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Explore Scientific BinoViewer for Telescopes

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Explore Scientific 1.25-inch BinoViewer for Telescopes

Introducing the Explore Scientific BinoViewer for Telescopes, a 1.25-inch device that enhances your celestial viewing experience by utilizing two matching eyepieces.

This innovative accessory capitalizes on our natural binocular vision, providing superior depth and detail when observing through your telescope with both eyes open.

The BinoViewer boasts convenient features including a sliding inter-pupillary-distance adjustment, secure twist locks for eyepiece stability, and a diopter adjustment for personalized clarity in one eye.

Its parfocal design allows for seamless transition from a wide-view eyepiece for target centering to the BinoViewer, delivering breathtaking, immersive views of the cosmos.

Crafted with precision and quality in mind, the Explore Scientific BinoViewer is designed to be lightweight and balanced, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of telescopes.

Its robust construction guarantees durability and longevity, making it an essential addition to any stargazing kit.

Elevate your astronomy adventures with this exceptional accessory that unlocks a new dimension of celestial observation.



  • 1:1 Magnification: This means that the BinoViewer does not introduce any additional magnification on its own. It presents objects at the same size as if you were looking at them with your naked eye.
  • Erecting Optics: These optics correct the image orientation. In astronomy, telescopes usually invert or reverse the image, but erecting optics make the image appear right-side up and correctly oriented.
  • Fully Multi-Coated Glass: This refers to a special coating applied to the glass surfaces of the BinoViewer. It helps reduce reflections and improve light transmission, resulting in brighter and clearer images.
  • More Comfortable Observation: This feature implies that using the BinoViewer provides a more ergonomic and comfortable viewing experience compared to single-eyepiece observation, as it allows for a more natural binocular-like viewing posture.
  • Interpupillary Distance (IPD) Scale (54-74mm): This is the adjustable range for the distance between the eyepieces. It allows users to customize the spacing to match the distance between their own eyes, ensuring comfortable and immersive viewing.
  • Adjustable Diopter Design: This feature allows for individual adjustment of the focus in one eyepiece to accommodate differences in vision between your eyes, providing a clear and sharp image.
  • Twist Lock Self Centering Eyepiece Holder: This mechanism secures the eyepieces in place, preventing accidental displacement during observation. The self-centering design helps align the eyepieces accurately for consistent and comfortable viewing.


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What's Included:

✓ Explore Scientific BinoViewer for Telescopes

✓ Limited 1 year warranty


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