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Explore Scientific Generation II 10-inch f/5 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

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Explore Scientific Generation II 10-inch f/5 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope - DOB1045-00

Presenting the Explore Scientific Generation II 10-inch f/5 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope – a testament to innovation and precision.

This Generation II model has undergone comprehensive updates, ensuring top-tier performance.

The Dobsonian Telescope has revolutionized amateur astronomy, thanks to John Dobson's groundbreaking altazimuth mount design with a low center of gravity, paired with a Newtonian optical assembly.

Prior to this, most amateur telescopes featured small mounts, limiting deep-sky observations for beginners.

While larger commercial telescopes were available, they came at a premium.

The genius of the Dobsonian lies in its simple yet effective mechanisms combined with substantial Newtonian optics, delivering remarkable worldwide popularity and the best aperture-per-dollar value.

Tool-free disassembly makes transportation effortless, even in compact cars.

This telescope is engineered for maximum rigidity with minimal weight, offering precise and smooth adjustments even at high magnifications.

With a 254mm aperture mirror, it captures over 1,500 times more light than the naked eye. Planetary details and deep-sky objects come to life, even for novice observers.

Star clusters reveal their cores, distant galaxies display spiral structures, and the intricate dance of bright and dark nebulae leaves an indelible impression.

Oversized altitude (16.5-inch) and azimuth (13-inch) bearings ensure smooth operation.

The telescope boasts easy-to-adjust collimation mechanisms for the primary and secondary mirrors, requiring no extra tools and can be handled by a single person.

Included accessories enrich your experience, featuring a Two-Speed 2-inch Rack & Pinion Focuser with a 1.25-inch Adapter, an LED Red Dot Finder, a Collimation Assist Tool, a Flexible Lightweight Light Baffle, and Two Primary Mirror Fans.

Please note that the AA battery pack for the fans is not included.

In summary, the Explore Scientific Generation II 10-inch f/5 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope offers unparalleled value, exceptional optics, and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for deep-sky enthusiasts and beginners alike.



  • Impressive 10-inch Aperture: With a generous 10-inch (254mm) primary mirror, this telescope excels at collecting light, providing over 1,500 times more light-gathering capability than the naked eye. This substantial aperture enables you to explore faint deep-sky objects and reveal intricate details on celestial targets.
  • 1,270 mm Focal Length: With its extensive focal length, this Telescope boasts impressive magnification capabilities, making it a perfect choice for in-depth observations of planets, lunar landscapes, and detailed views of celestial objects within our galaxy. Additionally, it enhances image resolution, particularly when paired with suitable astrophotography equipment, facilitating superior astrophotography experiences.

  • 500x Highest Useful Magnification: The Dobsonian Telescope's exceptional maximum practical magnification of 500x unlocks the door to incredibly detailed views of planets and lunar landscapes, unveiling intricate features and fine structures. This level of magnification is indispensable for dedicated planetary enthusiasts seeking to explore celestial bodies with precision and clarity.
  • Generation II Advancements: This telescope is a Generation II model, featuring comprehensive updates and enhancements for superior performance and functionality. These improvements ensure that you have access to the latest innovations in telescope technology, enhancing your astronomical experience.
  • Dobsonian Telescope Legacy: Continuing the legacy of the Dobsonian telescope, it combines a Newtonian optical assembly with a low center of gravity altazimuth mount, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced astronomers. This proven design allows for effortless navigation of the night sky and is rooted in a rich history of stargazing innovation.
  • Ideal for Deep-Sky Observations: Designed to be the go-to workhorse for deep-sky enthusiasts, it unveils the core of star clusters, spiral structures in distant galaxies, and intricate bright and dark nebulae, even for novice observers. Its remarkable deep-sky capabilities ensure that you can fully explore the wonders of the cosmos.
  • User-Friendly Assembly: Engineered for convenience, it offers tool-free disassembly for easy transport, even in compact vehicles, ensuring accessibility for astronomers on the move. This hassle-free setup and teardown process enhances your mobility and convenience during your stargazing adventures.
  • Robust Yet Lightweight Construction: The telescope's design prioritizes maximum rigidity while minimizing weight, allowing for precise adjustments, especially at high magnifications. This combination of strength and portability ensures stability and ease of handling, even when observing celestial objects at high magnification.
  • Advanced Optics: Equipped with a Two-Speed 2-inch Rack & Pinion Focuser with a 1.25-inch Adapter, this telescope enables precise and smooth focusing, ensuring sharp and detailed views of celestial objects. This advanced focusing mechanism allows you to fine-tune your observations with ease and precision.
  • Comprehensive Accessory Package: It comes with essential accessories, including an LED Red Dot Finder, a Collimation Assist Tool, a Flexible Lightweight Light Baffle, and Two Primary Mirror Fans to enhance your observing experience. Please note that the AA battery pack for the fans is not included. These accessories are thoughtfully included to provide you with everything you need for a successful stargazing session.
  • Single-Person Collimation: The telescope features easy-to-adjust collimation mechanisms for both primary and secondary mirrors, eliminating the need for extra tools and making it manageable by a single person. This simplifies the setup process, allowing you to quickly align your optics and begin observing celestial objects with confidence.


 Explore Scientific Gen II 10-inch Truss Tube DOB Unboxing & Assembly Video:


Recommended Accessories:

For uninterrupted power and to avoid frequent battery changes during your stargazing sessions, explore the Explore Scientific 12V Battery Power Supply for Dobsonians, tailor-made for Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescopes.


The BPS-12VDC-AA delivers continuous power, perfect for extended stargazing sessions and astrophotography, significantly elevating your overall telescope adventure.


What's Included:

✓ Explore Scientific Generation II 10-inch f/5 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

✓ Led Red Dot Finder

✓ Rockerbox

✓ Collimation assist tool

✓ 2" Hex Focuser

✓ Soft light baffle and 2 radial main mirror fans

✓ Screws and clutches

✓ Limited 1 year warranty



Item Number  DOB1045–00
f/ratio  f/5
Focal length  1,270 mm
Primary mirror diameter  25.4 cm
Secondary obstruction  24%
Mirror cell support points  9
Truss pole length  64 cm
Truss pole diameter  20 mm
Secondary cage assembly diameter  33 cm
Secondary cage assembly weight  6.5 pounds
Secondary cage assembly height  17 cm
Mirror box/rocker box height  42 cm
Mirror box weight *  35 pounds
Height to center of eyepiece at zenith  119 cm
Theoretical Rayleigh limit  0.54 arc sec
Theoretical limiting stellar magnitude  14.7
Theoretical maximum magnification  500x
Mirror weight can vary because of the manufacturing process; these values are approximate

Explore Scientific Gen II 10-inch Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope Product Manual:

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Suitable for inexperienced astronomers

Initially, I was disappointed that this Dob didn’t come with eyepieces, but I quickly got over it (you’ll just need to buy them separately, if you don’t already have any). This type of Dob model is definitely unique, and provides some hefty aperture that you won’t be able to find elsewhere in this price range. Even a first-time astronomer (like I was before I bought this Scope) will be able to quickly get some impressive results with this scope, due to its relative ease-of-use & functionality.