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Explore Scientific 10-inch Hybrid Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

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Explore Scientific 10-inch f/5 Hybrid Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope - DOB1045C

Presenting the Explore Scientific 10-inch Hybrid Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope stands out as a unique hybrid, featuring a secondary mirror housed within a tube, departing from the conventional open cage design typical of Dobsonian telescopes.

Offering unparalleled light efficiency, a key hallmark of Dobsonians, this telescope boasts tool-free disassembly, facilitating trouble-free transportation even in compact cars.

Engineered for maximum stiffness with minimal weight, the telescope's high altitude bearings and optimized aluminum structures ensure precise adjustments at high magnifications.

Primarily tailored for deep-sky observers, the telescope's 254mm mirror gathers light hundreds of times more than the naked eye.

With user-friendly disassembly and easy transport, even for novices, this instrument reveals details on planets and deep-sky objects with remarkable clarity.

Star clusters shine vividly, and observing the moon's terminator becomes an unforgettable experience.

Distinguishing itself from the Explore Scientific Generation II model, notable features of this telescope include a white aluminum-tube secondary instead of a cage assembly, a single-speed focuser (upgradeable to a new focuser, not just a 10:1 reduction knob), and the absence of cooling fans.

Enhancing the viewing experience, the purchase of the recommended Accessory Shroud is advised, improving eyepiece contrast and providing dew protection for the primary mirror.


  • 10-Inch Aperture: The telescope boasts a substantial 10-inch aperture, ensuring remarkable light-gathering capabilities that allow users to delve deep into the cosmos, capturing intricate details of celestial objects with unparalleled clarity and brightness.
  • 500x Highest Useful Magnification: With a highest useful magnification of 500x, this telescope provides powerful zoom capabilities, enabling observers to explore fine details on planets, lunar features, and a diverse array of celestial phenomena with exceptional clarity.
  • 1270mm Focal Length: The telescope features a 1270mm focal length, striking a harmonious balance between magnification and field of view. This makes it versatile for both detailed planetary observations and capturing expansive views of deep-sky objects.
  • Excellent Assortment of Accessories: Delivering a comprehensive observational experience, the telescope comes equipped with a range of accessories, including a single-speed focuser, two eyepieces (a 26mm Plossl and a 10mm Plossl), a moon filter for enhanced lunar observations, a moon map for celestial navigation, a Wil Tirion multi-latitude planisphere tailored for the Northern Hemisphere, a red-dot finder for precise object location, and a collimation tool for maintaining optimal optical alignment.
  • Single-Speed Focuser: Featuring a single-speed focuser, this telescope ensures ease of use and precise focusing, providing a straightforward yet effective tool for observers to achieve optimal image sharpness.
  • Two Eyepieces (26mm and 10mm Plossl): The inclusion of two quality Plossl eyepieces (26mm and 10mm) offers versatility in observing different celestial objects, providing users with options to tailor their viewing experience to specific targets.
  • Moon Filter: Enhancing lunar observations, the moon filter included with the telescope reduces glare and allows for clearer and more comfortable viewing of the Moon's surface details.
  • Moon Map: The telescope comes with a moon map, offering a valuable resource for astronomers to navigate and explore the lunar landscape in detail.
  • Wil Tirion Multi-Latitude Planisphere: Providing a valuable aid for celestial navigation, the included Wil Tirion multi-latitude planisphere is specifically designed for observers in the Northern Hemisphere, enhancing the overall observational experience.
  • Red-Dot Finder: The red-dot finder simplifies the process of locating celestial objects, offering a user-friendly guide for precise alignment and positioning during observations.
  • Collimation Tool: Equipped with a collimation tool, this telescope ensures users can easily and accurately align and maintain the optical components for optimal performance, ensuring consistently sharp and clear views.


Explore Scientific 10-inch Hybrid Truss Tube DOB Assembly Video:


What's Included:

 ✓ Explore Scientific 10-inch Hybrid Truss Tube DOB Telescope

✓ Hex & Thumb Screws

✓ 2x Altitude Wheels

✓ Altitude Wheel Box

✓ Secondary Mirror Assembly w/ Finder Bracket & 2" Focuser

✓ Red Dot Finder

✓ 4 Pairs of Trusses

✓ Collimation Tool for the Main Mirror

✓ Main Mirror Box

✓ Focuser Extension

✓ 2 Alignment clutch systems

✓ Limited 1 year warranty



Item Number DOB1045C
f/ratio f/5
Focal length 1,270 mm
Primary mirror diameter 25.4 cm
Secondary obstruction 24%
Mirror cell support points 9
Truss pole length 64 cm
Truss pole diameter 20 mm
Secondary cage assembly diameter 38 cm OD
Secondary cage assembly weight 6.5 pounds
Secondary cage assembly height 17 cm
Mirror box/rocker box height 42.5 cm
Mirror box weight * 35 pounds
Height to center of eyepiece at zenith 119 cm
Theoretical limiting stellar magnitude 0.46 arc sec
Theoretical Rayleigh limit 0.54 arc sec
Theoretical limiting magnitude 14.7 mag
Theoretical maximum magnification 500x

Explore Scientific 10-inch Hybrid Truss Tube DOB Telescope - DOB1045C Product Manual:

Download the Explore Scientific 10-inch Hybrid Truss Tube DOB Telescope - DOB1045C Product Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
JoAnne B.C.
10 Inch hybrid truss tube dobsonian

Lovely telescope. Delivery was good although I did pay extra to have a signature required at our end.
Customer service at RCT is great. Many thanks to Matt.
We had the telescope out last night as it was finally clear out. We already had a much better finder scope which fit on this perfectly. One thing which we will add to this setup is and angled view finder so we can see through the lense at a much more comfortable position. An equatorial positioning system would also be great (we will be seeing what we can come up with)
The view is crystal clear even in our city backyard. We did order and receive the shroud for this telescope before we used it.
Thank you for a great and reasonably priced telescope 🔭 ❤️

Dennis M.
Telescope and accessories

Hello, I ordered a telescope which I received, and a cover, which I have not yet received.