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Barska 36x80mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope w/ Mahogany Tripod

by Barska
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Barska 80mm 36x Power Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope with Mahogany Tripod - AE10824

Introducing the Barska 36x80mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope with a Mahogany Tripod, a sophisticated addition to your living space that offers both celestial and terrestrial viewing experiences.

This fully functional 36x80 Brass Refractor Telescope boasts high-quality optics, including a large 900mm focal length for crystal clear images with excellent contrast and minimal distortion.

The telescope features polished brass components and a mahogany-finished tripod with extendable legs and all-brass fittings, providing both visual elegance and sturdy support.

The brass cradle mount ensures smooth movement in all directions, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Anchormaster Series is a collection of precision handcrafted brass scopes, known for their classic and elegant design.

Equipped with fully coated achromatic lenses, these telescopes deliver brilliant images and utilize a refractor design with a helical focusing ring, adding to their precision and versatility.

Enhance your celestial or earthly explorations with the enduring elegance and remarkable performance offered by the Barska 36x80mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope with Mahogany Tripod.


Features & Highlights:

  • 36x Magnification: This Barska Anchormaster Telescope provides a powerful 36x magnification for detailed celestial or terrestrial observations, bringing distant objects closer with clarity and precision. Whether exploring the cosmos or observing landscapes, this magnification offers versatile usability.
  • 80mm Aperture: Featuring an 80mm aperture, this telescope captures ample light, ensuring crystal clear and detailed images with enhanced brightness and contrast. The generous aperture allows for impressive image resolution, making it ideal for both astronomers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Polished Brass Refractor: The telescope boasts a polished brass refractor design, adding a touch of elegance to its functionality and making it a visually stunning addition to any setting. Crafted with attention to detail, the polished brass enhances the telescope's aesthetic appeal.
  • Handcrafted Mahogany Floor Tripod: The handcrafted mahogany floor tripod with extendable legs and brass fittings not only provides a solid and visually appealing support but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the telescope. Its meticulous craftsmanship ensures stability and complements the telescope's classic design.
  • Brass Finderscope: The included brass finderscope facilitates easy target acquisition, allowing users to locate celestial or terrestrial objects with precision and efficiency. The finderscope's brass construction aligns with the telescope's elegant design while serving a practical purpose.
  • Fully Coated Optics: Equipped with fully coated optics, the telescope ensures optimal light transmission, delivering brilliant and sharp images for an enhanced observational experience. The coatings reduce glare and enhance image contrast, making it suitable for various lighting conditions.
  • Brass Cradle Mount: The telescope features a brass cradle mount, allowing for smooth and controlled movement in all directions, enhancing the user's ability to track and observe celestial objects. The cradle mount's brass construction ensures durability and adds a touch of sophistication to the telescope.
  • Plossl Eyepiece: Utilizing a Plossl eyepiece, the telescope provides clear and immersive views, enhancing the observational experience with detailed and crisp images. The Plossl eyepiece design contributes to a comfortable viewing experience, making it suitable for extended periods of stargazing or terrestrial observation.
  • Erecting Diagonal: The erecting diagonal included with the telescope ensures upright and correctly oriented images, making it suitable for both astronomical and terrestrial observations with ease and accuracy. This feature adds versatility, allowing users to seamlessly transition between different observation targets without compromising image orientation

      What's Included:

      ✓ Barska 36x80mm Power Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope

      ✓ Brass Finderscope

      ✓ Handcrafted Mahogany Floor Tripod

      ✓ Plossl Eyepiece 

      ✓ Erecting Diagonal

      ✓ Limited Lifetime warranty



          Condition New
          Brand Barska
          Series Anchormaster
          Model Number AE10824
          UPC 790272978595
          Optical System Refractor
          Max Power 36x
          Focal Length 900mm
          Objective Lens 80mm
          Optical Coating Fully Coated
          Eye Piece 25mm Plossl
          Eye Piece Size 1.25mm
          Diagonal 45
          Tripod Handcrafted Mahogany with extendable legs and polished brass stabilizing chain
          Product Weight (lbs.) 40 lb.
          Finish Polished Brass
          Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

          Barska 80mm 36 Power Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope w/ Mahogany Tripod Product Manual:

          Download the Barska Anchormaster AE10824 Product Manual 

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 8 reviews
          Joseph C.
          Review in Focus

          The ordering process was easy and efficient. The delivery was prompt and without difficulty. The product has not been assembled yet but appears to be in good condition.

          Couldn’t be happier

          I’m very impressed with the beautiful look and quality of my new telescope. The brass and mahogany finish is gorgeous. It has become a great talking point for all my new guests and a fun time exploring the sky and views for my family and friends.

          Jack S.
          Beautiful peace of art

          This is a beautiful piece of art and is fully functional. Hard to find both.

          M S.
          Beautiful and functional

          We bought this scope as both an art piece for the den and lunar and planetary viewing. It has worked out very well. The scope and mounts are solid brass, at least by testing with a magnet, and well finished. The tripod is very nice also. Optically it works as well as any other refractor I have ever owned and we purchased a 7-21mm eyepiece for additional magnifications. The packaging was well thought out and there is no way short of driving a truck over it that you could damage the scope. All have worked out well for us. We would recommend this scope for both it's beauty and its optical performance.

          Barrett W.
          Wow functionality, and wow aesthetically pleasing Barska 36X brass telescope

          I purchased a refurb for my new beach home because there was nothing available new anywhere. But I am VERY pleased!!! The optics are amazing, I can see ships over the horizon that cannot be seen at all with the naked eye. I can also see the rings of Saturn, the bands of Jupiter with 4 of its moons. Yes, the attached photo of the moon was from sticking the phone camera in the eyepiece (not easy to get a photo that way).

          Quite frankly this telescope exceeds what I was hoping to receive, I've seen dolphins so far away there was atmospheric distortion, and I can read a boats name and registry where it appears as a detailless speck without the telescope. The spotting scope is as beautiful at it is functional, and I don't know if I got lucky, but it was very easy to adjust, I got it adjusted perfect in 30 seconds, I thought it would take a long time. The most critical thing I can say is there is some slight wobble with a normal sea breaze.

          I ding'ed RedCarpet one star (4 instead of 5) because the refurb was sold as factory original specifications...Of the 4 dust covers included, three were brass to match the telescope, however, the eyepiece dust cover to the main telescope came as neon yellow plastic cap lol..... I wasn't fooled. If they make good on that dust cover and replace it with the proper brass cover I'll move it up to 5 stars.