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Explore Scientific FirstLight 114mm Newtonian Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package - with Twilight Nano Mount and Bonus Accessories

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Explore FirstLight 114mm f/4.3 Newtonian Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package - with Twilight Nano Mount and Bonus Accessories

Discover the Explore Scientific FirstLight Ultimate Bundle – an extraordinary upgrade to the acclaimed FirstLight 114mm Newtonian Telescope with Twilight Nano Mount package.

This comprehensive kit is tailored for enthusiasts eager to uncover the mysteries of our solar system and venture into the awe-inspiring realms of deep space.

Included in this Ultimate Bundle are not only the exceptional FirstLight N114mm (4.5-inch) Newtonian telescope with its substantial 500mm focal length and f/4.3 ratio, but also a range of invaluable accessories to elevate your stargazing experience.

In addition to the telescope and Twilight Nano Alt/Az mount, the Ultimate Bundle boasts a suite of extras.

The Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere Star Map offers a comprehensive guide to the celestial wonders overhead, while the R-Lite Flashlight ensures your night vision remains undisturbed during observations. For enhanced magnification and versatility, the Discovery 2x Barlow Lens is a prized addition. Plus, the Explore One Moon Filter lets you explore the lunar surface in stunning detail.

As with the standard package, the Ultimate Bundle comes complete with a 40mm draw tube focuser, a Plossl 25mm eyepiece, and a Red-dot Finder. Additionally, a Smartphone Camera adapter is included for effortless capturing and sharing of the celestial marvels you encounter.

Choose the FirstLight Ultimate Bundle and embark on an unparalleled journey of astronomical discovery. Your desire to explore is the only thing needed – we've taken care of the rest.



  • 114mm Objective Lens: This telescope is equipped with a generous 114mm (4.5 inches) objective lens, which efficiently gathers a substantial amount of light, providing clear and detailed views of celestial objects.
  • 225x Highest Useful Magnification: With a maximum useful magnification of up to 225x, this telescope empowers you to zoom in on distant celestial targets, making it an ideal choice for observing planets, the Moon, and deep-sky objects.
  • 500mm Focal Length: Featuring a 500mm focal length, this Newtonian telescope offers a moderately wide field of view, enhancing its versatility for various astronomical observations. The shorter focal length also makes it well-suited for astrophotography.
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics: The telescope's optics are fully multi-coated, employing advanced optical coating technology to enhance light transmission, reduce glare, and improve image contrast. The result is crisp and vibrant views of the cosmos.
  • Twilight Nano Mount: The included Twilight Nano Mount provides stable support for the telescope. With alt-azimuth movement, it's easy to track celestial objects as they traverse the night sky. This mount combines user-friendliness with robust construction.
  • 40mm Draw Tube Focuser: The telescope features a 40mm draw tube focuser, allowing for precise and smooth focusing adjustments. This ensures you can achieve optimal sharpness when observing celestial objects.
  • Plossl 25mm Eyepiece: Included in the package is a Plossl 25mm eyepiece, known for its excellent image quality and comfortable viewing experience. It proves to be a valuable accessory for your observations.
  • Red-Dot Finder: The telescope is equipped with a red-dot finder, a convenient tool that aids in quickly aligning your telescope with celestial objects. It simplifies the process of locating and centering targets in your eyepiece.
  • Smartphone Camera Adapter: Enhancing your observing experience, the package also includes a smartphone camera adapter. This adapter allows you to attach your smartphone to the telescope, enabling you to capture stunning images and videos of the night sky with ease.
  • Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere Star Map: The Tirion Planisphere serves as your reliable celestial navigator, featuring a double-sided star map that simplifies stargazing. It proves to be an invaluable tool for identifying constellations and stars, helping you explore the night sky with ease.
  • R-Lite Flashlight: The R-Lite Flashlight is your dedicated nocturnal companion, emitting a soft red light that preserves your night vision during stargazing sessions. It ensures you can read star charts, adjust equipment, and navigate without disrupting your dark-adapted eyes.
  • Discovery 2x Barlow Lens: Elevate your telescope's magnification capabilities with the Discovery 2x Barlow Lens. This essential accessory doubles the power of your eyepieces, allowing you to get even closer to celestial wonders, such as planets and distant galaxies, for more detailed observations.
  • Explore One Moon Filter: Enhance lunar observations with the Explore One Moon Filter, reducing the brightness of the Moon to unveil more surface details and lunar features. This filter ensures that your lunar encounters are sharp and crystal clear, bringing the Moon's captivating landscapes into focus.


