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DayStar SolaREDi 127mm QT Dedicated H-Alpha Solar Telescope - Chromosphere

by DayStar
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DayStar SolaREDi QT127mm Dedicated Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope - Chromosphere Model - SR127QTC 

The DayStar SolaREDi 127mm-QT H-Alpha Dedicated Solar Telescope - Chromosphere is a specialized astronomical instrument designed for observing the Sun in the H-alpha wavelength, which allows for detailed study of the solar chromosphere.

With a 127mm aperture, this telescope provides high-resolution images of the Sun's surface features, including prominences, filaments, and flares.

The instrument is optimized for capturing fine details and dynamic solar phenomena, making it an invaluable tool for solar enthusiasts, researchers, and educational purposes.

It comes equipped with advanced filters and optics to ensure safe and precise solar observations. 

SolaREDi 127mm H-Alpha Solar Telescope - Chromosphere:

DayStar SolaREDi H-Alpha 127mm Dedicated Solar Telescope - Chromosphere Body

Features & Highlights:

  • 127mm Aperture: This quality 127mm doublet achromat is meticulously designed, coated, and figured for Hydrogen Alpha observations, ensuring exceptional clarity and contrast in solar imaging. Its generous aperture allows for detailed examination of even the subtlest chromospheric features.
  • 2667mm Focal Length: With a substantial focal length of 2667mm, this telescope provides an ideal platform for capturing intricate details of the solar chromosphere. This extended focal length facilitates high-resolution imaging, allowing for in-depth study of prominences, filaments, and other dynamic solar phenomena.
  • 250x Highest Useful Magnification: This telescope's impressive highest useful magnification of 250x means it excels in revealing fine structures and surface details of the Sun. This capability is particularly valuable for advanced solar enthusiasts and researchers seeking to uncover intricate solar features.
  • The Chromosphere Model: Is optimized for observing the chromosphere of the Sun. It is designed to capture detailed features on the Sun's surface, such as prominences, filaments, and flares, which are primarily found in the chromosphere.

  • Lightweight, Short Tube Design with Retractable Dew Shield: The new lightweight, short tube design, coupled with a retractable dew shield, enhances portability and ease of use. This feature is especially beneficial for observers who may need to transport or set up the telescope in varying conditions.
  • Dedicated Design with Quantum Control: The telescope's dedicated design integrates Quantum control seamlessly, streamlining the setup process and enabling users to focus on their observations without the need for complex configurations. This feature is particularly advantageous for those seeking an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Measuring a mere 29 inches in length and weighing only 13lbs (including mounting rings and dovetail), this telescope is exceptionally compact and lightweight. Its portability makes it an excellent choice for on-the-go astronomers and researchers, allowing for observations in diverse locations.
  • Digital Readout and Precision Tuning Control: The inclusion of a digital readout and precision tuning control empowers users with the ability to make accurate and finely-tuned adjustments during observations. This feature ensures that observers can achieve the highest level of detail and clarity in their solar imaging.
  • Accurate to 0.01Å in Center Wavelength: The telescope's exceptional precision, accurate to 0.01 Angstroms in center wavelength, guarantees that users can confidently capture and analyze even the most subtle variations in solar activity. This level of accuracy is invaluable for scientific research and advanced solar imaging.
  • 12VDC Power Compatibility: By operating on 12VDC power, this telescope offers the convenience of battery operation, enabling extended periods of solar observation without the need for a constant external power source. This feature provides flexibility in choosing observation locations.
  • Quantum Control Software Capable: Compatible with Quantum Control software, this telescope offers advanced customization options and precise control over observations. This capability caters to the needs of experienced astronomers and researchers seeking to tailor their observations to specific research goals.
  • Robust Focuser: The robust 2-inch steel track and rack-and-pinion focuser provide stability and strength during observations, ensuring that users can make precise adjustments with confidence. This feature enhances the overall reliability and usability of the telescope.
  • Fully Integrated DayStar Filtration: With a fully integrated DayStar filtration system and classic DayStar Quantum control, this telescope guarantees safe and effective solar observations. The seamless integration of these components simplifies the observing process and ensures reliable performance.
A Man Holding DayStar SolaREDi H-Alpha 127mm Dedicated Solar Telescope - Chromosphere

What's Included:

✓ DayStar SolaREDi 127mm-QT H-Alpha Telescope - Chromosphere

✓ Hard Case

✓ Mounting Rings

✓ Vixen Dovetail

✓ Zero Power Solar Finder "Alignment Keys"

✓ Instructional Manual

✓ 5 Year Warranty

DayStar SolaREDi H-Alpha 127mm Dedicated Solar Telescope - Chromosphere Parts


Housing: SolaREDi (Microprocessor controlled, works at all outside temps, requires power)
Wavelength: Hydrogen Alpha (6562.8Å)
Bandwidth: 0.4A
Uniformity: SE (Standard Edition)
Clear Aperture: 127mm
Focal Length: 2667mm
With focal reducer: EFL is 1355mm.
Distortion < 0.6%
Body Carbon Fiber OTA.
Telescope Length: 31.1" with dew shield retracted
Telescope weight: 13.6 lbs. in rings.
Operating Temperature: 20-100° F
Power supply: DC 12V, maximum 120mA, 2.1x5.5mm
AC Adapter included: 120-240VAC
Power consumption: 1.5 watts
Wavelength Shift range: +/-1Å
Reaches focus using the following: 1.25" eyepiece, 2" eyepiece, ToUCam, Lumenera, SBIG, SLR, DSLR*, afocal, CCTV Video,

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