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Daystar Sparkly Unicorns Style Funner Eclipse Solar Glasses - 5-Pack

by DayStar
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Daystar Funner Eclipse Solar Glasses in Sparkly Unicorns Style - 5-Pack

Introducing the Sparkly Unicorns Style 5-Pack of Solar/Eclipse Glasses, adding a dash of enchantment to your celestial experiences.

These Funner Eclipse Glasses are not just stylish but bring an extra level of fun to your star party with their unique design and superior protection.

For those within the path of Totality, the glasses promise additional effects beyond what's seen on conventional eyewear.

The golden yellow hue enhances your solar observation, providing a captivating experience. Beyond eclipses, these glasses can be used year-round to observe the sun with clarity and precision.

Update: The Sparkly Unicorns Funner Eclipse Solar Glasses are in-stock for same-day shipping, ensuring you're ready for impromptu celestial events.

Ideal for eclipses or casual sun-watching, they enable the observation of large sunspots. It's essential to use these glasses under adult supervision, and detailed instructions for proper use are provided on the rear.

Crafted with care by Daystar Instruments LLC, exclusively known as Daystar Filters, these glasses boast ISO 12312-2 compliance, ensuring their safety and quality.

The certified safe Thousand Oaks film, manufactured in the USA, guarantees protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation and 99.999% of visible light.

Put more party into your star party with the Sparkly Unicorns Funner Eclipse Solar Glasses (5-pack).

Featuring original artwork unique to Daystar Filters, these lightweight glasses provide a clear, beautiful orange-tinted view of the sun.

Daystar Filters, a leader in solar filter manufacturing for 50 years, ensures superior solar viewing protection, backed by a legacy of astronomy exploration since 1973.

Shipped in a custom rigid Stayflat mailer for secure transport, these solar eclipse glasses offer both style and safety. Join us in experiencing the wonders of the universe responsibly.



  • Stylish and Fun Design: The Daystar Sparkly Unicorns Funner Eclipse Solar Glasses - 5 Pack boasts a unique design featuring sparkly unicorns, adding a fun element to your celestial viewing experience, whether at a star party or during an eclipse.
  • Versatile Solar Observation: Beyond their captivating design, these glasses provide versatility for solar observation. Offering a clear, beautiful orange-tinted view, they enhance your experience not only during eclipses but year-round sun gazing.
  • ISO 12312-2 Compliance: Ensuring safety and quality, Daystar adheres to ISO 12312-2 compliance standards for the Sparkly Unicorns Funner Eclipse Solar Glasses. This certification guarantees their suitability for direct solar observation, instilling confidence during celestial events.
  • Superior Eye Protection: Crafted with certified safe Thousand Oaks film, these glasses offer superior eye protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation and 99.999% of visible light. The lightweight design prioritizes comfort while ensuring a safe and enjoyable viewing experience.
  • Original Artwork and Quality Manufacturing: Featuring original artwork unique to Daystar Filters, these glasses showcase the brand's commitment to quality manufacturing. Manufactured in the USA with precision, they offer durability and reliability, embodying Daystar's 50-year legacy of excellence in solar filter manufacturing.



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