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DayStar Quantum H-Alpha 0.8Å PE Solar Filter

by DayStar
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DayStar Quantum Hydrogen Alpha 0.8Å PE Solar Filter - .8QPE

The cutting-edge DayStar Quantum Hydrogen Alpha 0.8Å PE Solar Filter, meticulously designed to capture the essence of the Hydrogen Alpha line.

This comprehensive kit is versatile, compatible with refractors, SCTs, and Maksutovs. It comes complete with front and rear plates, a reliable power supply, detailed instructional materials, and a robust protective case for convenient portability.

To unlock the full potential of this filter, consider adding an ERF or UV/IR cut filter, available separately.

For optimal performance, the inclusion of a Powermate Barlow or a stop-down mask is recommended, allowing for an ideal focal ratio range of F/27-F/35. These additional elements ensure an unparalleled solar observation experience.

Features & Highlights:

  • Precision Quantum Housing: Engineered with meticulous care, the Quantum housing is tailored to modern solar astronomers' unique requirements. It integrates essential features with innovative additions, elevating the overall user experience.
  • Effortless Operation: Activation is a breeze. A simple plug-in suffices, and a distinct green indicator light promptly signals the filter's onband status.
  • Live LCD Readout: The housing incorporates a real-time LCD display, delivering highly accurate wavelength output readings down to an impressive 0.1Å. This precision guarantees exacting observations and studies.
  • Wavelength Tuning for Doppler Studies: Equipped with red and blue wing shift buttons, the Quantum housing enables precise wavelength adjustments, crucial for conducting Doppler studies with utmost accuracy.
  • Versatile Power Source: Operating seamlessly on 12VDC, the unit accommodates fieldwork or battery-powered operation, ensuring adaptability across diverse settings and environments.
  • Comprehensive Power Supply Package: The Quantum housing comes complete with a comprehensive power supply package. This includes a multi-voltage (100-240V) compatible power supply and adapter wall plates for US, European, UK, and Australian outlets, ensuring global usability.
  • Computer Control Capability: Featuring a serial port, the Quantum housing allows for seamless computer control. This functionality facilitates on-screen display of filter readouts, streamlining data collection and analysis.
  • Streamlined Body Design for Easy Operation: The Quantum Series showcases a newly conceived body style prioritizing user-friendliness and operational simplicity, enabling users to navigate and utilize the filter effortlessly.
  • SE Grade Series for Amateur and Academic Use: Tailored for most amateur astronomers and select academic applications, the Quantum SE grade series adheres rigorously to DayStar's quality control standards, suitable for visual and some photographic environments.
  • PE Grade Series for Professional Research: Specifically engineered for professional research endeavors demanding exceptional homogeneity and onband transmittance values, the Quantum PE grade series undergoes rigorous quality control measures, extended fabrication, and testing processes, ensuring they meet the highest standards for accuracy and reliability

Screen-shot of DayStar Quantum for H-Alpha 0.8Å PE Solar Filter:

DayStar Quantum Hydrogen Alpha 0.8A PE Solar Filter Quantum Control

Filters with 0.8 Ångstrom bandwidths will reveal prominences in high contrast.

What's Included:

✓ DayStar Quantum H-Alpha 0.8Å PE Solar Filter

✓ Front and Rear Plates

✓ Power Supply

✓ Protective Hard-Case

✓ Instructional Manual

✓ 5 Year Warranty


Housing Quantum (Microprocessor controlled, works at all outside temps, requires power)
Wavelength Hydrogen Alpha (6562.8Å)
Bandwidth 0.8Å
Uniformity PE (Professional Edition)

DayStar Quantum Hydrogen Alpha 0.8A PE Solar Filter Product Manual:

Download the DayStar Quantum Hydrogen Alpha 0.8A PE Solar Filter - .8QPE Product Manual

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