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Explore Scientific Camera Dovetail Plate

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Explore Scientific Dovetail Plate for Camera - DSLRCDA

The Explore Scientific Camera Dovetail Plate simplifies camera attachment to standard astronomical tripods with Vixen-style saddle plates.

Featuring three slots for camera mounting, the device comes with a standard ¼-20 bolt and a 3/8-16 adapter for European standards.

To switch between them, unscrew the adapter, ensuring safekeeping.

Equipped with a spring-loaded pin for certain cameras, it facilitates secure mounting.

To reposition the ¼-20 bolt, remove the 3/8-16 adapter, slide the bolt to the wider slot end, and unscrew using the swivel handle.

Transfer to the desired slot and screw it in.

For the spring-loaded pin, use a 4 mm Allen wrench to unscrew the set screw, carefully remove the spring and pin, then reposition in the chosen hole.

Align the pin, ensuring the thin side faces down and the silver tip protrudes. Insert the spring, then secure with the set screw, avoiding overtightening.

To install a camera, align the ¼-20 screw with the mounting hole, tighten the bolt, and adjust as needed. For added pressure, tighten the spring-loaded pin.

Elevate your astrophotography setup with the versatile and user-friendly Explore Scientific Camera Dovetail Plate.



  • Versatile Mounting: The Explore Scientific Camera Dovetail Plate facilitates easy attachment of cameras to standard astronomical tripods with Vixen-style saddle plates.
  • Three Mounting Slots: Featuring three slots, providing flexibility in camera placement for varied observational needs.
  • Standard ¼-20 Bolt: Comes with a standard ¼-20 bolt for camera attachment, offering compatibility with commonly used accessories.
  • 3/8-16 Adapter: Equipped with a 3/8-16 adapter, adhering to European standards; easily interchangeable with the ¼-20 bolt for versatile usage.
  • Spring-Loaded Pin: Includes a spring-loaded pin for secure attachment of cameras and camera foot plates, ensuring stability during observations.
  • Adjustable Swivel Handle: The swivel handle on the bolt allows for smooth adjustment and repositioning, enhancing user convenience.
  • Tool-Free Bolt Repositioning: Simplifies the process of moving the ¼-20 bolt between slots without the need for additional tools.
  • Secure Attachment: Spring-loaded pin and bolt offer secure and stable camera installation; additional pressure can be applied by tightening the spring-loaded pin.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Easy-to-follow instructions for repositioning the spring-loaded pin and the ¼-20 bolt, making it user-friendly and adaptable to diverse camera setups.

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