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Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm Carbon Fiber Refractor Telescope w/ iEXOS Go-To Mount & Solar Filter

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Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm f/8 Carbon Fiber Refractor w/ iEXOS Go-To Mount & Solar Filter - ES-FLAR80640CF-IEXOS

Explore the universe with the Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm Carbon Fiber Refractor Telescope, equipped with the iEXOS Go-To Mount and Solar Filter.

Whether your fascination lies in the intricacies of our solar system or the awe-inspiring wonders of deep space, the adaptable FirstLight series offers an observing package tailored to your unique interests.

Each package includes essential components: a telescope, a robust mount, an eyepiece, and a red dot viewfinder.

The mount options range from a straightforward fork-mounted alt-azimuth configuration to a comprehensive GOTO tracking system.

Additionally, every package provides an adapter that enables effortless smartphone capture and sharing of the celestial beauty seen through your eyepiece.

With FirstLight, your only prerequisite is a passion for discovery.

The FirstLight AR80mm refractor boasts a sleek black carbon fiber-wrapped tube with a 640mm focal length at f/8, featuring fully-coated glass optics.

The package also encompasses the iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Go-To Tracker Mount, a 40mm draw tube focuser, a Solar Filter, a 1.25" 90° Diagonal, a Plossl 25mm eyepiece, a Red-dot Finder, and a Smartphone Camera adapter.

iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System

Introducing the iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System, a comprehensive and computerized GOTO Equatorial Tracker featuring integrated PMC-Eight electronics.

This versatile system is designed for attaching small telescopes or DSLR cameras with a standard "Vixen Style" Dovetail Plate. Connect seamlessly via WiFi or wired setup and explore the night sky with ease.

The iEXOS-100 is compatible with the ExploreStars App for Tablets (Windows, Android, Amazon, and Apple) or the free ASCOM Standards Compliant PMC-Eight ASCOM driver and ASCOM POTH Client from Explore Scientific.

This compatibility ensures that you can use it with virtually any sky software that supports ASCOM.

Please note that a tablet or computer is required for operation and must be purchased separately.

This system combines a proven German equatorial mount design with Explore Scientific's groundbreaking PMC-Eight Precision Motion Control system, delivering exceptional tracking and imaging performance without breaking the bank.

GOTO systems are essential for amateur astronomers, reducing the time spent searching for celestial objects and allowing more time for observation and imaging.

The PMC-Eight, with its versatile connections and free downloadable apps for Windows, Android, and iOS, or the ASCOM PMC-Eight driver and POTH Client, enables telescope control from nearby or via remote computer-to-computer communication worldwide.

A highlight of the iEXOS-100 is its German equatorial design, renowned for precise tracking of objects from their rise in the east to their set in the west, making it a valuable tool for both observers and astrophotographers.

Finding celestial objects can be challenging in the vast night sky, especially in light-polluted urban areas. The iEXOS-100 simplifies navigation with its powerful GOTO system.

Explore Scientific's PMC-Eight system stands out by employing an 8-core microcontroller with independently functioning CPUs, resulting in enhanced responsiveness, efficiency, reliability, and rapid timing intervals for smooth image acquisition and precise tracking.

Despite its internal complexity, the GOTO system is user-friendly, thanks to the ExploreStars app, available for Apple, Android, and Windows tablets.

This intuitive app streamlines telescope alignment, star navigation, and provides information on thousands of celestial objects, continuously updated to remain current.

Our commitment to user-friendly design extends to features such as smooth locking clutches for effortless repositioning, an altitude knob for precise height adjustments, a polar alignment tunnel, and a bubble level for stability during setup.

The mount also accommodates a battery pack (requires 8 C batteries, not included), two 1 kg counterweights for balancing, and glow-in-the-dark markers for nighttime orientation.

With a capacity to support up to 19 lbs. (scope, accessories, and counterweights combined), this mount is a robust and versatile astronomical tool.

The mount itself weighs 9.45 pounds (4.29 kg), while the tripod and accessory tray add an additional 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg). When collapsed, the tripod stands at 27.25 inches (69.21 cm) in height.



  • 80mm Objective Lens: This telescope features a high-quality 80mm (3.15 inches) objective lens. The larger objective lens diameter allows for excellent light-gathering capability, enabling you to observe celestial objects with greater clarity and detail.
  • 125x Highest Useful Magnification: With a 640mm focal length and an 80mm objective lens, this telescope can achieve a maximum useful magnification of 125x. This level of magnification allows you to explore a wide range of celestial objects, including planets, the Moon, star clusters, and some deep-sky objects, providing crisp and detailed views.
  • 640mm Focal Length: The telescope has a focal length of 640mm. A longer focal length typically results in higher magnification and narrower fields of view, making it suitable for observing planets and other objects where detail is crucial.
  • Carbon Fiber Tube: The telescope's optical tube is constructed from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is known for its lightweight yet sturdy properties, which provide durability and stability for precise observations. Additionally, carbon fiber reduces the risk of temperature-induced focus changes.
  • Refractor Optical Design: This telescope utilizes a refractor optical design, which means it uses lenses to bend and focus light. Refractors are renowned for their crisp and color-accurate views, making them ideal for lunar and planetary observations.
  • iEXOS Go-To Mount: The package includes an iEXOS Go-To Mount, which is a computerized equatorial mount. This mount is designed for accurate tracking and Go-To functionality, allowing you to automatically locate and track celestial objects with ease. Equatorial mounts are particularly useful for astrophotography.
  • Solar Filter: Included in the package is a solar filter, enhancing the versatility of this telescope. With the solar filter, you can safely observe the Sun, including sunspots and solar eclipses, providing a unique and educational astronomical experience.
  • 1.25" 90° Diagonal: The telescope comes with a 1.25-inch 90° diagonal. Diagonals are essential accessories for comfortable and convenient viewing, as they allow you to observe objects at more comfortable angles, especially when the telescope is pointed high in the sky.
  • Plossl 25mm Eyepiece: A 25mm Plossl eyepiece is included, providing a moderate magnification for wide-field observations. Plossl eyepieces are known for their sharpness and clear views.
  • Red-Dot Finder: The telescope is equipped with a red-dot finder. Red-dot finders are useful for quickly and accurately aligning your telescope with celestial objects, making it easier to locate and track them.
  • Smartphone Camera Adapter: Included in the package is a smartphone camera adapter. This accessory allows you to attach your smartphone to the telescope, enabling you to capture photos and videos of your celestial observations, share them, or use astronomy apps for augmented stargazing experiences.
  • Versatile Observing Package: The FirstLight series offers a complete observing package, ensuring you have all the essential components, including the telescope, mount, eyepiece, diagonal, finder, solar filter, and smartphone adapter. This comprehensive setup makes it an excellent choice for both beginner and intermediate astronomers.

