium Micro-Bridge and Body for a lightweight yet rugged build.
                                        • GPObright Coating Brilliance: Enhances light transmission, reducing glare, and providing brighter images even in low light.
                                        • Waterproof and Fogproof Reliability: Ensures performance in wet conditions and prevents internal fogging due to temperature and humidity variations.
                                        • Aluminum Eyecup Tube Protection: Lightweight aluminum tubes protect eyepieces while offering comfort and adjustability.
                                        • Compact and Lightweight Design: Easy handling and portability for extended use without fatigue.
                                        • Secure Custom-Molded Hard Case: Safely stores and protects binoculars from environmental factors during transportation and storage.
                                        • Comprehensive accessories: The package includes a Hard case with strap,, neoprene strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, ocular and objective lens covers.



                                            Magnification 8x
                                            FOV @ 1000y 389ft
                                            Objective Diameter 56mm
                                            Ocular Diameter 39.5mm
                                            Exit Pupil Diameter 7mm
                                            Close Focus 8.2ft
                                            Inter-pupillary Distance 58-75mm
                                            Waterproof Yes
                                            Prism Type Abbe Konig
                                            Transmission 92%
                                            Length 7.5in
                                            Weight 40.9oz
                                            Eye Relief GOOD 19mm

                                            Customer Reviews

                                            Based on 2 reviews
                                            Perfect Bino's!

                                            I've owned a few Bino's over the years. These bino's are pretty much perfect!

                                            Awesome Binoculars with Lifetime Warranty.

                                            As far as I know these 8x56 bonoculars are a new offering from GPO. No disappointment, Happy customer for sure!