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Explore Scientific FirstLight 127mm Doublet Refractor Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package - with Twilight I Mount and Bonus Accessories

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Explore FirstLight 127mm f/9.4 Doublet Refractor - Ultimate Bundle Package - with Twilight I Mount and Bonus Accessories

Introducing the Explore Scientific FirstLight Ultimate Bundle – an extraordinary upgrade to the renowned FirstLight 127mm Doublet Refractor Telescope with Twilight I Mount package.

Designed for astronomers eager to explore the intricacies of our solar system and the wonders of the deep cosmos, this comprehensive kit is tailored to provide an unparalleled stargazing experience.

The Ultimate Bundle includes not only the exceptional FirstLight AR127mm White Tube Refractor, featuring a substantial 1200mm focal length at f/9.4, but also a handpicked selection of indispensable accessories to elevate your astronomical adventures.

In addition to the telescope and Twilight I Alt/Az mount, the Ultimate Bundle encompasses a suite of remarkable enhancements.

Discover the universe with the Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere Star Map, a comprehensive guide to the celestial wonders above.

Illuminate your path with the R-Lite Flashlight, designed to preserve your night vision during stargazing sessions.

The Discovery 2x Barlow Lens enhances your telescope's magnification capabilities, providing the means to delve deeper into celestial phenomena. The Explore One Moon Filter enhances your lunar observations, reducing the Moon's brightness and revealing intricate surface details.

As with the standard package, the Ultimate Bundle features a 2.5" Hexagonal Focuser, a 2" 90° Diagonal, a Plossl 25mm eyepiece, and a Red-dot Finder. Furthermore, a Smartphone Camera adapter is included, allowing you to effortlessly capture and share the celestial marvels you encounter.

Choose the FirstLight Ultimate Bundle and embark on an unrivaled journey of astronomical discovery.

With your passion for exploration and our carefully curated accessories, the cosmos is yours to explore in unprecedented detail.



  • Luminous 127mm Objective Lens: This telescope boasts a substantial 127mm (5 inches) objective lens, which enables excellent light-gathering capability. It excels in capturing clear and detailed views of celestial objects, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced astronomers.
  • Versatile 250x Magnification: With a highest useful magnification of 250x, this telescope offers remarkable versatility in exploring celestial targets. Whether you're observing the intricate details of the lunar surface, distant planets, or deep-sky objects, this telescope provides the necessary magnification for detailed and immersive observations.
  • Expansive 1200mm Focal Length: The telescope features an extended 1200mm focal length, which is ideal for both wide-field views and high-resolution observations. This lengthy focal length provides a balanced platform for a wide range of celestial observations, making it suitable for various astronomical pursuits.
  • Optical Brilliance with Full Multi-Coating: The optics of this telescope are fully multi-coated, ensuring exceptional light transmission, minimal glare, and reduced internal reflections. This advanced coating technology results in crisp, high-contrast images with superb color fidelity. Observers can appreciate the subtle details and vibrant colors of celestial objects.
  • Efficient Maksutov-Cassegrain Design: The telescope employs a Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design, known for its compactness and excellent image quality. This design incorporates a combination of spherical and aspherical mirrors, resulting in minimal aberrations and a compact tube, making it highly portable and easy to set up.
  • Steadfast EQ3 German Equatorial Mount: The telescope comes equipped with an EQ3 German Equatorial mount, known for its stability and precise tracking capabilities. This equatorial mount allows for easy and accurate polar alignment, facilitating smooth and steady tracking of celestial objects as they move across the sky.
  • Precision 40mm Draw Tube Focuser: It features a 40mm draw tube focuser, which provides fine control over focusing for achieving crisp and detailed views of celestial objects. This precise focuser enhances your overall observing experience.
  • Comfortable 2" 90° Diagonal: The included 2" 90° diagonal allows for comfortable viewing by providing a convenient angle for observing, reducing neck strain during extended stargazing sessions.
  • Efficient Red-Dot Finder: The telescope comes with a Red-dot Finder, which aids in quickly locating celestial objects in the night sky. It simplifies the process of aligning your telescope with the desired target.
  • Astrophotography with Smartphone Camera Adapter: An included smartphone camera adapter enables you to capture astrophotography with your smartphone. This feature allows you to share your astronomical discoveries with others and document your observations easily.
  • Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere Star Map: The Tirion Planisphere is your trusty celestial navigator, featuring a double-sided star map that simplifies stargazing. It's an invaluable tool for identifying constellations and stars, helping you explore the night sky with ease.
  • R-Lite Flashlight: The R-Lite Flashlight is your nocturnal companion, emitting a soft red light that preserves your night vision during stargazing sessions. It ensures you can read star charts, adjust equipment, and navigate without disrupting your dark-adapted eyes.
  • Discovery 2x Barlow Lens: Elevate your telescope's magnification capabilities with the Discovery 2x Barlow Lens. This essential accessory doubles the power of your eyepieces, allowing you to get even closer to celestial wonders, such as planets and distant galaxies, for more detailed observations.
  • Explore One Moon Filter: Enhance lunar observations with the Explore One Moon Filter, reducing the brightness of the Moon to reveal more surface details and lunar features. This filter ensures that your lunar encounters are sharp and crystal clear, bringing the Moon's captivating landscapes into focus.


        What's Included:

        ✓ ES FirstLight 127mm Doublet Refractor

        ✓ Twilight I Mount

        ✓ Plossl 25mm Eyepiece

         2" 90° Diagonal

        ✓ Red-Dot Finder

        ✓ Smartphone Camera Adapter

         Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere

        ✓ R-Lite Flashlight

        ✓ Discovery 2x Barlow Lens

        ✓ Explore One Moon Filter

        ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



          Item Number FL-AR1271200MAZ01-UB
          Comes With Smartphone Adapter, One 25 mm Plossl Eyepiece, Red Dot Viewfinder, Downloadable Software, Astro R-Lite Red Flashlight, Tirion Double Sided Planisphere, Discovery 2x Barlow Lens, and Explore One Moon Filter
          Lens Coating Fully Multi-Coated
          Magnification 180x
          Focal Length 1200mm
          Focal Ratio f/9.4
          Adapter 2.5" Hexagonal Focuser; 2" 90° Diagonal
          Optical Diameter 127mm
          Eyepiece (Included) 25 mm Plossl
          Mount Type Twilight I Alt/Az mount



          Explore Scientific 127mm Doublet Refractor Telescope Ultimate Bundle Package with Twilight I Mount Product Manual:

          Download the ES FirstLight 127mm Doublet Refractor Telescope Ultimate Bundle Package with Twilight I Mount FL-AR1271200MAZ01-UB Product Manual

          Download Skychart Software

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