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Bresser Condor 8x32mm Binoculars

by Bresser
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Bresser Optics - Condor 8x32mm Binoculars


Introducing the Bresser Condor 8x32mm Binoculars - Affordable Waterproof Optics for Every Adventure!

Preferred by both hikers and globetrotters, the 32mm Condor binoculars offer an exceptional experience.

While many compact binoculars feature 25mm optics, the Bresser Condor 8x32mm Binoculars provide an advantage with their larger aperture, allowing more light to reach your eyes.

This proves especially beneficial during moments when the sun hangs low or the surroundings are cloaked in shadows.

With a waterproof construction, these binoculars not only repel moisture, but also safeguard against fogging and other water-induced mishaps that could otherwise mar your viewing pleasure.

Furthermore, the waterproof casing offers an added layer of defense against unexpected jolts and drops.

Your Bresser Condor 8x32mm Binoculars can easily slip into your backpack, purse, or pocket, ready to accompany you wherever you venture.



  • 8x Magnification: Allows you to view objects that are eight times closer than you would with the naked eye. This is particularly advantageous when observing distant landscapes, wildlife, or events. It brings you closer to the details and enhances your overall viewing experience.
  • 32mm Objective Lenses: Gather more light compared to smaller lenses commonly found in compact binoculars. This increased light gathering ability is especially valuable in low-light conditions, such as early mornings, late evenings, or shaded environments.
  • Waterproof: Ensures that the binoculars can withstand exposure to moisture, rain, and even minor submersion without compromising their performance. This not only prevents moisture from entering the optical system but also guards against fogging. Waterproofing enhances the durability and longevity of the binoculars, making them suitable for outdoor activities in various weather conditions.
  • Fully Multi-Coated Lens: Refer to a specialized lens coating that reduces glare, enhances light transmission, and minimizes reflections. This coating optimizes image quality by improving contrast, color fidelity, and overall clarity. It allows you to observe scenes with greater detail and vividness, even in challenging lighting situations.
  • Bak-4 Prism: A high-quality type of prism used in binoculars. It ensures superior light transmission and minimal light loss, resulting in sharper and clearer images. The use of Bak-4 prisms contributes to improved image brightness, better resolution, and reduced distortion, providing a more accurate representation of the observed scene.
  • Twist-Up Eye Cups: Provide customizable eye relief, catering to users with or without eyeglasses. By simply twisting the eye cups, you can adjust the distance between your eyes and the binoculars' lenses, ensuring a comfortable viewing position. This feature is particularly convenient for extended periods of observation, as it helps prevent eye strain and ensures an optimal fit for everyone.

          What's Included:

          ✓ Bresser Condor 8x32mm Binoculars

          ✓ Carrying case

          ✓ Neck Strap

          ✓ Rubber Eyepiece Rainguard

          ✓ Rubber Objective Lens Rainguard

          ✓ Lifetime Warranty


          • Enhanced Observation: Achieve an 8x magnification that brings distant landscapes, wildlife, and events up close, enriching your viewing experience with intricate details.
          • Superior Light Gathering: With 32mm objective lenses, these binoculars capture more light, delivering brighter and clearer images even in low-light conditions such as early mornings or shaded environments.
          • All-Weather Performance: The waterproof design guarantees resilience against moisture, rain, and minor submersion, safeguarding performance and preventing fogging. It ensures durability and longevity for various outdoor activities.
          • Optimized Visuals: Featuring fully multi-coated lenses, a specialized lens coating reduces glare, improves light transmission, and minimizes reflections. This enhancement leads to heightened contrast, color accuracy, and overall clarity, enabling detailed observations in challenging lighting situations.
          • Premium Prism Technology: Utilizing a Bak-4 prism, these binoculars ensure superior light transmission and minimal light loss. The result is sharper, distortion-free images with enhanced brightness and resolution, providing an accurate representation of the observed scene.
          • Custom Comfort: Twist-up eye cups offer adaptable eye relief suitable for individuals with or without eyeglasses. By adjusting the eye cups, you can find a comfortable viewing position, minimizing eye strain during prolonged use and accommodating various users effectively.
          • Comprehensive Accessories: The package includes a protective case for secure storage and travel, a comfortable neck strap for easy carrying, a rubber eyepiece rainguard to shield against rain and dust, and a rubber objective lens rainguard for thorough weather protection.


              Item Number 18–20832
              Magnification 8
              Field of View 129m/1000m
              Waterproof Yes
              Lens Coatings fully multi-coated
              Eye Relief 56mm
              Exit Pupil 4mm
              Focuser Type Center
              Dimensions 135x125x50mm
              Brightness 16
              Objective Lens Diameter 32mm
              Apparent Field 7.3°
              Close Focus 3m
              Prism BaK-4
              Eyecup Type Twist up

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