        Explore FirstLight 114mm Newtonian Telescope Highlight Video:


        What's Included:

        ✓ ES FirstLight 114mm Newtonian Telescope

        ✓ Twilight Nano Mount

        ✓ Plossl 25mm Eyepiece

        ✓ Red-Dot Finder

        ✓ Smartphone Camera Adapter

         Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere

        ✓ R-Lite Flashlight

        ✓ Discovery 2x Barlow Lens

        ✓ Explore One Moon Filter

        ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



        Item Number  FL-N114500TN-UB
        Comes With  Smartphone Adapter, One 25 mm Plossl Eyepiece, Red Dot Viewfinder, Downloadable Software, Astro R-Lite Red Flashlight, Tirion Double Sided Planisphere, Discovery 2x Barlow Lens, and Explore One Moon Filter
        Lens Coatings  Full Coating
        Magnification  225x
        Focal Length  500mm focal length
        Focal Ratio  f/4.3
        Adapter  40mm draw tube focuser
        Parabolic Primary Mirror Diameter  114mm
        Eyepiece  25 mm Plossl
        Mount Type  Twilight Nano Alt/Az mount


        Explore Scientific 114mm Newtonian Telescope Ultimate Bundle Package with Twilight Nano Mount Product Manual:

        Download the ES FirstLight 114mm Newtonian Telescope Ultimate Bundle Package with Twilight Nano Mount FL-N114500TN-UB Product Manual

        Download Skychart Software

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 14 reviews
        Robert R.
        Updated photos, still love this telescope!

        Here are some more recent photos from the sturgeon moon last week! I’ve purchased a couple of new lenses I am waiting to be delivered, would be happy to share with everyone when they get here if it’s okay to!

        Robert R.
        If you’re looking for a quality telescope that won’t break the bank, look no more! Trust me!

        I looked all over the internet, read forums, watched countless YouTube unboxing and review videos over the course of a few days trying to find the most bang for my buck and this telescope popped up several times and every single time the reaction was the pretty much the same…surprised by how well made it was, how much it exceeded expectations and how comparable it was to other scopes people owned that were significantly more expensive. The nano mount is really the star of the show, it is so simple to use and couldn’t be any more stable for the size it is. If I absolutely had to find something less than excellent to say about it, I would say that I wish it included more than just the single Plossel lens. While the Plossel is excellent and provides extremely crisp and clear images, it is just the one lens for the package I purchased so you won’t be able to change magnification until purchase different lenses. However if you purchase the upgraded package (I wish I would have) then there are a bunch of added extras including a Barlow lens. I definitely recommend this telescope for both beginners or someone who is experienced.

        Mark S.
        Nice grab-and-go scope...

        Pros: This is a nice grab-and-go telescope. I gets good views of the planets and moon. And the brighter Messier Objects.
        Cons: Wish primary mirror came center spotted. Had to do it myself.

        Purchased as a Gift

        I was delighted to locate a company such as Red Carpet Telescopes. I wanted to purchase a gift for my finance and decided to buy a telescope. However, I knew nothing about such a product. I googled and located Red Carpet. I was surprised that when I called, someone answered the phone. I don’t know about you, but I like to speak with humans when making a significant decision. The Red Carpet representative was very knowledgeable regarding their products and helped me understand the difference in products to make an educated choice. I honestly rate them with the highest mark possible and encourage anyone looking to purchase a telescope, contact Red Carpet; you will be happy you did. I have taken the product out of the box yet because it is a Christmas gift. This evaluation is of the service I received. After I unpack the product, I will update my feedback. However, the sales representative was so knowledgeable that I am confident with my purchase from Red Carpet.

        arnani p.

        Explore FirstLight 114mm Newtonian - Ultimate Bundle Package - w/ Twilight Nano Mount & Bonus Accessories