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Explore Scientific ED165-FPL53 Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Telescope

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Explore Scientific ED165mm f/7 Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced APO Triplet Refractor - FPL53-165CF-01 

Introducing the Explore Scientific ED165mm f/7 FPL53 Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Telescope, a celestial marvel designed to unlock the beauty of the cosmos.

With an impressive 165mm (6.5-inch) aperture, it employs the exceptional OHARA FPL-53 ED Glass, a pinnacle of extra-low dispersion materials, to create breathtaking views of lunar landscapes, Saturn's majestic rings, and even the most elusive deep-sky phenomena.

The marriage of FPL-53 with high refractive index optical glass leads to unparalleled chromatic aberration correction, setting OHARA FPL-53 among the finest glass types ever crafted.

Boasting a true diffraction-limited optical design, this sizable high-performance refractor is an ideal "grab-and-go" instrument for celestial exploration.

Image No.1 Taken Using Explore Scientific ED165mm f/7 FPL53 Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Telescope

This telescope's air-spaced triplet optical design masterfully banishes chromatic aberrations, delivering vivid, high-contrast imagery through a combination of genuine OHARA FPL-53 extra-low dispersion (ED) glass and Explore Scientific's proprietary EMD enhanced multi-layer coatings, gracing every optical surface.

Moreover, this remarkable scope incorporates a robust 3" Hexagonal focuser, capable of supporting up to 10 lbs. of equipment.

The package includes an ED165mm f/7 Air Spaced Triplet with Ohara FPL-53 optics, an integrated dew shield, a 1155mm focal length, a 3" HEX Focuser, a Cradle Ring with Handle and Vixen Style Dovetail Plate, and an Explore Finder Scope Base pre-installed on the scope.

Image No.2 Taken Using Explore Scientific ED165mm f/7 FPL53 Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Telescope

Additionally, a 99% reflective 2" Diagonal and a TSA-approved hard carrying case complete this exceptional kit. (Please note that the Finder Scope is not included).



  • 324x Highest Useful Magnification: Depending on your eyepiece selection, this telescope enables you to zoom in on celestial objects with precision, revealing fine details on the moon, planets, and deep-sky targets.
  • 165mm (6.5-inch) Aperture: The substantial aperture gathers an ample amount of light, making it ideal for capturing elusive deep-sky objects and rendering them with exceptional clarity.
  • 1,155 mm Focal Length: This telescope offers exceptional magnification capabilities, making it well-suited for intricate examinations of planets, lunar formations, and up-close observations of deep-sky phenomena. Additionally, it enhances image resolution, particularly when used in conjunction with suitable astrophotography equipment, further elevating its appeal for astronomy enthusiasts.

  • Premium OHARA FPL-53 ED Glass: This glass type is renowned for its exceptional dispersion properties, reducing chromatic aberrations to nearly imperceptible levels and delivering stunning, true-to-life colors in your observations.
  • True Diffraction-Limited Optical Design: The telescope's optical system is designed to deliver the highest possible image quality, ensuring that you experience celestial objects with breathtaking clarity and precision.
  • Air-Spaced Triplet Design: By eliminating chromatic aberrations, this design guarantees that your observations are free from color fringing, resulting in sharp, high-contrast images of stars, planets, and deep-sky phenomena.
  • Enhanced Multi-Layer Coatings: The proprietary EMD coatings on all optical surfaces maximize light transmission, ensuring that you capture celestial wonders with exceptional brightness and contrast.
  • Robust 3" Hexagonal Focuser: The 3-inch HEX focuser provides a solid platform for attaching various accessories, allowing you to fine-tune your observations and astrophotography setups.
  • Integrated Dew Shield: The included dew shield is a practical addition, helping to prevent dew formation on the objective lens, particularly during prolonged observation sessions in humid conditions.
  • Cradle Ring with Handle and Vixen Style Dovetail Plate: The cradle ring provides a stable and secure mounting option, and the handle facilitates easy transportation, while the Vixen Style Dovetail Plate ensures compatibility with a range of mounts.
  • Explore Finder Scope Base: With the finder scope base pre-installed, you can effortlessly attach a finder scope, making it simpler to locate and center celestial objects in the field of view.
  • 99% Reflective 2" Diagonal: This diagonal efficiently reflects light to the eyepiece, preserving image brightness and contrast, which is essential for clear and vibrant observations.
  • TSA Approved Hard Carrying Case: The included hard case offers protection during transport and conforms to TSA regulations, making it hassle-free to carry your telescope on flights to your preferred stargazing destinations.
  • Included Accessories: This package features a TSA-approved hard carrying case for safe transportation, an integrated dew shield to prevent moisture, and a sturdy 3" Hex Focuser for precise focusing. Additionally, it includes a cradle ring with a handle, a Vixen style dovetail plate for secure mounting, an Explorer finder scope base, a 99% reflective 2" diagonal, and the confidence of a lifetime warranty.

                                                              What's Included:

                                                              ✓ Explore Scientific ED165-FPL53 CF Air-Spaced Triplet ED Refractor

                                                              ✓ TSA approved hard carrying case

                                                              ✓ Integrated dew shield

                                                              ✓ 3" Hex Focuser

                                                              ✓ Cradle ring with handle and Vixen style dovetail plate

                                                              ✓ Explorer finder scope base

                                                              ✓ Reflective 2" diagonal

                                                              ✓ Lifetime Warranty



                                                              Item Number  FPL53–165CF-01
                                                              Focal Length  1155mm
                                                              Focal Ratio  f/7
                                                              Limiting Magnitude  13
                                                              Resolution  .9 arcsec
                                                              Tube Length w/ Dew Shield  52"; 1320mm
                                                              Tube Length w/out Dew Shield  41"; 1041mm
                                                              Diameter  165mm
                                                              Weight  27.6lb; 12.51kg
                                                              Dovetail  Losmandy D

                                                              Customer Reviews

                                                              Based on 1 review
                                                              Hands down the best Refractor I've ever owned.

                                                              This is hands down the best refractor that i’ve owned. The design, carbon fiber material, and optics all come together to form an incredible instrument. This is a next-level grab-and-go Telescope, and the price reflects that. But if you’re a true enthusiast that is seeking superior optics, you’ll understand the value in this scope.