                                                              iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System Features:

                                                              • Integrated PMC-Eight™ System: The iEXOS-100 features an integrated Explore Scientific PMC-Eight™ system that goes beyond the industry-standard single processor. It utilizes eight independent CPUs, each focusing on specific functions. This results in exceptional responsiveness, efficiency, reliability, and remarkably fast timing intervals for precise image acquisition and accurate tracking.
                                                              • Clutched Dual-Axis Worm Gears: Equipped with clutched dual-axis worm gears and quiet precision stepper motor belt drives, the iEXOS-100 ensures smooth and accurate movement, allowing for precise tracking of celestial objects.
                                                              • Intuitive ExploreStars App: The system is compatible with the intuitive ExploreStars app, available for Apple, Android, and Windows tablets. This user-friendly app simplifies the operation of the GOTO system. It enables users to easily align their telescope, navigate the night sky, and access detailed information about tens of thousands of celestial objects, making stargazing enjoyable and educational.
                                                              • Smooth Clutched RA and Declination Axes: The iEXOS-100 features clutched RA (Right Ascension) and Declination axes, which operate smoothly. This smoothness allows for precise balancing of your telescope, making repositioning efficient and accurate.
                                                              • Polar Alignment Sight Hole: The mount includes a polar alignment sight hole through the RA axis, which simplifies the process of polar alignment. Additionally, it offers precise altitude control for fast and accurate alignment without the need for a polar scope, enhancing the user's experience.
                                                              • Battery Pack: Powering the PMC-Eight™ system is a battery pack that accommodates 8 C batteries (not included). The battery pack is securely placed in a bracket on one of the tripod legs during use, ensuring a reliable and convenient power source for your tracking system.
                                                              • Counterweights: The package includes two 1 kg counterweights, allowing for precise balance adjustments to accommodate different telescopes and accessories.
                                                              • Glow-in-the-Dark Markings: Both the mount and tripod feature glow-in-the-dark markings. These markings help users stay oriented and navigate their setup, especially in low-light conditions, enhancing the overall usability of the system.
                                                              • Included Accessories: The package comprises the iEXOS-100 Go-To EQ Mount with 2x Counterweights & Shaft, a Solar Filter, Plossl 25mm eyepiece for clear magnification, Red-dot Viewfinder for precise targeting, Smartphone camera adapter, Battery pack with bracket, all supported by a limited 1-year warranty.


                                                              Explore FirstLight 80mm CF Telescope w/ Go-To Mount & Solar Filter Highlights Video:


                                                                      What's Included:

                                                                      ✓ Explore Scientific 80mm CF Refractor Telescope

                                                                      ✓ iEXOS-100 Go-To EQ Mount

                                                                      ✓ 2x Counterweights & Shaft

                                                                      ✓ Solar Filter

                                                                      ✓ Plossl 25mm eyepiece

                                                                      ✓ Red-dot Viewfinder

                                                                      ✓ Smartphone camera adapter

                                                                      ✓ Battery pack w/ bracket

                                                                      ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



                                                                      Comes With  Smartphone Adapter, One 25 mm Plossl Eyepiece, Red Dot Viewfinder, Downloadable Software
                                                                      Magnification  125x
                                                                      Focal Length  640mm focal length
                                                                      Focal Ratio  f/8
                                                                      Adapter  40mm draw tube focuser; 1.25" 90° Diagonal;
                                                                      Optical Diameter  80mm
                                                                      Eyepiece (Included)  25 mm Plossl
                                                                      Mount head weight Instrument  9.45 lbs.
                                                                      Tripod weight  5.35 lbs.
                                                                      Tripod fully collapsed, no mount head  25.5”
                                                                      Tripod open, retracted legs, no mount head  25”
                                                                      Tripod open, retracted legs with the mount head  38.5” at highest point, 36” to the center of the mounting bracket
                                                                      Tripod open, legs fully extended, no mount head  42”
                                                                      Tripod open, legs fully extended with the mount head  45” at highest point
                                                                      Counterweights  1 kg each
                                                                      Mount weight capacity  Approx. 9 lbs. (equipment weight only),15 lbs. Photographic (equipment and counterweights); Approx. 19 lbs. Visual (equipment and counterweights)

                                                                      Explore Scientific iEXOS-100 Product Manual:

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                                                                      Karthik R.
                                                                      Excellent Customer Service!

                                                                      I called to find delivery status of my package since it was right before Christmas, a person actually answered the phone and followed through, I received my scope in 3 days. Highly recommend this company.