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DayStar QUARK H-Alpha Eyepiece Solar Filter - Prominence

by DayStar
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DayStar QUARK H-Alpha "Eyepiece" Solar Filter - Prominence Model - DSZ4P

The cutting-edge All-In-One design seamlessly incorporates high-quality components, such as a telecentric Barlow, adapters, snouts, and the acclaimed DayStar Quark H-Alpha Solar Filter, into one convenient and user-friendly unit.

Through the efficient design and optimization process, this solution provides users with the chance to enjoy DayStar's outstanding optical performance at a more affordable price.

This specific model is the Prominence version of the DayStar Quark H-Alpha "Eyepiece" Solar Filter. To view the Chromosphere version of this Filter, click here.

DayStar Quark H-Alpha Prominence Filter Explained:

  • Purpose: The DayStar Quark H-Alpha Solar Prominence Filter is designed to emphasize solar prominences, which are large, bright arches or loops of gas extending from the Sun's surface into its outer atmosphere. This filter typically provides a narrow bandpass centered around the H-alpha wavelength (around 656.3 nanometers). It enhances the visibility and contrast of these prominences, allowing for detailed observation and study of their shapes, structures, and movements.
  • Prominence: A solar prominence is a large, loop-shaped structure of hot, ionized gas extending from the Sun's surface into its outer atmosphere. It's held in place by magnetic fields and can be stable or erupt, releasing energy. Prominences offer insights into solar behavior and can influence space weather.
  • Use: Astronomers and solar observers use the DayStar Quark H-Alpha Solar Prominence Filter to concentrate on capturing intricate images of solar prominences. This filter plays a crucial role in solar research, as it allows for a detailed examination of these features, providing valuable insights into solar activity and space weather. 

Crafted for compatibility with refractors spanning from F/4 to F/9, the DayStar QUARK H-Alpha Solar Prominence Filter simplifies the setup process. Just insert it into your diagonal, attach an eyepiece, and you're ready to begin your observations.

Features & Highlights:

Eyepiece Compatibility:

  • Comes in 1.25" or 2.0" combo eyepiece snouts with a secure indent slot for easy insertion into your diagonal.
  • Offers a standard 1.25" eyepiece drawtube output, with additional 2" and SCT accessories conveniently accessible.
  • Equipped with a durable brass compression ring to ensure the safety of your eyepiece.

    Power and Accessories:

    • The QUARK now boasts reduced power consumption, allowing for continuous operation throughout the day, even with the use of a compact, palm-sized battery pack.
    • It operates on USB power (5V, 1.5A) and includes a 90-240VAC wall adapter, complete with a set of international plug adapters.

      Wavelength Tuning and Indicator:

      • Featuring a tuning knob for exact wavelength adjustment, enabling wing shifting within a range of +/- 0.5Å, with distinct stops at every 0.1Å. Additionally, it is equipped with an LED indicator to display power, warming, readiness, and fault status.

        Warranty and Portability:

        • Supported by an extended 5-year warranty. 
        • For added portability, it can optionally work with an 8-hour battery pack.

          Optical Components:

          • Features a fully baffled 2-element telecentric 4.2X Barlow lens specifically optimized for the 656nm wavelength. 
          • Incorporates an integrated 12mm blocking filter and a 21mm clear filter aperture.

            Refractor Compatibility:

            • Excels in performance with refractors spanning from F/4 to F/9. 
            • Enables full disk viewing on refractors with focal lengths of up to about 450mm. 
            • Without aperture restrictions, it can also be employed on larger refractors for achieving higher magnification perspectives.

              Convenient Packaging:

              • Comes packaged in a practical Twist-Case, ensuring secure and dust-free storage.

                Usage Limitation:

                • Note: Not suitable for off-axis applications.

                What's Included:

                ✓ DayStar QUARK Prominence H-Alpha Solar Filter

                ✓ 90-240VAC Wall Power Adapter

                ✓ Protective Twist-Case

                ✓ Instructional Manual

                ✓ 5 Year Warranty


                SKU DSZ4P
                Housing No
                Wavelength Hydrogen Alpha (6562.8Å)
                Bandwidth N/A
                Uniformity SE (Standard Edition)

                DayStar QUARK H-Alpha Solar Filter Prominence Product Manual:

                Download the DayStar QUARK H-Alpha Solar Filter Prominence - DSZ4P Product Manual

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