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Explore Scientific FirstLight EXOS Nano EQ3 Mount

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Explore Scientific FirstLight EXOS Nano Equatorial EQ3 - FL-EXOSNANOT1-00

Introducing the Explore Scientific FirstLight EXOS Nano Mount EQ3:

The Explore Scientific FirstLight EXOS Nano German Equatorial Head Mount and Tripod offer a versatile solution for amateur astronomers and stargazers.

The mount features a robust 1.25" Sturdy Steel ST1 Tripod with legs that can extend from 25.5" to 45", providing stability and adaptability to various observation settings.

The EXOS Nano is designed as a light-duty German Equatorial mount, and it excels in its capacity to swiftly and effortlessly accommodate small telescopes.

Whether you possess a compact Mak-Cassegrain, a petite Refractor, a Solar Scope, or even an ED80mm, this mount is engineered to deliver optimal performance.

Additionally, short and fast Newtonian telescopes can be seamlessly paired with the Explore FirstLight EXOS Nano mount.

The key criterion for compatibility with this mount is that your telescope should not exceed a weight of 15 pounds.

Equally important is the inclusion of a Vixen-Style Universal Dovetail bar for mounting the telescope securely to the mount head.

As long as these conditions are met, you are well-equipped to embark on your celestial explorations with confidence.

In terms of portability, the mount itself, excluding the counterweight, weighs a mere 10 pounds.

This lightweight design enhances the overall convenience of transporting and setting up your equipment, making it an excellent choice for astronomers on the move or those who seek ease of use without compromising on performance.

With the Explore Scientific FirstLight EXOS Nano Mount EQ3, you have a dependable and adaptable companion for your astronomy endeavors, whether you're a beginner or an experienced observer.

Its versatility, stability, and user-friendly design make it a valuable addition to your stargazing toolkit.



  • Versatile German Equatorial Mount: The Explore Scientific FirstLight EXOS Nano Mount EQ3 is a versatile German Equatorial mount designed to accommodate a variety of small telescopes, including Mak-Cassegrains, Refractors, Solar Scopes, and ED80mm telescopes.
  • Sturdy Steel Tripod: The mount comes with a 1.25" Sturdy Steel ST1 Tripod. This robust tripod provides stability during observations and can be adjusted to varying heights, with legs that extend from 25.5 inches to 45 inches. It ensures a solid foundation for your telescope setup.
  • Light-Duty Design: The EXOS Nano is optimized for light-duty applications, making it an ideal choice for amateur astronomers and beginners. It excels at supporting smaller telescopes and is capable of tracking celestial objects effectively.
  • Weight Limit: The mount is designed to support telescopes with a maximum weight of 15 pounds. This weight limit accommodates a wide range of small to mid-sized telescopes, allowing you to choose from various optical configurations.
  • Universal Dovetail Compatibility: To ensure compatibility, your telescope should have a Vixen-Style Universal Dovetail bar for mounting to the EXOS Nano mount head. This universal dovetail design offers flexibility in telescope selection and attachment.
  • Portability: The EXOS Nano mount head itself is lightweight, weighing only 10 pounds (excluding the counterweight). This portability factor makes it easy to transport and set up, particularly for astronomers who frequently change observation locations.
  • User-Friendly Design: The mount is designed with ease of use in mind, making it suitable for beginners and amateur astronomers. Its straightforward setup and intuitive controls allow for a hassle-free observing experience.
  • Ideal for Short, Fast Newtonians: In addition to accommodating other small telescopes, the EXOS Nano mount is well-suited for short and fast Newtonian telescopes. This versatility ensures that a wide range of optical configurations can be employed for your astronomical observations.
  • Explore Scientific Quality: As part of the Explore Scientific product line, the FirstLight EXOS Nano Mount EQ3 benefits from the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship, providing reliability and performance.


Explore Scientific FirstLight EXOS Nano EQ3 Mount Highlights Video:


            What's Included:

             ✓ Explore Scientific FirstLight EXOS Nano Mount EQ3

            ✓ Stainless steel tripod

            ✓ Mount head

            ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



                Item Number  FL-EXOSNANOT1–00
                Tripod fully collapsed no mount head  25.5"
                Tripod fully collapsed with head  42"
                Tripod open, retracted legs no mount head  25"
                Tripod open, retracted legs with the mount head  38.5" at highest point, 36" to the center of the mounting bracket
                Tripod open, legs fully extended no mount head  42"
                Tripod open, legs fully extended with the mount head  45" at highest point
                Payload Capacity 15 lbs.

                Explore Scientific EXOS Nano Mount Product Manual:

                Customer Reviews

                Based on 2 reviews
                J B.
                Nano mount EQ

                Works great with ES ED80 refractor as a grab and go setup. Looked at Saturn last night with 9mm and 4mm lens and was surprised at how much detail I could see with this little scope. Easy to track Saturn with this mount.

                Perfect found for the ST-80 / Adventurescope 80

                This little mount is a perfect grab and go for a small widefield refractor like the ST-80 or Meade Adventure Scope 80. I can pick it up and carry it around with one arm with scope attached. I removed the slow motion controls because they just get in the way. I replaced them with 24mm aluminum guitar knobs I purchased for $10 (set of 4) from amazon. You'll need to do a little adjusting of the DEC axis tension to remove the slop. Mine was very sloppy out of the box and needed adjusting. There are three small set screws in the lower DEC housing where the dec shaft attaches. Loosen those and you can rotate that nut to tighten/loosen. The setting circles will be very stiff. A tiny tiny drop of WD-40 placed at the edge of the ring will thin the grease a bit. Just add a drop and rotate the ring a bunch of times. Use VERY LITTLE or the ring will spin too easily. The setting circles do work with a small scope like the ST80. Move to a bright star near your target, set the circles to the RA and DEC of the star, and then quickly move to the RA and DEC of the desired target. I had no problem finding the double cluser, ring nebula, M81, etc during a full moon using only the setting circles.

                Anyway great little mount for the price!