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DayStar UV/IR ERF Filter for Refractor

by DayStar
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DayStar UV/IR  Energy Rejection Filter - for Refractor Telescope - available in 1.25" or 2"

Presenting the DayStar Energy Rejection-Refractor 2" UV/IR Filter, meticulously designed for refractors.

This specialized filter goes beyond standard optics, effectively blocking out all other UV and IR wavelengths. 

By flawlessly obstructing UV and IR rays, it eliminates optical distortions in these spectrums, ensuring crisp and clear imagery.

Notably, it also acts as a thermal barrier, preventing excess heat from reaching your filter and diagonal.

Engineered for systems with focal ratios ranging from a lightning-fast f/0.5 to a precision-focused f/50, it guarantees exceptional performance.

With a transmission rate exceeding 99%, this filter is your gateway to unparalleled clarity in astrophotography.

Elevate your refractor-based observations with DayStar's Energy Rejection-Refractor UV/IR Filter.


Features & Highlights:

    • Specialized Refractor Compatibility: Designed exclusively for refractor telescopes, the DayStar Energy Rejection-Refractor 2" UV/IR Filter is tailored to provide optimal performance with this specific type of optical system. This ensures seamless integration and maximum effectiveness.
    • Comprehensive UV and IR Blocking: This specialized filter is engineered to block out all other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum in the UV (Ultraviolet) and IR (Infrared) ranges. By doing so, it eliminates potential sources of interference and enhances the clarity and accuracy of observations.
    • Ideal for Digital Photography: The DayStar UV-IR Blocker, incorporated into this filter, serves as an exceptional luminance filter for digital photography. Its precision in blocking UV and IR wavelengths ensures that images captured through digital cameras are free from distortions related to these spectral regions.
    • Thermal Barrier Functionality: In addition to its optical benefits, this filter acts as a heat shield. It effectively prevents excess heat from reaching the filter and diagonal components, safeguarding them from potential thermal stress.
    • Optimized for a Wide Range of Focal Ratios: The filter is engineered to perform optimally within a broad range of focal ratios, spanning from f/0.5 to f/50. This extensive compatibility allows it to be seamlessly integrated into a diverse array of refractor-based observation systems.
    • Exceptional Transmission Rate: With a typical transmission rate exceeding 99%, this filter ensures that the vast majority of incident light passes through without loss. This high transmission efficiency is instrumental in preserving image brightness and detail during observations.



    Block Ultraviolet Yes
    Block Infrared Yes


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