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Explore Scientific 82° Series 8.8mm Waterproof Eyepiece

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Explore Scientific 82 Degree Series 8.8mm Waterproof Eyepiece - EPWP8288-01

Introducing the Explore Scientific 82° Series 8.8mm Waterproof Eyepiece, meticulously designed for exceptional stargazing experiences.

Its 8.8mm focal length strikes the perfect balance between higher magnification and a broader field of view.

When paired with larger refractor telescopes like our 127mm and 152mm models, this eyepiece reveals astonishing details in objects like Messier 13.

For the 102mm refractor with a 714mm focal length, expect a captivating full view of the Eagle Nebula and similar celestial wonders.

Even with our smallest scope, the 80mm refractor at 480mm, you'll be treated to a breathtaking sight of the Double Cluster in Perseus.

The Explore Scientific 82° Series 8.8mm Waterproof Eyepiece redefine ultra-wide viewing, ensuring comfort, quality, and unbeatable value.

Its 82° apparent field of view creates an immersive experience, allowing for extended observation sessions.

This wide field encourages relaxation, unveiling hidden details over time. Additionally, these eyepieces excel in averted vision, an invaluable technique for discerning faint objects.

By slightly shifting your gaze, you tap into the most light-sensitive part of your eye, revealing even the faintest cosmic marvels.

Elevate your observing journey with Explore Scientific 82° Series 8.8mm Waterproof Eyepiece commitment to excellence.



  • 82° Apparent Field of View: Delve into a vast 82-degree apparent field of view, unveiling a panoramic celestial vista that enriches your observation of celestial objects. This expansive field fosters a relaxed viewing experience, enabling prolonged and comfortable stargazing sessions.
  • 8.8mm Focal Length: The 8.8mm focal length strikes a harmonious balance between higher magnification and a wide field of view. Perfect for scrutinizing objects that benefit from increased magnification while demanding a broader perspective. It particularly excels when paired with larger refractor telescopes.
  • Enhanced Planetary and Nebula Observations: The 8.8mm eyepiece excels in rendering intricate planetary details and capturing the delicate features of nebulae. Its optics deliver crisp and detailed views, making it a versatile choice for a wide array of celestial wonders.
  • Comfortable Ultra-Wide Field: Immerse yourself in an ultra-wide 82-degree apparent field of view that envelops you in celestial grandeur. This design encourages relaxation at the eyepiece, facilitating extended and enjoyable observation sessions.
  • Averted Vision Capability: Harness the power of averted vision, a technique facilitated by ultra-wide eyepieces like the 8.8mm model. Gently shifting your gaze to either side allows you to engage a more light-sensitive part of your eye, enhancing your ability to discern faint celestial details.
  • Waterproof and Durable Construction: Engineered with waterproofing, this eyepiece is crafted to withstand the elements. It boasts seals that guard against moisture and debris, ensuring unwavering reliability even in challenging observing conditions. The eyepiece's robust construction guarantees longevity and consistent performance.
  • Enhanced Multi-Layer Deposition (EMD) Coatings: Featuring EMD coatings, a specialized treatment process, this eyepiece optimizes light transmission while minimizing internal reflections. The result is sharper images with heightened contrast and true-to-life color reproduction.
  • Edge-Blackened Optics: The eyepiece's optics undergo edge-blackening, a precision process that darkens the periphery of the lens. This reduces internal reflections and intensifies contrast, delivering superior image quality, especially in scenarios with notable variations in brightness.
  • Threaded Barrels for Filters: Equipped with threaded barrels, this eyepiece empowers users to affix standard astronomical filters. This functionality allows for a tailored viewing experience, enabling the enhancement of specific colors or the reduction of light pollution, aligning with the observer's preferences and target object.
  • Ample Eye Relief: Providing generous eye relief, this eyepiece facilitates extended periods of comfortable observation. This feature is particularly advantageous for eyeglass wearers, allowing them to maintain a full field of view without the need to remove their glasses.
  • Included Accessories: Included in the Explore Scientific 82° Series 8.8mm Waterproof Eyepiece package are protective eyepiece caps, comfortable soft silicone rubber eyecups, a secure eyepiece pouch/case for storage, and a limited 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

                                                                                  Explore Scientific Eyepiece Guide Video:


                                                                                  What's Included:

                                                                                  ✓ Explore Scientific 82° Series 8.8mm Waterproof Eyepiece

                                                                                  ✓ Eyepiece Caps

                                                                                  ✓ Soft Silicone Rubber Eyecups

                                                                                  ✓ Eyepiece Pouch/Case

                                                                                  ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



                                                                                  Item Number  EPWP8288–01
                                                                                  Focal Length  8.8mm
                                                                                  Length  85mm
                                                                                  Width  48mm
                                                                                  Weight  8.9oz; 255g
                                                                                  Barrel Size  1.25"
                                                                                  Eye Relief  15.6mm
                                                                                  Field Stop Diameter  12.4mm

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