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Explore One Aurora II Flat Black 114mm Slow Motion AZ Mount Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package and Bonus Accessories

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Explore One Aurora II Flat Black 114mm f/4.4 Slow Motion AZ Mount Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package and Bonus Accessories - 88-20114-UB

Introducing the Explore One Aurora II Flat Black 114mm Slow Motion AZ Mount Telescope - Ultimate Bundle.

Boasting a substantial 4 ½ inch aperture, this telescope is designed to unveil deep-sky treasures, complemented by a 500mm focal length and premium Plossl eyepieces for a rich viewing experience.

With the Ultimate Bundle upgrade, explore the night sky with additional accessories, including the Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere Star Map for efficient target identification, an R-Lite Flashlight for enhanced visibility, a Discovery 2x Barlow Lens for extended magnification options, and an Explore One Moon Filter for optimized lunar viewing.

Producing well-defined images through superior optics and a sturdy mount with smooth motion controls, the telescope ensures an immersive experience.

The fully adjustable metal tripod, red dot finder, and added accessories make this user-friendly telescope ideal for budding astronomers, families seeking backyard stargazing adventures, or science classrooms eager to explore the wonders of the night sky.

Elevate your observational journey with the Explore One Aurora II - Ultimate Bundle!


  • 114mm Objective Lens: The Explore One Aurora II Flat Black 114mm Telescope, part of the Ultimate Bundle, features a substantial 114mm objective lens, enabling exceptional light-gathering capabilities for detailed views of celestial wonders.
  • 20-52x Magnification: With versatile 20-52x magnification, this telescope, equipped with premium 26mm and 9.7mm Plossl eyepieces, allows users to explore the night sky at varying levels of detail, accommodating both expansive views and focused examinations of specific celestial objects.
  • 500 Focal Length: Boasting a 500mm focal length with an f/4.4 ratio, the telescope ensures well-defined and bright images, enhancing the observational experience and enabling users to capture intricate details of celestial bodies with impressive clarity.
  • 26mm & 9.7mm Plossl Eyepieces: Equipped with two premium Plossl eyepieces, measuring 26mm and 9.7mm, the telescope facilitates seamless transitions between magnification levels, catering to both wide-field observations and detailed examinations of specific astronomical features.
  • Newtonian Reflector: As a Newtonian reflector, the telescope employs a concave primary mirror to gather and focus light, ensuring improved image clarity and brightness, making it an excellent choice for exploring deep-sky objects with precision.
  • Slow Motion Alt-Azimuth Mount: The telescope's slow-motion alt-azimuth mount provides precise control over its positioning, ensuring smooth and accurate tracking of celestial objects across the night sky, enhancing the observational experience by allowing users to easily follow the motion of targets.
  • Tripod with Accessory Tray: Featuring a fully adjustable tripod with a convenient accessory tray, the telescope provides stability and easy access to essential tools, enhancing user-friendliness and ensuring that necessary accessories are within reach during extended stargazing sessions.
  • Red Dot Viewfinder: The inclusion of a red dot viewfinder simplifies target acquisition and enhances ease of navigation, providing a user-friendly aiming tool for locating celestial objects in the vast night sky, making the telescope suitable for both beginners and seasoned observers.
  • Astro R-Lite Red Flashlight: The addition of the Astro R-Lite Red Flashlight enhances visibility during nighttime observations, providing practical and efficient lighting for a clearer and more detailed exploration of the night sky.
  • Tirion Double-Sided Multi-Latitude Planisphere: The Ultimate Bundle includes a Tirion Double-Sided Multi-Latitude Planisphere, offering a valuable tool for efficient target identification and enhancing the overall observational experience.
  • Discovery 2x Barlow Lens: Included in the bundle, the Discovery 2x Barlow Lens extends magnification options, allowing users to achieve higher levels of zoom and enhancing the telescope's versatility for a more comprehensive study of celestial bodies and phenomena.
  • Explore One Moon Filter: The Explore One Moon Filter, a bonus accessory in the Ultimate Bundle, optimizes lunar viewing by reducing glare and enhancing contrast, providing astronomers with a specialized tool to unveil the details of Earth's celestial companion and enriching the overall astronomical experience.

Explore One Aurora II Flat Black 114mm Slow Motion AZ Mount Telescope Highlights Video:


        What's Included:

        ✓ Explore One Aurora II Flat Black 114mm Telescope

        ✓ Slow Motion AZ Mount

        ✓ 26mm and 9.7mm Plossl Eyepiece

        ✓ Red-dot Viewfinder

         Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere

        ✓ R-Lite Flashlight

        ✓ Discovery 2x Barlow Lens

        ✓ Explore One Moon Filter


        Optical Design  Newtonian Reflector 
        Magnification  20-52x 
        Comes with Astro R-Lite Red Flashlight, Tirion Double Sided Planisphere, Discovery 2x Barlow Lens, and Explore One Moon Filter
        Front Lens (clear aperture)  114mm 
        Focal Length  500mm 
        Standard Eyepieces  Plossl 26mm & 9.7mm 
        Finish  Flat Black 
        Tripod Slow Motion Alt-Azimuth Mount
        Viewfinder Red Dot


        Explore One Aurora II Flat Black 114mm Slow Motion AZ Mount Telescope Ultimate Bundle Package - 88-20114-UB Product Manual:

        Download the Explore One Aurora II Flat Black 114mm Slow Motion AZ Mount Telescope Ultimate Bundle Package - 88-20114-UB Product Manual


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